Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 64


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A person he likes…… Chu Mu Yun laughed: he had quite a few fuck buddies.

But of course, he could not say that or this little guy would blow up.

Chu Mu Yun looked back at him and responded softly:”I do.”

A spark flashed by Shen Shui Yan’s eyes:”Do I know them?”

“Of course.”

Shen Shui Yan tried his best to keep his voice calm: “Was it those……from the back of the court……”

Chu Mu Yun reached out and flicked his finger at his forehead: “You’re young, but you know a lot, don’t you?”

In the past, whenever he touched him in such an intimate way, Shen Shui Yan would always give him a moving smile; but right now, he was staring straight at him with his deep pupils which depths could not be seen: “Tell me, who is it?”

Chu Mu Yun laughed, and a gentle warmth like warm sand appeared in his eyes: “You.”

Shen Shui Yan clearly stiffened in place.

Chu Mu Yun pinched his delicate cheeks and spoke in a warm voice: “You’re the only son I have, who else would I like but you?”

The ‘like’ that he spoke of was different from his.

But Shen Shui Yan was still greatly satisfied with this answer. And it was that sentence that brought him out from that cold frozen cavern, and dropped him into the warm springs. The warmth passed through his pores, and spread all throughout his limbs.

Shen Shui Yan opened his mouth, seemingly wanting to say something, but Chu Mu Yun cut his voice off with a stern sentence: “Go and rest, you’re still growing so losing sleep will affect your growth.”

Shen Shui Yan did not care about what he said at all; he thought thought that being able to see him so closely, to hear his voice, and to smell that faint fragrance coming from his body, filled his entire being with a feeling of intoxication.

Chu Mu Yun pulled him up and sent him back to his bedroom.

When he was just about to leave, Shen Shui Yan pulled his hand:”Father.”

Chu Mu Yun turned to look at him:”What is it?”

Shen Shui Yan looked at him, and after a moment, he curved up his lips. A smile beautiful enough to charm a fairy appeared on his delicate features: “Sleep well.”

Chu Mu Yun felt an itch in his heart; being born too beautifully was a sin, if he grew up even more, then it really would be an ‘unforgivable sin’.

Unfortunately, even though he was gay, he just had to pretend he was straight.

“Rest well.”Chu Mu Yun wished him good night.

The next day, after business was over, the old men who had always been paying attention to their respected leader’s ‘big day’ started to talk again.

“Respected leader, the war situation is now stable, and the Heaven’s Rain palace is filled with countless beauties, do you not think it is a suitable time to have another master in the palace?”

Now, when hearing this question, Shen Shui Yan would no longer show his murderous intent as clearly as he did when he was young; he had only turned his head slightly to look at Chu Mu Yun.

Chu Mu Yun let out a soft chuckle and asked the person:”How many masters do you think there are in the Heaven’s Rain Palace now?”

Being asked a question in return put that person in a tight spot; he wished he could say that the only respected leader they had was one, but the young palace master was sitting right beside him…… But he didn’t dare to say two because as long as there is a day when Shen Shui Yan had not ascended the position of the respected leader, then they could not say that he was a master of the Heaven’s Rain Palace…….

Cold sweat poured straight down his nervous face, and he could not figure out what he should answer to his question at all.

Chu Mu Yun gave him the answer:”Just me and Yan’er are enough for the Heaven’s Rain Palace.”

As soon as he spoke, the entire conference hall was thrown into silence. Shen Shui Yan turned abruptly to look at him; even though his character was now more reticent than before, the ecstasy he felt at this moment still could not be concealed. There was no way he could hide the way he was looking at Chu Mu Yun, the intoxication in his gaze was far too strong.

Chu Mu Yun smiled to him, and his eyes were filled with pampering and generosity.

It was too obvious……Even the others on the scene could see it very clearly.

Not to mention, the young palace master’s bare gaze……

Everyone fell into a silence. They were all wise men, so there was nothing they did not understand from this scene.

