Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 3


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In the blink of an eye Chu Mu Yun had stayed in the Thousand Phoenix Peak for three years, in these three years Mo Jiu Shao gave him the best living conditions, the most intimate and warm companionship, he personally led him through his education and imparted his knowledge to him unreservedly as well.


If not for the fact that he had known that the inside of this guy was dark like sesame paste, I’m afraid that perhaps even Chu Mu Yun would be moved by him.

After all he was such an unparalleled beauty, so gentle like water, although Chu Mu Yun had never thought about what his partner would look like before, but speaking only in the perspective of a lover, Mo Jiu Shao meets all his standards.

But it’s a pity that there is a slight clash concerning their positions.

At the beginning of this morning, Chu Mu Yun practiced his swordsmanship in the courtyard, Mo Jiu Shao treaded over through the mist, his light green robes dragged across the ground, the fine, thin gauze misty like a cloud, with black hair draping over like a waterfall, under the faint light of dawn he looked like an immortal who had descended from the heavens.

Chu Mu Yun saw that he had arrived, and kept his sword, he bowed in greeting:”Father.”

Mo Jiu Shao motioned to him:”Continue.”

Chu Mu Yun laughed implicitly, and with one motion of his figure, the sword rose up once again.

Mo Jiu Shao watched him quietly at the side, the young man before him was only fifteen years of age, dressed in a white duanda, although his body looked thin and frail, it was tall and straight like bamboo, as the sword striked forth, the blade of the sword seemed to have merged with the flowing figure into one being, and the tip peerlessly sharp.

A set of moves were completed, the young man sheathed his blade, a fine layer of sweat lined his forehead, the delicate eyes were filled with reliance, and a hint of expectation.

He called out between his slight gasps for breath, with a hint of nervousness:”Father?”

The smile in Mo Jiu Shao’s eyes deepened, and he spoke with a tender voice he spoke:”You are bright, and a fast learner, have you already reached the sixth form of the Shao Yue style?

Chu Mu Yun’s pupils lit up, he felt somewhat shy because of his compliments, and in a quiet voice he spoke:”I just tried it for a bit, there are many parts I don’t understand, and I hope father can find some time to teach me.”

Mo Jiu Shao was in a pretty good mood:”Hand me the sword.”

Chu Mu Yun passed his sword over.

Mo Jiu Shao was dressed in a long robe that drags across the ground, covered with a thin layer of tulle lace, this outfit was supposed to be extremely inappropriate for performing swordsmanship, but the moment he held the sword, the force surrounding his body suddenly changed, his elegant air that mirrored the immortals was casted over with a layer of undisguised killing intent in the blink of an eye, the razor-sharp sword between his pale fingers displayed a might that could overturn the sky and the seas.

The very same move, and the style that was exactly the same, yet it was strong beyond his imaginations when performed by Mo Jiu Shao, that awe-inspiring aura of his blade, tearing through the skies, at the point of the sword, emerged a dazzling gleam! A suit of light green robes did not seem quite as long at all, but rather enhanced his figure, letting the form of the flowing dragon fly past, with a lithe appearance, the sword stood up, the rapid form was as abrupt as lightning, all till the end, it suddenly became a fleeting light, and the thunderous might came down from the heavens, shaking one to their core!

Chu Mu Yun’s sight did not move, his face displayed a state of respect and admiration, but his heart was filled with a strong desire to conquer him instead.

“I wish I can fuck him so hard he can’t leave the bed.”

In these three years, towards this person’s temperament, Zero had already understood it well, he chose to stay silent.

Chu Mu Yun lightly licked his lower lip:”Rest assured, I’ll make him fall in love with me first.”

Zero felt that he had an obligation to remind him:”You should know what type he likes.”

“A hard-working diligent and studious little white flower.”

“This kind of little white flower would not think of pushing someone down.”

Chu Mu Yun laughed:”But I will.”


Zero:”……”one with cultivation levels as high as Mo Jiu Shao aren’t able to detect even the slightest bit of it, in these three years, Chu Mu Yun has already confirmed this point, so he would chat with this imaginary chap from time to time. Mo Jiu Shao ended his move, and slowly descended from the air, due to a gust of wind surging past, the light green garment billowed, and the robes fluttered, veiled by the ink-black hair, the whole scene beautiful to the point where it’s hard to breathe.

At heart, Chu Mu Yun felt stunned, but his face displayed a pair of flushed cheeks, and with some excitement and expectation he spoke:”Father is truly too powerful, Yun’er does not know how long it will take to even be able to wield one tenth of such power.”

The swift blade was sent down, Mo Jiu Shao’s breath did not even falter, he still bears the elegant look as before, with kind eyes, and a tender voice:”You are only fifteen years in age, you are still young, there’s no hurry.”

Hearing his words, a look of dejection appeared in Chu Mu Yun’s eyes, he bowed his head, and slightly tightened the grip of his hand which bore the sword, with some difficulty he spoke:”Father, I am not afraid of suffering hardships, nor am I afraid of tiring myself, I wish to become stronger sooner, I wish to tear down that fiend with my own hands, and avenge the hundreds of lives lost in the Chu family!”

His shoulders trembled slightly, the forbearing look made this thin and frail body seem especially moving.

Mo Jiu Shao had a look filled with pity, he held the warm palm of the youth, and spoke with a drawl:”This matter can not be rushed, you have to take it slow, only with a steady foundation can you grow faster.”

Chu Mu Yun lifted his head, a pair of eyes were filled with sorrow:”Father, can you please tell me who the culprit is?”

Mo Jiu Shao’s pale fingers brushed away the scattered hair on his forehead, and spoke in a light voice:”When you reach the ninth form of the Shao Yue style, I will tell you.”

