Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 16


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It felt as if time had stopped.

Yan Chen was exceptionally patient, whereas Chu Mu Yun was going through a painful struggle.

There were no movements in his body, only his fingers were curling up constantly. A myriad of emotions tumbled around in his bright eyes……Chu Mu Yun bit down on his lower lip unconsciously, his urge to shake away his hand and leave kept clashing with him, it made him feel as tight as a bowstring. It felt as if the arrow will be released from the bow in the next moment, or maybe the bowstring would just snap.

Yan Chen was getting more and more excited as he watched him, a brilliant splendor circulated within his purple eyes, a sense of heat was deliberately mixed into his cold voice, it sounded hoarse but warm, and seemingly rather sentimental:”So tell me, why will you have me lure my martial brother away?”

Chu Mu Yun felt as if he had been pulled out from a pool of icy water as he asked that, his entire body shuddered but he quickly responded:”You don’t have to know that!”

He had already known that he wouldn’t tell him, but no matter, it won’t be too hard to find out if he really wanted to know.

But Yan Chen wanted to ease him:”Xiao Yun, if you need someone’s help don’t you have to explain everything clearly?”

Chu Mu Yun turned to look at him:”I don’t trust you!”

“Oh,”Said Yan Chen with a low voice, intended for him,”You don’t trust me but you still came to look for me……Let me guess, this is related to my martial brother wasn’t it? Nothing much can happen to the Thousand Phoenix Peak so it has to be something to do with its inhabitants, I heard that my martial brother has adopted another child, could this……be related to him?”

Chu Mu Yun widened his eyes in surprise, he had a look of disbelief and just like that the unease of being seen through happened to be exposed.

Yan Chen’s smile was full of malice:”Did my martial brother make you unhappy because he doted on that child too much? So you want me to lure him out so you can destroy him?”

Chu Mu Yun hurriedly spoke:”How could that be! How could I……”He immediately realized that Yan Chen was baiting him after he finished speaking, but he had already fallen into the trap he laid.

He closed his mouth hurriedly but it was too late.

Yan Chen:”You’re right, how could Xiao Yun be jealous if you were so kind? So……You’re not planning to kill that child, so that goes back to my martial brother.”

Seeing that his words were starting to come closer and closer to the truth, Chu Mu Yun started to panic, but he couldn’t find a way to stop him from continuing on.

And of course Yan Chen wouldn’t stop:”THat child comes from the Yan family doesn’t he, I heard that they’ve been guarding the blazing fire. And now the Yan family was destroyed, so this flame……”

“Enough!”Chu Mu Yun really did not want to listen any longer, he interrupted him in a panic:”If you won’t help then forget it! I’m going back!”

As he spoke he really pretended as if he was going to leave.

But how would Yan Chen let him go? He snapped his fingers and Chu Mu Yun was stopped in place.

This was a spell that restricts a person’s movements.

Chu Mu Yun lifted his head and glared at him.

Yan Chen walked close to him and stroked his pale fingers along his smooth skin, and his line of sight moved towards his lips for a moment:”Even if my martial brother did not love you, even if he only took you as his son, even if you’ve already known all of this, you would still be in such desperation to save him, and would even sacrifice your life for it?”

Chu Mu Yun understood now how much he knew, but clearly his words had already reached his center point, he could only see his pupils shrink and a trace of embarrassment flashed past his eyes, but his voice was still cold, as if he was holding onto his last shred of dignity:”He was the one who saved me, and he was the one who raised me, I’m willing to do anything for him, no matter what it is.”

Such a pure confession, such clean feelings, so wonderful……

It really makes him want to crush him to pieces.

The corners of Yan Chen’s lips were brimming with a smile immersed in coldness, but his voice was as gentle as water:”You really are……very devoted to him.”

Chu Mu Yun heard him speak but he turned away his sights hatefully as if he had been humiliated.

Yan Chen grabbed his chin and forced him to look at him:”I don’t want your heart, I just miss your body. Didn’t we have a good time together four years ago?”

