My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 — Loving Him

After Mu Xiaoya left, everyone in the Bai family gathered around and kept their distance so as to keep Bai Chuan feel comfortable, carefully inquiring what happened in the Mu family tonight.

“Xiao Chuan ah, what did Xiaoya’s parents say?” Bai Guoyu wasn’t even this nervous when Bai’s company was listed in the market.

“Did they agree with your marriage with Xiaoya?” Li Rong asked more specifically.

What he wanted to ask had all been asked by the Bai father and mother, so Bai Zheng just stayed silent and waited for his brother’s answer.

Bai Chuan kept walking as he passed through the living room, stepped up the stairs and went up the second floor only to respond with three words: “They didn’t agree.” After saying this, he continued and walked forward, locking himself up inside his bedroom.

“Didn’t agree?” The three people of Bai family formed a circle at the bottom of the stairs.

“Well, in fact, it’s understandable.” Bai Guofeng was more rational than his wife, although his heart was a little bit sour, but he can still think from the viewpoint of Xiaoya’s parents. If he was her parents instead, he wouldn’t want his daughter to marry a mentally abnormal person.

“I already said that we shouldn’t let Xiao Chuan go there alone.” Bai Zheng has a bit of regret.

Bai Chuan was a taciturn person, and his cognitive brain was different from that of a normal person. Even if someone scold him, he wouldn’t necessarily react with anything, Bai Zheng also didn’t know if his brother had received any grievances in the Mu family this night or not. Usually, when he was in the Bai company, he wished that he could place Bai Chuan’s office right before his own eyes.

“Bai Zheng, arrange someone to prepare appropriate gifts. Me and your mother will personally visit Mu family.” Bai Guoyu thought for a moment and decided to go there himself.

“Then, what if they still don’t agree?” Bai Zheng asked.

“Then we could only give up. We can’t force people to marry their daughter to our family.” This possibility wasn’t without reason.

“Then what about Xiao Chuan? Xiao Chuan really love Xiaoya, didn’t you see how he looked so frustrated when he came back just then?” Thinking about this possibility, Li Rong couldn’t help but be worried.

“Xiao Chuan felt frustrated?” Bai Guoyu was surprised. Wasn’t his son looked as stiff as usual?

“Of course he was, you men are just careless and can’t see it clearly.”

Bai Zheng who also didn’t see this, looked away silently.

“In short, whatever the Mu family thinks, we have to give our utmost sincerity.” Bai Guoyu made a decision.

Mu Xiaoya returned home and foud that her parents were no longer inside the living room. She paused slightly and went to his father’s study in the first floor.

Raising her hand, she knocked twice on the door before entering it.

“Just ask if you have something to ask.” calmly walking to the front of her father’s desk, Mu Xiaoya knew that during the time she sent Bai Chuan away, her parent’s messy thoughts has already been sorted out.

“Is it true that you married Bai Chuan?” Until now, Shen Qingyi still couldn’t believe the fact that her daughter was married.

“It’s true.” Mu Xiaoya said earnestly, “Me and Bai Chuan received our marriage certificate on the day when Grandma Bai died. That day was too busy, you guys also had to supervise a test at school, so I didn’t have the time to tell you until now.”

“The day when Teacher Cui died? Then it was in these past few days right? When we went to Teacher Cui’s memorial service, the Bai family said nothing.” Mu Ruozhou frowned.

“Perhaps they thought that it was so sudden.”

“What do you mean?” Shen Qingyi was puzzled.

“There have been too many things that happened in these past few days. They also only knew that I was married to Bai Chuan abruptly, furthermore, Grandma Bai died that day, they probably haven’t had the time to sort things up.” Mu Xiaoya explained.

“Then, what do the Bai family think of your marriage?” Mu Ruozhou asked. If they were also caught off guard like them, then what would be their reaction towards this then?

“Actually…” Mu Xiaoya smiled bitterly. “When I was at the graveyard, Bai Chuan’s mother also asked me whether I planned to continue this marriage or not.”

“What did she mean?” Shen Qingyi asked sensitively.

“Bai Chuan’s mother said, although she hoped that Bai Chuan can have a partner in his life, but she wouldn’t impose it on anyone who’s not willing.”

“…” After hearing their daughter’s recount, Mu family’s father and mother’s heart felt even heavier. This statement showed that they didn’t persuaded her when she married Bai Chuan, it was entirely their daughter’s willingness.

“Why do you want to marry Bai Chuan?” Shen Qingyi can’t understand it, “Was it because of Teacher Cui’s last wish?”

As a neighbor for many years, Shen Qingyi’s relationship with Grandma Bai has always been good and she naturally knew what Grandma Bai was thinking. In the past, when Grandma Bai talked to her about Bai Chuan’s future, Shen Qingyi even optimistically persuaded Grandma Bai, saying that there will be a girl that could appreciate Bai Chuan regardless of his defects.

But human nature is always like this. Being a bystander and being someone involved, of course there would be differences in attitude. She would admired the girl who would take care of Bai Chuan’s life regardless of his special circumstances, but she didn’t want this girl to be her own daughter.

Like the heroine with a beautiful heart in the movies, everyone appreciates the heroine’s dedication and tolerance towards John Nash (American mathematician who has mental illness), but not everyone has the courage to experience the sufferings she went through.

“I love Bai Chuan.” this was the answer Mu Xiaoya gave to her parents.

