Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 4


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He was most clear on the novel he had written himself.

Of course Chu Mu Yun knew that 《Demon Realm》 was a straight novel, if it wasn’t, who would spend so much money to make a movie out of it?

But actually there wasn’t much romance in this novel, after all the author is gay, if he had really outlined the story based on his emotions, the scenario in his brain definitely wouldn’t play out as the protagonist taking a girl back to start a harem, but rather the protagonist pushing down a brother, then pushing his brother’s brother, and his brother’s brother’s brother……In short it doesn’t matter whether it’s a flat-chest, a twink, someone’s spouse, or a muscle bottom, as long as it suits his tastes they can have a go.

Fortunately, Chu Mu Yun had resigned from his job as a senior executive, he hadn’t done that to write an erotic masterpiece that echoes through the ages, so with high principles he described the magnificent world of 《Demon Realm》 conscentiously, it walks the path of pure romance, emotional drama will just become a setoff like a supporting character.

Although after 《Demon Realm》 got popular, fan products were produced without constraint, all kinds of pairings were quarrelled about endlessly, the author himself had also appreciated many classic works, but personally Chu Mu Yun still felt that the hot-blooded protagonist really could not bear being pressed down by the seven madmen at the same time. Of course, the sort of fan works that depict the protagonist screwing the seven of them in one go was still unacceptable to Chu Mu Yun, his self-inserts are all mental cases, how could he tolerate being done himself? Therefore he had spared an effort to write a long review to make a serious analysis to deduce whether the fan works were reasonable based on the characters’ perspectives……

In the end……he was naturally spat on the face.

【Looking at smut and you’re still here to discuss about character settings, my child you must be mad!】

【Fan works are here for the OOC, it just so happens that what I want to see is my arrogant Mo Jiu Shao being turned into a big puddle of spring mess……】

【Screw you, I’ve always thought that my great Ling Xuan had some charm in him! Although his fighting power is off the charts, but when he goes down to it he’s sure to be pretty captivating am I right!】

【Heh heh, you actually dare to mention sex appeal with our Hong Feng! Who can have the sex appeal of the sexy great boss Hong Feng? Nose bleed……ah……you should know why my nose is bleeding!】

【I just don’t like Qian Hong Feng, so what if he’s seductive and beautiful? He’s a little slut who plays with people’s feelings! And he even enjoys being hated by people so god damn much, just looking at him makes me want to abuse him!】

【There is only true love for the seven sins here, the exit is upstairs to your left, the true gospel is to love them all.】


Looking at this pile of comments, as someone who is a true gay, Chu Mu Yun, felt that he is turning blind, as expected……the creatures called women, he will never understand them in this lifetime.

To this day, Chu Mu Yun who had transmigrated into 《Demon Realm》 once again thought about all this, and felt some regret.

How great would it be if he had transmigrated into the fan works of these sisters instead? The difficulty in dealing with seven little sluts is way lower than bending seven straight men.

However, Chu Mu Yun was still unsatisfied in his heart.

The protagonist was written by him, the characters was created by him, although he did not consider the issue of sexual orientation while he was developing the setting for his characters, the person who created them liked men, there’s no reason for them to suddenly turn after being born.

That’s why……he does not believe that Mo Jiu Shao was a straight man!

The corner of Chu Mu Yun’s mouth was slightly raised, he had a plan.

Although this pile of stuff had passed through his mind, in reality only a few minutes have passed.

Although Qing Xue was arranged here to serve Chu Mu Yun, she actually had no experience at all, all though she had been instructed for quite a while, when it came to actually doing it, she felt nervous and uneasy.

After all, the young master was born handsome and elegant, although he was only fifteen, he had good stature, refined and elegant as a bamboo pine, and his exposed arm was also firm and tight……It was said that the young master’s talent was excellent, such an intricate technique as the Shao Yue sword style was mastered to the sixth form in just three short years, such a level of cultivation could challenge an entire city if it had left the Thousand Phoenix Peak, it was truly very powerful!

Qing Xue did not expect that she would have the luck to be able to serve him, after all such a handsome young man, would there be any girls who wouldn’t long for him?

She was in a slightly lascivious mood, she stepped forth with some embarrassment, and nestled over tenderly.

But she could’ve never imagined, that before she had even gotten close, Chu Mu Yun had quickly stood up, and shouted:”Who allowed you to enter!”

Qing Xue was stunned for a moment, and foolishly spoke:”Young master……”

“Speak!”Chu Mu Yun stared at her, in the darkness of the night, those eyes were cold as if they were lined with a layer of frost.

Qing Xue was surprised, all her charm has dispersed in that moment, she took a few steps back, and sent her respects:”It was the lord’s orders, the lord sent me to serve the young master.”

The force surrounding Chu Mu Yun did not lessen, his voice was as cold as before:”Indeed, father has sent you to serve me, but who allowed you to break into my chambers in the middle of the night?”

Qing Xue panicked, she hurriedly explained:” Young master, it is the lord who let Qing Xue……let Qing Xue……serve you in bedroom matters.”