As he mentioned this, Chu Mu Yun’s anger become even more prevalent:”You’re shameless, at that time……”

“Right, I changed into my martial brother’s appearance back then, so I’m me now, and you just have to sleep with me, alright?”

Chu Mu Yun could not understand his nonsensical jabbering at all, but Yan Chen’s last words shattered his confidence:”If you agree to do it with me, I’ll lure my martial brother away; If you don’t, I’ll tell him about our little secret.”

Chu Mu Yun:”I finally got him on the right track, if he said that earlier I would’ve compromised long ago, I’m beat.”

Zero:”……”Such a high IQ battle, what will he do if he can’t keep up!

Chu Mu Yun widened his eyes, he really had an eye opener as to what was called extreme shamelessness in Yan Chen’s place:”You……You devil!”

He shouted indignantly but Yan Chen’s smile remained calm as if he had received a compliment.

It had been a dead end from the start, and now Yan Chen’s threat was like a knife sinking deep into his heart. No matter how angry, how embarrassed, and how reluctant Chu Mu Yun was, he was still powerless and helpless in the end.

And finally……he bowed his head, his fingers were clenched into a fist and his words seemed to have been spoken through his teeth:”I’ll promise you.”

Yan Chen’s eyes brightened up in an instant, they were filled with so much pleasure that it was almost overflowing. He kept a kind smile on his face:”To show my sincerity, let’s meet again after you’ve finished what you want to do, alright?”

Chu Mu Yun looked up at him, he was slightly surprised.

Yan Chen spoke in a warm voice:”Since you don’t trust me, you’ll only feel at ease if we do it this way, I’m not short of time and I want you to prepare yourself before we enjoy ourselves.”

These moving words only served to make Chu Mu Yun feel more insulted.

His goal had been achieved, he had no need to continue staying here. He threw down a cold farewell and left.

He had just taken a step out when Yan Chen took hold of his waist and pressed down a tender kiss.

There was a very refreshing aura from between their lips, like a plum blossom in the dead of winter, the faint fragrance seemed as if it was made into a sweet pastry and tempted people for a taste.

Chu Mu Yun quite liked this kiss, but it was a shame that a little white flower should not be enjoying this.

And so he could only taste it for a short moment before he had to push him away resentfully and wipe his mouth in a hurry.

Yan Chen smiled as if he were a kitten who had stolen some fish:”In seven days, I will wait for you here.”

Chu Mu Yun wasn’t shameless, hearing his words that were laced with a hidden meaning, his face reddened and he walked off without even looking back.

Zero:”I didn’t expect that Envy would be such a righteous guy, he actually knows that he should finish the job before asking for a reward.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero:”Did I say anything wrong……”

Chu Mu Yun:”Be good.”

Zero:”……”Did he go wrong somewhere? Which part was wrong? Curious ⊙-⊙!

Chu Mu Yun returned to the Thousand Phoenix Peak and just happened to bump into Mo Jiu Shao.

Mo Jiu Shao walked out from the study and the smell of ink still lingered on his body. As he saw Chu Mu Yun, he asked:”You went out?”

Chu Mu Yun was slightly nervous but he tried his best to remain calm:”Mm, I took a walk down the mountain.”

Mo Jiu Shao noticed the unease in him, and asked in a soft voice:”What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Chu Mu Yun quickly replied:”No, nothing at all!”

Mo Jiu Shao raised an eyebrow.

Chu Mu Yun was hiding something from him, and he spoke with his head bowed:”I’ll return to change my clothes first.”

Mo Jiu Shao did not stop him, but as Chu Mu Yun walked a fair distance away, a faint fragrance lingered in the air.

This smell contained a hint of coldness, like a plum blossom under the snow, it was faint but quite unique.

Mo Jiu Shao remembered his martial brother in an instant.

That envious lord who lived in a land full of plum blossoms all year round.

Zero:”I think Pride noticed something.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Mm.”

Zero:”Is that alright?”

Chu Mu Yun smiled:”Just wait and see, this is going to big show.”


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