Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 5


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Chu Mu Yun was reluctant to just accept it, he felt like he still needed to exert some more effort.

And so when Mo Jiu Shao was preparing to leave, he stretched his hand out and pulled on his clothes.

Mo Jiu Shao leaned to the side, with a gentle demeanor and a voice like the spring breeze he spoke:”What’s wrong?”

Chu Mu Yun lowered his head and bit on his lower lip, he called lightly in an abstruse manner:”Father……”

“Mm.”Mo Jiu Shao looked at him earnestly,”What’s the matter?”

After hesitating for a long time, the knuckles on Chu Mu Yun’s hands started to pale due to him clenching too hard on his sleeves, but he did not wish to back down, he tried hard to continue on:”Can…….Can you stay here?”

After finishing his sentence, his eyes hung low as if he had expended all of his courage, his luscious lashes trembled faintly like a raindrop falling on a dragonfly, fluttering but unable to spread its wings and fly.

A profound hint of meaningfulness flickered in Mo Jiu Shao’s eyes, but on his face he still appeared calm and gentle, he took Chu Mu Yun’s hand and spoke in a low voice that without much thought, carried a feeling of teasing warmth:”You’ve grown up now, you’re still afraid of sleeping alone?”

Chu Mu Yun shuddered slightly from his touch, there was a hint of embarrassment in his voice:”That’s not it, it’s just……just……”

Mo Jiu Shao cut him off:”You wish to speak with me is that so?”

As if he had managed to clutch at the last straw, he hurriedly responded:”Yes, that’s right. Father has been too busy lately, Yun’er has……not have a chance to chat with you for a long time.”

Mo Jiu Shao had always pampered him very much, he sighed faintly before replying:”Alright, I won’t go, I’ll sleep here tonight.”

Chu Mu Yun’s bright pupils were filled instantly with surprise, he finally lifted his head and looked towards the man unblinkingly, his cheeks blushed red due to his excitement:”I……I’ll go call someone to get you a quilt.”

Qin Yu Mo Jiu Shao said:”No need to trouble them, just one quilt is enough.”

As he said this, the blush on Chu Mu Yun’s face became even more intense, with some unease he said:”Yun’er is afraid of causing offense to father.”

“Silly child.”Mo Jiu Shao touched his black hair and spoke in a soft tone,”When you’ve just arrived at the Thousand Phoenix Peak, I had to coax you to sleep every night, why are you mulling about it now?”

The face of the handsome young man who had lifted his head towards him was nervous but excited, his undisguised appearance was truly quite attractive, Mo Jiu Shao watched him without blinking his eyes and the smile lingering on the edge of his mouth deepened.

Chu Mu Yun was focused on acting but he did not take note of Mo Jiu Shao’s reaction too well, and so he asked Zero:”Quick, tell me, is Mo Jiu Shao moved yet?”


Chu Mu Yun:”He’s about to get on my bed and he still has no reaction, this isn’t about being straight, he’s an impotent saint isn’t he!”


Chu Mu Yun:”Come on, answer me seriously.”

Zero hesitated for a moment, and finally forced out a sentence:”You’re only fifteen years old, Mo Jiu Shao has been alive for nearly ten thousand years, are you sure he’s going to put a hand on you?”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

And the activities in his brain ends there, Mo Jiu Shao had already taken off his outer robe, although the inner robe was also wrapped conservatively, he had a tall and slender body, and the lines of his body gradually emerged after taking off the misty mesh robe, the body that had been trained in swordsmanship all year long seemed very much within his reach.

Chu Mu Yun who was trying to figure out Mo Jiu Shao’s sexual orientation did not expect to throw himself into misfortune on this night.

Mo Jiu Shao had completely regarded him as a child and allowed him to rest his head on his shoulder, his other hand stroked his back constantly, swimming about up and down, he was coaxing him to sleep very earnestly.

But what Chu Mu Yun was experiencing was completely different.

Mo Jiu Shao’s body emitted a unique fragrance, from afar the smell made his entire body feel very comfortable, but from up close it gave him a feeling of infatuation instead, the smell lingered densely in the air, the smell that was refreshing had encircled the area with a charming and gentle feeling instead, and coupled with the temperature seeping through their thin clothes as well as the slender fingers moving about constantly on his back……

Chu Mu Yun:”I got hard.”


The itch clawing at Chu Mu Yun’s heart was intense, he really wanted to grab onto that teasing finger and turn over to press down on him, and cover up those thin lips of his, to dye his chilly appearance in the colours of lust, to force out some sweet and pleasant sounds out of him, to clear his mind, make him go mad, to have him sink into the whirlpool of desire and he would not allow him to free himself……

Great, I’m even harder now.

But Chu Mu Yun still retained his reason, if he were to show such intentions in the current situation, he reckoned that Mo Jiu Shao’s gentle fingers would probably become murder weapons.

He was his son so naturally he was clear, Chu Mu Yun would understand how fickle this crazy guy could be just as much as he liked his appearance.

And so on this night, he could only let his hardness simmer on.

He wasn’t sure whether it was intentional or not, but whenever Chu Mu Yun tried to press down his desires, Mo Jiu Shao’s fingers would touch a certain part he shouldn’t be touching, it filled the Chu Mu Yun who had calmed down once again with excitement.

And so, he couldn’t fall asleep. In order to distract himself he could only chat with Zero.

“I think I’m already being very obvious, there’s no way Mo Jiu Shao isn’t figuring this out.”

Zero:”You understand him the most”

Chu Mu Yin:”That’s why, I feel like he’s trying to trail his line to catch a bigger fish.”

Zero:”I don’t understand.”

Chu Mu Yun laughed:”Where’s the fun in just passing puberty? If you played hard to get before falling into the trap, then after getting fed up, break through the taboo of father and son, and after obtaining that would it truly be unforgettable.”

And then to be betrayed thoroughly, wouldn’t that ruin him even more thoroughly?

Thinking to this point, Chu Mu Yun exposed a smile that suggested he had found a bright idea:”I was wrong, Mo Jiu Shao is neither a straight man nor is he gay.”

Zero couldn’t help but ask:”Then what is he?”

“He……is just a crazy guy.”

Chu Mu Yun’s pupils flickered, he had a plan, actually he did not need to do much, he just needed to take gradual steps towards Mo Jiu Shao’s territory, and when he’s satisfied, he could grab hold on all the important points and only then would he have a chance at attacking him.

It’s just an act, this was nothing for him.

On the second day, Chu Mu Yun was once again ready to persist in his efforts of acting as a boy in puberty, a pure young boy who struggled with depravity and incest after being smitten silly by his father……But he didn’t want to lay it all down on Mo Jiu Shao at once.

After not seeing him for more than a good half month, a full moon had come, and the steward came over to notify him:”Young master, an honored guest is coming by soon, I hope my lord will not be going out at your liberty.”

An honored guest? Chu Mu Yun had a thought.

He knew the story too well, the only ones who could be considered as honored guests in the Thousand Phoenix Palace would only be one of the other seven lords of the demon realm.

Chu Mu Yun thought about it for a bit, and asked in interest:”Does this mean I have the chance to take a look at my other sons?”

Zero:”Instead I think you’re off to see your wife……Ah no, to be precise they are your fellow tops.”

Chu Mu Yun was silent for a moment:”00, you’re naughty.”


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