She knew, for her parents, there was nothing that could surpass this reason. In order to convince her parents further, Mu Xiaoya continued and added, “Actually, I already liked him a long time ago. You also know that I used to go to Bai Chuan’s house the most. So when Bai Chuan ran here and proposed to me a few days ago, I was so happy that I agreed to it without thinking.”

“Bai Chuan suddenly proposed to you, have you ever thought that it might only be for his grandma?” Mu Ruozhou reminded her

“I thought about it, and I already asked him.”

“Then what was his answer?”

“Bai Chuan said, Grandma Bai asked him to marry someone he liked, then he came to me.” Mu Xiaoya answered.

The Mu family’s husband and wife became silent again. Bai Chuan was an autistic child, and the major characteristic of autistic children was that they were unwilling to communicate with others, but they won’t lie and won’t find reasons for excuses. What they said was the truest feeling they felt inside. Bai Chuan said that he liked Xiaoya, then it must be his true heart.

“Xiaoya, have you ever thought that you would have a hard time with Bai Chuan?” Mu Ruozhou can’t help but remind her again.

“That’s right ah, although Xiao Chuan is a good and smart child, but at the end of the day, he’s still someone with autism. He can’t express his feelings like a normal person. Your so called like, it’s possible that it would be worn down by reality after just a few days. At that time, won’t it hurt both of you?” Shen Qingyi added to her husband’s words.

“Dad, mom, I already thought about these things, but I still want to try.” Mu Xiaoya said, “I’m only telling you this after careful consideration.”

Mu Xiaoya can understand the so called worry of her parents, but as she had already went through rebirth, Mu Xiaoya felt that her and Bai Chuan’s ending would be the same as the last time, with her dying of illness and Bai Chuan becoming a widow. No, it have to be better, at least in this life, Bai Chuan can avoid his fate of being disfigured so he can still be a good-looking widower.

“Then what about studying abroad?” Shen Qingyi asked again.

“I won’t go.” Mu Xiaoya didn’t plan to study abroad from the beginning anyway.

“Won’t go? Isn’t it your dream to go to SG to learn design?” Shen Qingyi couldn’t believe it.

“Mom, I’ll explain this to you later.”

Mu Xiaoya knew that her change was too abrupt and it would just be difficult for her parents to accept if she give them one attack after another. But she couldn’t tell the truth. Her genetic disease that would break out after four years was undetectable at this moment. The only thing that she could do was to spend more time with them.

“Ma, I really want to marry Bai Chuan, just like you when you wanted to marry dad, just agree ah.” The reason was almost the same, Mu Xiaoya started to strike with ‘selling her cuteness’ strategy.

“You already have your certificate issued, do you still need us to agree?” Shen Qingyi pushed away her daughter in a bad mood.

“I didn’t do this in the right way ah. It was because it wasn’t urgent at that time, and later I really forgot about it. Sorry ah~.” Mu Xiaoya ignored her mother’s bad mood and pasted herself shamelessly.

Shen Qingyi glanced at her husband helplessly, but Mu Ruozhou’s eyes were also full of helplessness. As his wife said just now, her daughter and Bai Chuan already received their marriage certificate, even if they opposed it, they couldn’t change the fact that their daughter was married. Moreover, they have been teachers for more than 20 years already, and they knew very well that there were certain things that the children had to experience themselves, or else, if the teachers kept on forcing to teach them, they wouldn’t even hear an ounce of what the teachers said.

But as a parent to know that her daughter has been married under this circumstance, their heart still felt a bit of bitterness, “Me and your mom want to ponder about this matter for a while more.”

“How long do you have to think about it?” Mu Xiaoya asked.

“We’ll tell you when we already think about it properly.” After saying this, Mu Ruozhou stood up indifferently and left the room.

After seeing her husband leave, Shen Qingyi gave her daughter a smile and followed to leave.

Facing the empty study room, Mu Xiaoya scratched her forehead silently and suddenly burst out laughing. Her parents ah, they had been teachers for their entire lifetime. They would always use reasons and would never force their children to do or not to do something. The only thing in their minds was whether she was willing or not, or just judge something according to their standard.

They thought about it all night and asked her so many questions, but they had never let out any sentence that forced her to leave Bai Chuan. They just analyzed the advantages and disadvantages over and over again and asked her if she had really thought about it.

In fact, if she think about it carefully, in the 26 years of her past life, except for a short time to live, having no good relationship and lacking the time to spend with her parents, she thought that her life was actually not bad.

A gust of evening wind blew from the window, and the rice paper on the table case rattled. Mu Xiaoya pressed her father’s treasured Xuan paper with a paperweight, then closed the window tightly. The window of the study was facing Grandma Bai’s courtyard next door. Now that Grandma Bai was gone, there’s no light lit up in the courtyard anymore.

If she leave after four years, will her parents looked at her bedroom as if she was looking at Grandma Bai’s courtyard?

Author’s NOTE:

Trailer: Daddy Mu and Mommy Mu will agree the day after tomorrow, Grumpy Crab won’t abuse baby Chuan oh~


Heyo everyone, how are you?? ʕ→ᴥ← ʔ Sorry for the freakin late post of this novel, got things to do and had to stay in hospital.

It was sad to know that you would leave your parents behind like Xiaoya, but although she knew that her time would be up after four years, she made the right decision to spend her time with people that did care for her for real. Good luck, Xiaoya!! \(^ω^\)

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 7
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