Poisonous Peasant ‘Concubine’ Chapter 4

Previous | Project Page | Next Chapter 4 – Lingjia Village, Yuehua Ravine Thanks to my editor Gold Fairy~   The three sides of the Lingjia Village were surrounded by mountains. The back faced Yuehua Mountain Range. The left and right sides had Ling River and an inland sea. Theoretically Lingjia Village should be very prosperous, […]

The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 22

Previous Chapter | Project Page | Next Chapter Chapter 22 — Eye Catching Thanks to my editor Gold Fairy~   “Thats why, you need to take the first step. Of course, you don’t need to say anything today. Just listen to me and you’ll be fine.” Following Yang Zijian’s arrangement, Cheng Jinyu was first dragged […]

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