Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 23


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One of the seven lords of the demon realm: Ling Xuan, bearer of ‘Wrath’. With red hair and red eyes, he has an arrogant personality and he would do everything as he pleased, but he was the most powerful amongst all the demon lords. With a great addiction to a good battle, people were only put into two categories in his eyes, the type that allowed him to fight in a hearty battle, or the weak. The result of a battle with him would only end in death, while he was too lazy to even spare a glance to the weak.

If he could make a ranking of whom to capture first, Ling Xuan would definitely be kicked by Chu Mu Yun to one of the bottom three positions.

Because this guy’s favourite hobby in his whole life was to fight, and love was simply not present within his head at all. So to make this little wolf pup fall in love with him, he reckoned that it would probably be harder than letting him gnaw on his bones!

But personally, Chu Mu Yun still admired him very much.

He was wild, domineering, alluring, and even so arrogantly handsome that he had no friends.


Chu Mu Yun was a passionate man so naturally he liked this sort of character setting.

But of course, he only liked to watch from afar and not get too close.

But if he did get too close……

Heh heh, let’s see how our prideful lord does.

After being kept in mind for a whole three hundred years, this rabid dog had already run over almost as soon as the appointed day has come, he didn’t even care whether the other party was willing or not, the first thing he brought up as soon as he appeared was to fight, and the fight he came pining for was the type where he lived but the other party dies……

They all say a man with a pen can’t reason with a man with a gun.

No matter how much refined person Mo Jiu Shao was, coming into contact with this person, at most he was only able to delay things for three hundred years.

For Mo Jiu Shao, this encounter could be said to be the second turning point in his life.

First it was the engraving of his soul by the poison from Yan Jun Qing’s fierce flames, then it was the challenge from Wrath, they had both caused him to suffer heavy damage.

And it was precisely because of the injuries that the protagonist could defeat Pride alongside the student Xiao Yan who had turned black, otherwise even if they were able to suppress Mo Jiu Shao with the poison of the fierce flames, his cultivation was so frighteningly high that if they really wanted to do him in, they would still have needed twenty of the protagonists with ten Xiao Yan’s to take a go at him.

So what was Chu Mu Yun going to do in such an important moment?

Of course he’s going to take down the prideful lord in one fell swoop!

Ling Xuan stood against the wind with his red hair drawn in a showy angle, exposing the handsome features on his face. If not for the fact that the killing intent swirling within his eyes were too heavy, Just his wild and handsome figure alone could stop five thousand young ladies in their tracks.

His thin lips raised into a slight curve, and he exclaimed:”Three hundred years ago, since your cultivation has suffered a big loss due to your help towards Yan Chen in breaking through the realm of the gods, I’ve given you time to recover so that we can have an honourable fight with no handicaps, so should you also fulfill your agreements as well on this date?

As his voice fell, a figure draped in turquoise robes appeared on the steps carved in white jade.

Mo Jiu Shao was dressed in a long flourishing robe encased by a layer of sheer fabric of a pale colour, and a jade pin holds in ink black hair. Standing from above, with what seemed to be mist crowding by his feet like bouquets of clouds, his chaste bearing made him seem like a banished immortal descending down to the human realm.

He opened his mouth, and a gentle and light tone came from his lips:”Ling Xuan, you won’t be able to kill me.”

The moment Ling Xuan saw him, the flames within his red eyes burned even brighter. He licked his lower lips, and spoke in excitement:”How would you know if we don’t try?”

The colour within Mo Jiu Shao’s eyes were cool:”No matter how many times you try, you won’t be able to see the results you want.”

“So what if that were to happen?”The man laughed arrogantly,”If I can’t kill you, I’ll let you take my life. I, Ling Xuan, has never been a man afraid of his own death.”

Mo Jiu Shao stared at him:”So you want to fight me today, no matter what?”

Ling Xuan also stared at him:”I must see for myself the Zhu Yue sword style whose name rings across the three realms!”

AdvertisementEzoic“If that is the case……”Mo Jiu Shao raised his hand, and a blue sword emerged from the air within a violent shockwave and fell steadily to his palms,”As you wish.”

At the touch of a hair, the battle begins!

Chu Mu Yun did not rush over to the scene of the battle, but instead, he rushed over to Yan Jun Qing’s residence.

Zero was constantly watching over the battle in such a critical moment, using the presence of both Pride and Wrath to determine the progress of the battle, calculating the time to match with Chu Mu Yun’s plans.

Just as he arrived at Yan Jun Qing’s room, the young teen had already gotten clothed and walked out. After seeing Chu Mu Yun, he said in a hurry:”Brother Yun, did you get hurt?”

He was able to feel a very strong and unfamiliar force, it was very powerful, the pressure it exerted was comparable to that of Mo Jiu Shao’s.

Yan Jun Qing’s instincts told him that a strong enemy had arrived, strong enough that the lord had to battle him personally!

Seeing Yan Jun Qing come over, his heart was put to ease. After taking his hand into his, he continued:”It’s going to be fine, Brother Yun, I will protect……”he wasn’t able to squeeze out his last word of ‘you’ when Chu Mu Yun suddenly raised his hand, he could only see drops of blood falling from his fingertips, then strange lanes of black lit up in the room that had been originally empty as if itw as stained with ink.

EzoicYan Jun Qing did not know anything about arrays at all, but he could tell what was going on since he had been hearing and seeing what Chu Mu Yun was doing for such a long period of time where he followed him around.

“Brother Yun, what are you doing?”

The array had been set a long time ago, the only thing missing was the primer. Chu Mu Yun used only three short seconds to activate this ‘captive array’, perfectly locking Yan Jun Qing within it.