Chu Mu Yun was not resigned, but he knew that Mo Jiu Shao had done this for his own good, so he could only tolerate it once more.

This look of his made Mo Jiu Shao feel pity, he pressed him into his embrace, his palm stroked gently on his back, and he consoled him with a warm voice:”Good child, father knows you are working hard, don’t worry, there will come a day where you can finally obtain your desires.”

EzoicHis words had an ambiguous meaning, but Chu Mu Yun should not be able to understand it, so he just leaned into Mo Jiu Shao’s embrace, trembling slightly.

But another scene was playing in his mind.

Chu Mu Yun:”He raised this child with so much effort, to end him with his own hands after, how is that enjoyable?”

Zero:”I think you have the most say in this question.”

Chu Mu Yun:”I don’t have such terrible hobbies.”

Zero:”Aren’t the seven lords of the demon realm written by you?”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

For him to actually be unable to refute……the dissemblance of the son is the fault of the father, it seems he really does have to bear some of the responsibility……

Mo Jiu Shao was not busy today, thus he stayed to accompany Chu Mu Yun for dinner, naturally Chu Mu Yun was very happy about this, even if he had a reserved personality, he had talked more than he usually would.

Mo Jiu Shao accompanied him patiently, after they’ve had their meal, he even proposed to take a bath together.

This was no big deal, when he had just been picked up by him, Chu Mu Yun had difficulties with his legs, so Mo Jiu Shao held him constantly and helped to wash him personally.

But that can’t be compared to now, at that time Chu Mu Yun had not passed puberty, he had just been admiring the beauty as he came out of the bath simply, now that he is fifteen, to look once more at Mo Jiu Shao sincerely, he was afraid that he would get an erection, if that happens where will be something to look forward to when his performance crashes.

But how should he refuse him? Chu Mu Yun fretted, he dodged his sights in the next moment, and said with some unease:”Father, Yun’er has already grown up……”

His words were fluttery, and hint of redness lines his cheeks, the muddled thoughts of the youth was clear.

Mo Jiu Shao paused for a moment, and did not speak.

Chu Mu Yun’s face was filled with unease, even his ears had displayed a light shade of pink:”I……I……I can bathe on my own now? I……”

He was trying to speak but it came out in such a way, how would Mo Jiu Shao not understand, he chuckled faintly, and meaningfully said:”Yun’er has grown up indeed.”

Chu Mu Yun didn’t know whether he had understood him or not, but his body quivered slightly, and his head fell lower.

The corner of Mo Jiu Shao’s lips contained a smile, he gave him a light pat on the shoulder, and stood up:”Rest early, I will come to see you again tomorrow.”

Chu Mu Yun said in a fluster:”……Take care, father.”

Mo Jiu Shao left, Chu Mu Yun left on his own to the baths, he soaked in the warm spring water, and asked:”Do you think Mo Jiu Shao understood my hint?”

Zero:”I feel that……Even if he is mentally deranged, he wouldn’t lay his hands on a fifteen year old boy.

Chu Mu Yun leaned back against the spring, his ink black hair immersed in the water, like a glossy black ribbon, wrapped around his lean body, the hair veiling his skin made it appear exceptionally tantalizing, a shallow smile was contained in the corners of his lips:”That’s true, fifteen years old is still too tender, if he went for it I’m afraid his teeth would hurt.”

Zero opened up to speak but stopped himself again, in the end he decided not to remind him after all.

Chu Mu Yun soaked for a while, seeing that Mo Jiu Shao really did not have any intentions to come in, he could only get up with pity and return to his room to rest after drying himself.

The next day, Mo Jiu Shao sent someone to bring a little girl over, said to be his personal maid.

Chu Mu Yun was startled, he was not able to make out for half a day what he was playing at.

The young girl appeared to be about sixteen or seventeen in age, she wore a pale yellow dress, pale skin and good looks, a pair of big eyes that seemed to be encased in water, her blinking eyes looked exceptionally moving, she bit down lightly on her lower lips, and spoke with some shyness:”Your slave Qing Xue greets the young master.”

Chu Mu Yun had never refused Mo Jiu Shao’s arrangements all this while, and so he accepted her.

He pondered for a moment, and asked Zero:”Is Mo Jiu Shao preparing to make his move? To put someone by my side, does he intend to have me nurture a relationship with her then have her killed?”

Before this Mo Jiu Shao had avoided contact with Chu Mu Yun and anyone else by accident or by design, everything so far had been initiated by him. Chu Mu Yun could understand this, to capture one’s heart, the simplest and crudest way is to reduce the space between them as much as possible, to make it so that he can see only him, to rely only on him, and trust only him.

But now he had even sent a young girl over, Chu Mu Yun felt that his thoughts were correct:”Maybe it’s to create some coincidences to have me off her? Then realize that I’ve killed her by misunderstanding……”Frigging hell, how tyrannical, the child adopted by Mo Jiu Shao in the story lives such a terrible life.

From the beginning to the end, Zero did not make a sound.

But soon, Chu Mu Yun realized he had made a big mistake, he had gone off in a completely wrong direction.

In the haze of night, the window screen stirred slightly, the young woman in front of him wore a thin garment that was almost transparent, the exquisite developed body could not be concealed at all, there was a faint redness on her face, and her voice was soft as water:”Young master, let Qing Xue serve you in your rest.”

Chu Mu Yun’s face darkened.

Mo Jiu Shao did in fact understand his hints, but he actually did not come personally!

Chu Mu Yun was enraged:”What is Mo Jiu Shao doing? Could it be he’s not actually gay?”

Zero paused for a long while, and still decided he should speak the truth:”Friendly reminder: 《Demon Realm》 is an ordinary novel.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

So to say what should be bothering him isn’t about who’s going to top who, but rather the century long conundrum of turning a straight man gay?


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