Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 6

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The seven lords of the realm controls the entirety of the demon realm, they are the most admired existences within the hearts of the demon race, but the seven of them do not actually coexist in harmony, they were even caught up in numerous disagreements and conflicts.

While Chu Mu Yun was planning the setting he had carefully designed a network of relationships, he made it so that they were friends in one moment, and enemies in the other, for a moment you and I would be friends, but the next we would beat each other up until even our mothers could not recognize us……To sum it up it was never ending. And so at this moment, even Chu Mu Yun who was their father could not be too sure which mental case Mo Jiu Shao had befriended.

But what he could be sure of was that the one arriving would definitely not be the demonic lord of wrath, this fellow was a typical mad dog, he had an unbridled love in his life for battle and only by beating people up would he be able to obtain happiness in his life, which is why for the sake of getting into fights with people he couldn’t wait to turn the entire world against him, so naturally he would never associate with anyone.

So……who could it be?

Chu Mu Yun could only pray that he would not have to encounter Gluttony and Lust, one’s a real beast and the other’s a damn villain. If he bumped into them, it is imperative and comparably reasonable for him to bump himself to his death in one go.

The only ones left were Greed, Envy, and Sloth.

Greed was a portable control freak, his desire to monopolize was strong to the bursting point, he would either love something to the bone or simply regard it as trash, Chu Mu Yun felt that it would be scary no matter whether he was loved or hated by him. So even if he were born to look like his favourite type, he would not provoke him even if he was his last resort.

Only Envy and Sloth were left.

One was so sombre and paranoid that he itched to destroy the entire world, and the other had been labelled the most inhumane existence in the 《Demon Realm》……

Chu Mu Yun pondered about it, and said in full seriousness:”00, this isn’t a job for a human being.”

Zero quietly replied:”You can’t turn back now, if not……”

“Relax,”Chu Mu Yun cut him off:”I won’t turn back on something I’ve promised to do.”

He had spoken in such a warm and considerate tone, but it was unfortunate that Zero understood him too well.

Suddenly the electronic voice asked:”What will you have me do?”

Chu Mu Yun laughed:”You should be the one telling me, what can you do?”


“Other people’s systems are all big golden thighs, don’t tell me you can only chat with me when I get bored.”

Zero thought for a moment before speaking:”I have one function.”

Chu Mu Yun perked up:”What is it?”He needed to know all the cards he had in his hand, only then would he be able to fight with those seven mental cases to the end.

After hesitating for a moment, Zero replied:”If I’m here, you’ll never die.”

Chu Mu Yun was startled.

Zero still held his monotone electronic tone as usual:”No matter what you encounter, no matter how you were attacked, you will be able to stay alive.”

Chu Mu Yun understood:”So you’re saying I can experience the process of dying under the seven of them one by one.”

“Correct, even if your current body loses its living function, I can still find a new one for you.”

The body dies, but the soul is immortal.

A hint of emotion flickered past Chu Mu Yun’s eyes, and he spat out three words meaningfully:”Is that so……”


The steward warned Chu Mu Yun not to leave the palace, but how could Chu Mu Yun just sit still obediently?

AdvertisementHe wouldn’t rush over to the front but he at least wanted to see who was coming.

Although he had no opportunity to plan an attack right now he still had to obtain information, as long as he had enough information, he would definitely be able to extrapolate the timepoints precisely with his degree of understanding of the plot, at that time no matter what he tried to do he would be able to get things settled easily.

Chu Mu Yun has started preparing for action, but he did not expect that Mo Jiu Shao would actually send someone to pick him up.

“Young master, the lord has invited you over to the main palace to dine.”

Chu Mu Yun’s eyes lit up, but he asked with a face full of unease:”Has a guest arrived?”

The servant replied respectfully:”The young master will know when you reach.”

Mo Jiu Shao had given strict orders, and everyone’s mouths were sealed, not a single word of the matters which they should not speak of would be revealed.

Chu Mu Yun did not continue asking either and just followed him over, this was quite unexpected for him, for Mo Jiu Shao to actually take him out to meet people……

But it was also reasonable, Mo Jiu Shao would think over his actions well before doing them, he had been shooting every vulture with a single arrow all along, the term making the best use of things were definitely the best words one could use to describe him in the most profound way.

And at this time, Chu Mu Yun already had an inkling of who had arrived.

And as he suspected, as soon as he stepped into the magnificent palace he saw the man sitting on the right.

He wore a set of long black robes with thin purple threads at the end of the cuffs and the robe, under the light it seemed to be flowing slowly, it made it hard for someone to resist looking over. And under the wide sleeves of his robe is a pair of slender hands that matched its owner, pale and beautiful, but at the same time it revealed a dense aura of danger.

One of the seven lords of the demon realm, Yan Chen, bearer of malign envy.

If he could choose, Chu Mu Yun would not want to have met him so early.

Mo Jiu Shao beckoned towards the handsome boy:”Xiao Yun, come.”

Mo Jiu Shao took his hand and introduced him in a warm voice:”This is the honourable Lord Yan Chen, we trained under the same master so you should call him uncle.”

Yan Chen’s pair of purple eyes roamed over, with ink-black hair and pale skin, the darker the hair veiling his skin was, the paler his skin in comparison, his thin lips were faintly lifted, his smile was exquisite yet it penetrates one with a chill in their bones:”Martial brother truly has raised a good child. Xiao Yun was it? Uncle came in a hurry so I did not specially prepare anything, you can have this for now, I will send someone over to bring you a greeting gift at a later date.”

As he spoke, he took out a black fist-sized piece of crystal as if he had conjured it from thin air.

Chu Mu Yun took a look at it, and raised his eyebrows slightly.

He truly was generous, as the author-kun of 《Demon Realm》, how could Chu Mu Yun not recognize this item?