No wonder their Respected Leader pampered Shen Shui Yan so much, and no wonder the Respected Leader himself never went near women, even giving away the inheritance rights without any reservation……

It was true, they did not share the flesh of kin, but it was because they did not……That……

All their heads were dropped to the lowest point, and not a single point dared be uttered from their mouths.

Truly, none of them dared to anger Chu Mu Yun, because this man was too strong; be it his mind, tactics, or even the otherworldly skills of cultivation he had……

They were all things they could never hope to obtain.

The distance was so vat that the only things they could do were bow down in submission, nobody dared to offend him.

Don’t even try to mention the fact that Shen Shui Yan was not the Respected Leader’s blood kin, even if he really was……They would not dare to show any objections.

Towards Chu Mu Yun’s actions, Baby Zero’s emoticon collection was only filled with the ‘dumbfounded’ ones.

“Are you trying to capture Greed?”

Chu Mu Yun did not answer.

Zero tried his best to remind him:”Not a single corner of his portrait is lit up.”

You could say that anyone could understand what feelings Shen Shui Yan had towards Chu Mu Yun; he definitely loved him to the very core of his bones, but strangely enough……Even though his feelings were so strong, not a single corner of his portrait was lit up.

Chu Mu Yun:”He’s still young.”


Chu Mu Yun chuckled:”Wait a little longer.”

Of his five years, only two remained.

Baby Zero could not understand, but clearly, his host had not prepared to tell him anything more.

Another year passed, Shen Shui Yan was now fourteen; the battle to destroy the boundary’s gap continued for its seventh year.

Just when they thought the beasts of the spirit world could not amount to anything more, a large crack suddenly appeared in the southern boundary, and only three beasts came out from it; but their fighting ability was much more than several times stronger than all the monsters that came before.

Half of the soldiers on guard perished, and those who managed to escape and returned to report were scared out of their wits; all their words were spoken between terrible stutters, nobody could understand them.

Without saying a single word, Chu Mu Yun headed straight towards the battlefield.

Shen Shui Yan was left behind in the Heaven’s Rain palace. It was not that Chu Mu Yun was worried of him facing the brunt of the invasion head on, but because the Heaven’s Rain palace was the centre of the entire human civilization here, things would not do if someone was not left behind to keep watch.

When Chu Mu Yun was heading out, Shen Shui Yan sent him off till they reached outside of the city.

Chu Mu Yun waved to him:”You can go back, I won’t be long.”

Shen Shui Yan looked at him without even blinking:”I’ll wait for you.”

Chu Mu Yun smiled to him:”Alright.”

He accepted his promise.

But if they could turn back time, Shen Shui Yan never would have given Chu Mu Yun the opportunity to leave.

When he finally rushed to the crack in the boundary, Chu Mu Yun saw the three beasts, and instantly……His heart jumped.

There really was an indescribable sense of familiarity.

The three beasts were not of a very high grade, and if you put them in the demon world after three years, they would still only be about a grade seven or eight.

Even if all three of them came at him at once, Chu Mu Yun could steal deal with them.

But they were beasts with a master; Beasts themselves were not scary, the truly heart-rending one was the master behind them.

Chu Mu Yun turned around and had the thought to run away.

Meeting the “Beast of Dreams” was nothing, it would not be difficult to break through the illusion as long as he kept his thoughts calm.

Running into the “Beast of Rapture” was fine too. As long you kept your heart and mind stable, you won’t sink into it.

Even if you came face to face with the most difficult ‘Beast of Charm’, it was still no cause for worry. Keep things simple, don’t resist, just shoot one off and this guy will know its place.

But the problem was……For these three beasts to appear at the same time meant that their master was definitely there.

More accurately, you could say that they could not really be considered spiritual beasts; after all, they were in essence creatures of desire, and in a sense, they were also Lust.

Chu Mu Yun took a deep breath. He suddenly had the impulse to go back to earth and find himself who had written all these settings……So he could strangle him to death.


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