My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 — Suspected Ex-Wife

Bai Chuan stood in front of Grandmother Bai’s tombstone for a long time, and Mu Xiaoya just silently accompanied him, if Bai Chuan didn’t walk, she won’t urge him to.

After experiencing death once, Mu Xiaoya became more patient and calm. She only got four years left to live, so she won’t study abroad, she won’t spend a lot of time to study, she won’t be nervously searching for job, she even won’t expend great effort to fulfill her former dreams. When they all seemed insignificant, you’d suddenly find out that life slowed down with you, time would lengthen infinitely.

At the present, Mu Xiaoya had this kind of feeling, she hoped that she could pass her four years in this warm and ordinary way.


After only eating a simple breakfast, Mu Xiaoya hurried to go to the burial ground, although she tried to resist it until now, but her stomach truly can’t bear its owner’s neglect so it finally called out with discontentment.

Mu Xiaoya stealthily looked at Bai Chuan who was standing at her side, luckily he seemed to not hear anything as he was still standing still in front of the tomb. Feeling her stomach’s resentment, she stretched her hand and covered it. When she was moving her hand, the emerald green jade bracelet knocked against the button on her blouse, it sent out a clear and crisp voice.

The sound was really light, one could almost overlook it, but Bai Chuan who just now didn’t give any response, suddenly looked over. Patient with autism would sometimes give a keen reaction towards tiny, particular sounds.

He looked with uncertainty towards Mu Xiaoya who was rubbing her stomach.

“I’m a bit hungry.” Mu Xiaoya laughed awkwardly.

“We should go eat something.” If you’re hungry, you should eat.

Autistic patient’s brain usually has linear thinking, they didn’t have the normal person’s worries and misgivings, if they wanted to do something, they would do it bluntly and swiftly. Of course, in the premise that they possess good capability to express themselves.

Bai Chuan’s capability in expressing himself was extremely good, in the last few years of his doctor, Professor Feng’s report, he suspected that Bai Chuan actually was an acquired scholar syndrome patient. He interrogated Bai Chuan’s parents for several times whether or not Bai Chuan’s brain was impacted when he was still less than one year old. It’s because Bai Chuan’s recovery was very good, as if he originally possessed the ability for social interaction.

Xiaoya was very hungry, she wanted to eat something. This idea spurred Bai Chuan to depart from this place, but he found that Mu Xiaoya wasn’t following him after he walked a few steps, so he stopped his pace in puzzlement.

“Grandma, we’re going now.” after saying this, Mu Xiaoya hurried and chased Bai Chuan, naturally holding his hand in hers.

Bai Chuan was dumbfounded. This was the third time, an understanding emerged in his heart: Mu Xiaoya likes joining their hands together.

This new understanding made him a bit more happy.

Two people followed the flight of stairs, step by step walking towards the foot of the hill. At the gate of the cemetery, a black benz was parked at the roadside, garnering everyone’s attention. Mu Xiaoya knew this must be the car that Bai Zheng left behind for them, so she pulled Bai Chuan to walk over.

“Xiao Chuan.” when the two people was approaching the car, a woman wearing a one-piece black dress came down from the car, she familiarly called Bai Chuan.

Bai Chuan only looked at her indifferently without speaking a word in return, then he retracted his eyes from her. But Mu Xiaoya knew, regarding Bai Chuan who can’t communicate easily with people, this simple reaction told her that he knew this woman.

“Miss Mu.” The woman seemed accustomed to Bai Chuan’s lack of reaction, so she turned her head and called to Mu Xiaoya.

“Hello, you are…?”

“I’m President Bai’s secretary, my name is Wang Jing, I’m ordered by President Bai to wait on you two here.” Saying this, Wang Jing pulled open the car’s door for the two people.

Mu Xiaoya gave a simple thank you and brought Bai Chuan to get on the car together.

After Wang Jing closed the door, she also got on the car, and after she started the car’s engine she asked, “Miss Mu, do you want me to send you back first?”

“Thank you, my house is at…”

“Fanhua Road number 126, teaching and administrative staff’s dormitory of Qingyuan high school, building 18.” without waiting for Mu Xiaoya to finish her words, Wang Jing already accurately reported Mu Xiaoya’s address.

“How come you know this?” Mu Xiaoya was a bit surprised.

“I formerly used to meet with Xiao Chuan, your residence is located next to Xiao Chuan’s, so I naturally remember both of you guys’ addresses.”

“I see.” Mu Xiaoya was a bit curious, it seemed that this Wang Jing was very familiar with Bai Chuan, so she couldn’t help but asked, “Are you very familiar with Xiao Chuan?”