Realizing that he had been trapped, Yan Jun Qing panicked:”Brother Yun……You……”

Chu Mu Yun had on a calm face, but a glimpse of resentment and disappointment welled up in his eyes:”Live on properly.”

He gifted him these three words, but they came down just like a hammer, crushing down on Yan Jun Qing’s heart and putting him into a fluster:”What are you trying to do? Where are you going? Brother Yun! You……”Saying this, the terrible thoughts rising up to the breaking points within his head caused him to yell, he was bound by the array and was unable to move at all, but he still retained his ability to speak,”Don’t go over there! It’s dangerous! The lord alone is enough to deal with it, if Brother Yun goes over you’ll……you’ll……”You’ll die!

“I am only doing what I should, Xiao Qing……”Chu Mu Yun turned his back against him and gave him one last sentence,”For yourself, please continue to live properly.”


A dense black fog erupted from the array, Yan Jun Qing was almost unable to see clearly the figure of Chu Mu Yun at all, but at this moment, this scene, had welded together with the scene of that unforgettable night.

The entirety of the Yan family had collapsed, the smell of blood and the miasma suffocated him and swallowed up all of his hopes, he watched with his eyes wide, the scene of his family dying tragically. Being unable to help, there was only endless despair and bitter pain in his heart.

Coming out of that disaster alive, he vowed that he must never again lose another person he cared about, definitely, definitely, he must protect all the people he wants to protect……

But now……Just as he thought he had turned strong, that he had the ability now, that he could create hopes……

He repeated the same mistake.

The leaving figure of Chu Mu Yun and his father who died protecting himself overlapped with each other.

The same scene, the same encounter, Yan Jun Qing felt almost as if he was crumbling apart, the remorse within his heart flourished and rooted itself into his heart. With the speed of the deterioration of his mental state, it had finally embedded itself into every part of his being, only one word called out from the resulting sprout within him: Get stronger, get stronger, I have to get stronger!

Only then can I……protect those that I want to protect. Only in this way will I be able to keep those dear to me, only in this way would I be able to avoid these helpless feelings, this discomposure, and this despair.

Yan Jun Qing did not make a peep, but with the distortion of his features from the overflowing feelings within his heart, he called out bitterly with a hose voice:”Don’t die, Brother Yun, you must not die!”

After settling Yan Jun Qing, Chu Mu Yun rushed over to the front gates.

“How’s the battle going down?”

Zero had been watching it closely the whole time:”Twenty percent.”

This was what they agreed on, Zero was able to analyze the capacity of the power stored within their bodies, Pride and Wrath were evenly matched so the first half was basically to whittle down each other’s strengths, a victor would not come out so early into the game.

But the key point happens when the both are at half energy.

Chu Mu Yun waited with his breath held, Zero was reporting the numbers back to him without rest.

The two who stood at the pinnacle were battling each other, so the Thousand Phoenix Peak had already turned into a violent storm a long time ago, the magnificent palace was swept into disorder due to the tremendous, overflowing pressure, the whole mountain began to quake, even the sky was dyed into the colour of ink, the thunderous bursts of sounds rang through the air, and the screams of the thunder made the scene feel as if a blizzard was coming.

Chu Mu Yun finally stopped at a safe area. He stared at the battle scene but he couldn’t make out anything of it at all.

The two who were crossing hands had almost turned into fleeting shadows, the black and red, as well as the turquoise, glued together and the glow of the sword came in all directions, the powerful force that flowed down could easily break the hard crystal into ground full of rubble.

Chu Mu Yun watched almost without blinking, he had to concentrate, there can not be an mistakes at all.

Activating the array just a moment too early would mean that he would fail to trap the two.

Activating the array a moment too late and the array would be damaged by the violent force of the two, the power would be greatly reduced even if he were to activate it.

The most amazing part that came of his calculations will happen when the average power of both Pride and Wrath drops to the fifty percent mark……

Zero recovered his dull mechanical tone:”Forty percent, forty-five percent, forty-six percent, forty-seven percent……”

When he finally spat out:”Forty-nine percent”, Chu Mu Yun quickly slit his wrist and a large volume of blood came splashing out, following the quiet “fifty-percent……”of the electronic voice, lines the colour of a blood-like red were set off in the surrounding area.

Mo Jiu Shao and Ling Xuan detected it at the same time, with lightning speed they rushed towards the opening at the same time, it was apparent that they mean to escape from the shackle of the array.

But Chu Mu Yun’s calculations were even more accurate, he estimated their mobility and accurately determined the speed of the physical response they can achieve when they are at fifty-percent of their energy stores.

And so……there was no escape.

However, in just the blink of an eye, the two lords of the demon realm halted their movements at the same time, they stood still in place by the entanglement of the red lines.

After such a large battle, the grace of the two were still no different from before.

Ling Xuan’s red hair and red pupils seemed to have become even more brilliant, his fingers decorated with black flames were evil but quaintly enchanting, the power contained within them were too terrifying to think of.

Mo Jiu Shao’s black tresses were as dark as ink, the colour of his pale grey eyes had turned deep completely, he held a dark blue long sword in his hand that was flowing with a gleam, and his gaze was set on the youth in the center without blinking.

The young man who stood there wore a long robe of silvery white fabric, weaved from snow silk harvested from cold lands he had called for specially, the colour was frosty just like that of snow, its radiance was unmatched even to that of the stars and the moon, it was a very special piece that was rare to set your eyes on once even in a thousand years.

And at this time, these beautiful clothes were stained with scarlet blood. Under the deep contrast, it was as exceptionally beautiful as an Epiphyllum blooming deep into the night, and the despair it made one feel was also exceptional.

Chu Mu Yun raised his head and locked eyes with Mo Jiu Shao:”The one who killed everyone in the Chu family……was you!”


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