Hearing these words in sudden, Chu Mu Yun was stunned for a moment, immediately his complexion turned pale, with a slight tremble in his voice:”You mean……Father had sent you……”

“That is so.”Qing Xue saw that he wasn’t as startling, and couldn’t help but want to nestle over, with a warm voice she spoke:”Young Master do not worry, when you reach that age, it is indeed time to understand such matters, the lord was only……”

Before she could finish, Chu Mu Yun suddenly gave a low growl:”Get out!”

Qing Xue was so terrified that she fell to the floor shivering:”Young master please do not be angry, young master……”

“Leave!”Chu Mu Yun seemed as if he could bear it no longer, he clenched his fists, a low hum erupted from the sword by his side.

Qing Xue knew that he had really gotten enraged, and did not dare to stay for half a moment longer, she gave a word of apology, and hurriedly retired herself.

The room was empty, as if he could not suppress the resentment in his heart, Chu Mu Yun held the sword in his hand, and swept through the room chaotically, turning the beautiful palace into a mess.

The sounds of the sword erupted, and the pattering sound of footsteps came from outside, but Chu Mu Yun fell down all of a sudden, his whole body was spiritless.

The steward of the side palace saw the scene inside, and quickly rushed out to send someone to inform the main palace, he himself walked in carefully, and looked over to the young master who had always been clever and obedient:”If there is anything bothering the young master, you can tell this slave, your slave will definitely take care of those servants.”

Chu Mu Yun was fundamentally not a person who would make trouble out of nothing, with some exhaustion he spoke:”It’s nothing, I’m not in a good mood, don’t blame them.”

The steward hung his head and complied, then sent someone to clean up the mess in the palace.

Chu Mu Yun suddenly rose up, and asked:”Is father in the main palace?”

The steward responded:”The lord should be resting.”

Chu Mu Yun wanted to speak but halted, in the end he still could not say it out.

But the steward received a voice transmission, he hurriedly spoke once more:”Young master may as well go to the main palace to rest, some time is still needed to clean up here.”

As Chu Mu Yun heard this, his brows knitted together slightly, after some hesitation, he still stood up in the end, and murmured:”Alright.”

The speed in which he walked was very slow, and his hands were clenched into fists from the beginning to the end, as if he were trying to suppress the tumbling emotions in his chest.

In his mind, Zero’s electronic voice sounded and destroyed the mood:”I give full points to your acting.”

Chu Mu Yun:”ninety nine is enough, you can keep the last point.”

Zero was monotonous to the end:”Why?”

Chu Mu Yun:”I’m afraid I’ll become arrogant.”


They had reached the main palace in a few steps, nobody would stop Chu Mu Yun with his identity, everyone waiting on him bowed to show their respects one after the other, Chu Mu Yun nodded in response, his whole person had been absent-minded, he entered the chamber of the main palace, yet he could not fall asleep no matter what, sitting properly under the light, he had suddenly received a great excitement.

After a moment had passed, the door was pushed open, through the cool moonlight, a man dressed in loose white robes came in.

Chu Mu Yun lifted his head, but quickly lowered his gaze after a quick look.

The person who had entered was Mo Jiu Shao, he had indeed been resting, but after hearing of the matter in the side palace, he had specially come to take a look.

Because of his arrival, Chu Mu Yun tensed his back, his bad that had been straight from the start became even more like a stick of bamboo in the winter now, his straightness showed a hint of enticing fragility.

Mo Jiu Shao’s gaze deepened, but his face was filled with worries instead, he sighed:”If you do not like that girl, we can just change her, is there any need to lose your temper in such a way? What if you had hurt yourself?”

His gentle voice was like the embracing wind of the night, teasing one until they felt flustered.

Chu Mu Yun suddenly lifted his head, the young face was frosty pale, even the colour of his lips were so light it had almost become transparent, his penetrating gaze was filled with some mist, but he stubbornly kept it in and did not let them flow:”I don’t want that!”

He had been too obedient these three years, to throw such a tantrum all of a sudden had made Mo Jiu Shao feel a sense of surprised.

“Why? What don’t you want?”He asked patiently.

Chu Mu Yun turned his head, his hand was clenched into fists, with a slight shudder in his voice:”I don’t need those people!”

Mo Jiu Shao paused for a moment, and spoke directly:”These are all matters you need to experience in your life, it’s nothing, there is no need to fear, you only need to……”

Chu Mu Yun had interrupted him for the first time in his whole life, he lifted his head, and looked at Mo Jiu Shao, even he himself may not possibly distinguish the surging emotions in his eyes, but the unwillingness and stabbing pain in his heart was unbearable:”I don’t want to do such things, I don’t want to……to do that with other people.”

Mo Jiu Shao was slightly startled, his gaze flashed slightly, but his voice was still gentle:”Then forget it, your father has taken matters into his own hands.”

Chu Mu Yun’s shoulders gave a slight shudder, a sense of indescribable desire passed through his gaze, but the countless words surging to his lips were unable to be spoken due to the chaos in his mind.

Mo Jiu Shao stood up, and patted him on the shoulder as comfort:”Do not spoil your head with nonsense, you should rest early.”

After speaking he got up to leave.

The Drama King Chu whose acting was ninety nine out of a hundred had a slight folly:”I’ve invited him to such a degree and there is still no reaction from him, Mo Jiu Shao really is a straight man?”



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