Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do!


必须向七个男人求婚怎么破 !

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Xianxia, Yaoi

Translator: Helli

Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do! is a completed novel written by Long Qi (Imperial Seventh) and consists of 171 chapters total.


Chu Mu Yun relied on his story of 《Demon Realm》 to become a one-hit wonder in JJWXC, but the him who had written seven mental cases to abuse seven mental cases to death would never have expected that he himself would transmigrate into this shitty novel!

What the hell is this system on the bracelet? And what the hell is this either propose to seven men, or suffer the taste of a tragic death experience under the hands of these seven people?

I just wanted to write a novel to satisfy my bad interests, who would actually want to get tangled up with a bunch of mad dog sadist crazies?


Chapter 1 — Chu Mu Yun
Chapter 2 — The hierarchy is a bit of a mess, theoretically speaking, I should be your father.
Chapter 3 — He raised this child with so much effort, to end him with his own hands after, how is that enjoyable?
Chapter 4 — But Chu Mu Yun fell down all of a sudden, his whole body was spiritless.
Chapter 5 — He’s about to get on my bed and he still has no reaction, this isn’t about being straight, is he……
Chapter 6 — Chu Mu Yun pondered about it, and said in full seriousness:”00, this isn’t a job for a human being.”
Chapter 7 — Oh come on, if you’re going to kiss me then put some force into it, if you keep this up I’m going to have to push you down instead
Chapter 8 — Zero:”I think can make your body tremble a bit, it’s more realistic.”
Chapter 9 — if Uncle Yan Chen was the one who saved me, how great would that have been!
Chapter 10 — Chu Mu Yun had a look of compassion:”My love to him is true.”
Chapter 11 — There was not a single hint of immaturity nor tenderness, he was completely a mature man who had passed a thousand sailing boats with a gully in his heart.
Chapter 12 — Zero:……Speaking about the host’s experience, it truly can’t be refuted. 【Replacing omissions】
Chapter 13 — Chu Mu Yun: What am I going to do with you, my silly and adorable little 00……
Chapter 14 — They were all his good sons so they had to be treated equally, after this he still had to capture Envy seriously, so……
Chapter 15 — Yan Chan slowly started to speak:”I’ll agree to your request, but……what will you offer me?”
Chapter 16 — I just miss your body. Didn’t we have a good time together four years ago?
Chapter 17 — The Lord of Envy curled up the corners of his mouth and revealed a gentle smile:”Of course I came here to receive my compensation.”
Chapter 18 — Such sincere feelings, such passionate love, such a cute child. If I can’t have it, then I must destroy it!
Chapter 19 — Chu Mu Yun:”If you want to capture Pride, you would have to pay a small price.”
Chapter 20 — Mo Jiu Shao couldn’t stand it, he couldn’t hold back his natural instincts.
Chapter 21 — Chu Mu Yun:”So baby, why would you have me capture this pile of mentals?”
Chapter 22 — He had spent ten years imprinting the culprit who murdered his parents in his heart.
Chapter 23 — One of the seven lords of the demon realm: Ling Xuan, bearer of ‘Wrath’.
Chapter 24 — Mo Jiu Shao……If there is an afterlife, I only wish that we will never meet again.
Chapter 25 — With the wrathful lord, the word ‘arrogance’ is not an adjective, but rather a verb.
Chapter 26  — Ling Xuan watched with his lips risen:”Duo Duo, if you don’t try harder, you’re going to be eaten!”
Chapter 27 — Yan Chen:”Duo Duo, come home with me, okay?”
Chapter 28 — The fluffy ice blue ears of this young half beast trembled slightly, then with much earnestly it spoke:”It’s sweet.”
Chapter 29 — One of the seven lords of the demon realm: Jun Mo, bearer of malignant ‘Sloth’.
Chapter 30 — Chu Mu Yun:”If we really have to compare how much of a rake they are, Envy and Pride aren’t too far apart.”
Chapter 31 — Yan Chen asked again:”Why did you not refuse him at that time?”
Chapter 32 — He had already died, why has your love for him still not been severed?
Chapter 33
Chapter 34
Chapter 35
Chapter 36
Chapter 37
Chapter 38 —
Chapter 39 —
Chapter 40 —
Chapter 41
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Chapter 114 —

53 thoughts on “Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do!

  1. May I ask if I could translate this novel from your English version to Thai in free web? I really like this naughty devilish MC and his world class acting and want more fans for this novel. I will make sure to drop the link to this page,if allowed.But if you feel uncomfortable please feel free to tell me, I’m okay with being just another reader too. Anyway, thanks for translating this novel. I really appreciate it.

      1. Now I have translate up to Ch.9 I just notice they spend 2-3Ch for the heart-wrenching stuff between CMY and MJC. It almost break my heart translating that part. Even when re-reading I still enjoy it and many readers love it too so I want to thank you again for translating this wonderful story and share it with us! 🙂

  2. Hellooooo, I was wondering if this novel is one long story, or if it’s separated into arcs? Thank you for translating ????

  3. I wanted to know if you had dropped this novel because its been a while since its been updated. I really love this BL.

  4. Have you guys dropped this BL because a new chapter hasn’t been published since December of 2018. I really love this and I would hate it if it was dropped.

  5. Hey just wanted to let you know that every other chapter isn’t showing up, instead there’s a page saying the host’s account was suspended!

    1. Hello, thanks for the message, this is happening sitewide and it seems to happen only to certain users, I’m not sure what it affects but a non WP using friend of mine also experienced the same problem, I believe this seems to happen with users who are not logged in?

  6. Tha Author of this novel is an genius, without cosmparation~~ And thank you all very much for tranlating this novel desu~~

  7. I’m usually not a fan of harem especially yaoi harems but this is just sooo good! The MC really likable. I like that he’s such a mastermind. Not to mention the system Zero. I’ve never seen such an innocent system.

  8. this is the best novel ever. I’m waiting for the updates. Please keep up the good job and don’t drop this. Link this to novel updates if possible to gather attention from others.

    1. Not dropping this, sorry for the late updates! I’m trying to finish up a different novel I don’t really like so that it can stop haunting me and I can have a better time in general with translating

  9. Hi ?

    Can I ask what your update schedule is in general?

    Thank you for giving me something to look forward to every week!

    1. I’m trying to fix my sleeping schedule and trying to get myself back to good health before I can say anything, if I succeed in being healthy then 3 times a week, if I fail that, I will try my best to do at least one a week, and failing that, at least once a month.

  10. This is such a great story but nooo everytime the cliffhanger comes I cried tears of blood *sobs* . I beg you please don’t drop this

  11. Hello!!!

    I’m want to ask permission to translate this story into indonesia.
    I hope you let me translate this into another language, thank you ^^

  12. once you start something, you need to be responsible and finish it till the end.
    aka. you can’t tease me, us, like drop it or such when things are getting heated.

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