The Myriad Magic Crystal of St. Vincent, with its rarity you could open a dungeon for it alone.

Chu Mu Yun remembered that he had written a scenario where to win a piece of the Myriad Magic Crystal of St. Vincent, the protagonist had to pass a great number of obstacles and spent roughly two hundred over thousand words to obtain it.

Chu Mu Yun had put into consideration that he was a lovable little white flower, so he suppressed the impulse to just take it away and looked carefully towards Mo Jiu Shao, then he quietly spoke with his eyes dropped down:”This gift is too precious, Yun’er can’t accept it.”

The corners of Mo Jiu Shao’s lips were lightly lifted:”Take it.”

Chu Mu Yun quickly raised his head to look at him, only after confirming that he did indeed consent did he respond with some jubilance:”Then……Many thanks to Uncle Yan Chen.”

He received the Thousand Magic Crystal, and couldn’t help stealthily turning his head to look towards Mo Jiu Shao again, the pair of lucid eyes were filled with joy, but even more prevalent was the attachment and dependence that could not concealed.

Yan Chen took a glance at him and the smile on his lips did not fade, only a cold chill seeped into his purple irises:”Xiao Yun truly is a very obedient child, looking at him makes me want to adopt one as well.”

Mo Jiu Shao gave a noncommittal smile.

Right at this moment the preparations for the meal was done and they started to set the table, just in time to diverge the topic.

Chu Mu Yun sat to Mo Jiu Shao’s right, and Yan Chen to his left, it was only a dinner for three but the table was filled to the brim.

Because the one who arrived was an honored guest, not only did the Thousand Phoenix Palace prepare food and wine, even entertainers were present to help set the mood, the enchanting dancer rolled her figure to the beautiful music, it was very eye-catching, if a mortal were to watch her they would probably be caught in fascination and unable to free themselves.

Unfortunately at this table of three, nobody was watching her perform.

Mo Jiu Shao was entertaining Yan Chen on one side, and carefully looking after Chu Mu Yun on the other.

The two had been interacting with each other from morning till night for more than three years, they’ve already been familiar with each other since early on to an unimaginable point, when Mo Jiu Shao saw anything Chu Mu Yun liked to eat he would pass some to him, and because there was a guest present, Chu Mu Yun did not dare to offend him so he practically did not stretch out his chopsticks at all, he waited for Mo Jiu Shao to tend to him through the entire meal.

That obedient look of his truly was quite lovable, and even more precious was his deep affection that seeped into the bones.

As if his every gaze, and every thought was fixated on Mo Jiu Shao, this man became his sky, became his all, he had formed his entire world.

The emotions revealed in those clean eyes of that young boy were completely unconcealed, it seemed to show that as long as he could gaze at Mo Jiu Shao, he would be filled with happiness; As long as he could be close to his father, he would be as joyous as if he had obtained the world.

Such pure feelings, so permeating, and so beautiful, like a rare and precious white crystal, so wonderful yet……so fragile.

Yan Chen’s pale fingers faintly curled up.

Chu Mu Yun with his maniacal acting needed to take a breath:”00, quick, help me take a look at Yan Chen, that brat’s definitely high as fuck right now.”

0 was only a simple electronic voice:”……”

“I know him too well, this is the one thing he can’t bear. Such an obsessive love, the desire to destroy in his heart is definitely about to burst, there’s no need to think about it, this inappropriate little bastard whose favourite is breaking things up is definitely getting excited.”

Zero:”……”Should he be telling him that Chu Mu Yun seemed even more excited instead? Maybe not, he should probably speak less if he were to get along better with his host.

Chu Mu Yun did not receive a response but he wasn’t that unsatisfied, the live performance has not ended yet, his mission of being a little white flower must continue still, in front of these two he has to maintain 100% of his acting skills, it was still quite a taxing ordeal.

Fortunately, Chu Mu Yun was not the average man.

Both the guest and the hosts thoroughly enjoyed this meal, although nobody noticed which dish was more delicious……

But it was worth celebrating that Chu Mu Yun successfully managed to tease Yan Chen, Mo Jiu Shao successfully buried the snake in the grass, Yan Chen’s perverted desire was perfectly evoked, and the three views of system 00 was destroyed once again……

At night Yan Chen stayed in the Thousand Phoenix Palace as he had something to talk about with Mo Jiu Shao, after saluting, Chu Mu Yun excused himself first.

When he walked out of the main palace the stars had already started to hang down outside, Chu Mu Yun spoke in a relatively good mood:”Take a guess, who do you think will come to look for me tonight?”

After thinking for a bit Zero said:”Yan Chen?”

Chu Mu Yun curved his lips, the implications of his smile was unclear:”Not necessarily.”

Zero expressed that he himself truly could not understand.

After Chu Mu Yun washed himself he changed into a set of comfortable inner clothes and laid down on his bed right on schedule, not long after his breathing started to smooth out.

Of course he did not actually fall asleep, just that he had to pretend as if he had fallen asleep.

Not too long afterwards, the door fluttered open, an elegant figure stepped in through the moonlight.

Chu Mu Yun did not open his eyes so he did not see, but Zero had a clear view of it.

“It’s ‘Pride’……”He reminded Chu Mu Yun.

Chu Mu Yun was deep “asleep”, but his mind repeated once more:”Not necessarily.”

Following the light footsteps, a refreshing air encircled over, when the silky hair landed on his face, Chu Mu Yun opened his eyes in a daze, what entered his sights was the slightly bent over Mo Jiu Shao who was as beautiful as the bright moon in the sky.

Seeing him, a flash of surprise appeared in Chu Mu Yun’s misty eyes, he opened his mouth and spoke softly:”Father……”

He had only spoken one word when Mo Jiu Shao leaned over and kissed his lips.


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