“That’s right ah.” Wang Jing said, “I took Yi Feng Group’s scholarship, so after I graduated, I immediately entered Yi Feng’s workforce. President Bai was very concerned with his younger brother Xiao Chuan, so when he was in the company, he always took extra care for all of his necessities. Becoming President Bai’s secretary, it wouldn’t be weird that I had a lot of contact with Xiao Chuan.” Yi Feng Grroup was Bai Chuan’s father, Bai Guoyu’s company that he himself founded.

“Then, Xiao Chuan was fortunate to have your care in the company.”

“That’s of course.” Wang Jing turned the topic, “Actually, I was there when Xiao Chuan was searching for you to propose a marriage.”

“You’re there?” Mu Xiaoya rose her eyebrows in astonishment.

“That day, Xiao Chuan suddenly disappeared from the hospital, President Bai was very worried for him, so after we finished searching around the perimeter, we suspected if Xiao Chuan ran back home, and thus we drove the car to resume the search, but I didn’t expect to see Xiao Chuan proposing a marriage to you.” Wang Jing laughed and said, “Actually, I might be more nervous compared to the both of you at that time.”

Mu Xiaoya embarrassingly smiled, she didn’t expect that her proposal was witnessed by someone.

“Luckily I agreed.”

“Exactly, if you didn’t agree back then, I would’ve agreed for you.” Wang Jing said half-jokingly.

Mu Xiaoya wanted to laugh from the other’ teasing, accidentally, her sight swept past Bai Chuan’s pretty and fair face, her heart all of a sudden jumped, the crisscrossed scars on Bai Chuan’s face from her former life suddenly streaked in front of her eyes.

“How could you agree for me ah?” Mu Xiaoya became sensitive all of a sudden.

“Maybe Miss Mu didn’t know, but Xiao Chuan is very handsome and bright, although his circumstances is rather particular, but inside our group, he’s still ranked number five among the most wanted bachelor list. There are a lot of girls in our company who want to be married to him.”

Wang Jing said this as if she was joking, but Mu Xiaoya can’t smile anymore at this point. If Grandmother Bai also passed away at the same time at her former life, then when she rejected Bai Chuan, where would he go to ask for marriage after that? All sorts of coincidences combined together and told her that this Wang Jing in front of her was Bai Chuan’s wife at her former life.

She wondered if she rejected him, would he agree to be married with this woman? But to fulfill Grandmother Bai’s dying wish, Xiao Chuan would probably do it.

The more Mu Xiaoya thought about it, the more she felt that this probability wasn’t impossible, first of all, how much Bai family cared for Bai Chuan, they wouldn’t let him find just anyone to be married to him. But Wang Jing was President Bai’s secretary, she seemed like she got along well with Bai Chuan, if Bai Chuan persisted that he must get married before Grandmother Bai pass away, the Bai family might agree.

If Wang Jing married to Bai Chuan in her former life, then the one who harmed Bai Chuan should be her too

“Miss Mu? Miss Mu?”

Mu Xiaoya was captured in her own thoughts, and she suddenly came back to her senses when she heard Wang Jing shouted her name.

“What is it?”

“We’ve arrived.” Wang Jing smiled as she reminded her.

Mu Xiaoya looked outside the window, as expected, she discovered that the car was parked in front of her house’s gate, Bai Chuan was silently looking at her from the side.

“Let’s get off the car.” Mu Xiaoya signaled Bai Chuan to get off the car, Bai Chuan heeded Mu Xiaoya’s lead and the two people got off together.

“Miss Mu, I’ll be waiting here in front of the gate. After you both finish eating, I’ll send Xiao Chuan back home.” Wang Jing said.

“There’s no need for secretary Wang to wait, after we finish eating, I can send Xiao Chuan back myself.” With her suspicion aroused, Mu Xiaoya suddenly didn’t want to let Wang Jing has a lot of chances to be in contact with Bai Chuan.

“But… President Bai already ordered that I have to personally send Xiao Chuan back home.”

Mu Xiaoya frowned, she didn’t want Wang Jing to drive him home, but Wang Jing took order from Bai Zheng, on the other hand, her relationship with Bai Zheng wasn’t really close, so this thing would make them more awkward towards each other.

“You don’t want her to wait?” At this time, Bai Chuan who was beside her suddenly talked. He heard Mu Xiaoya wanted Wang Jing to leave from here just now.

Wang Jing was surprised as she looked at Bai Chuan, this was her first time seeing Bai Chuan taking the initiative to respond to other people.

“En, I’ll send you back at night.” Mu Xiaoya nodded her head.

“You go back!” after clearly understanding Mu Xiaoya’s meaning, Bai Chuan drove away Wang Jing without the least bit of hesitation. Nevertheless, this was the first time he talked with Wang Jing, with crude manner and no trace of politeness.

“Xiao Chuan, I…” Wang Jing suddenly became embarrassed.

“You go.” Bai Chuan slightly frowned, how can this person still not walking away.

As long as one was a staff of Yi Feng Group, one would have one common knowledge, and that was, one must not make the second young master Bai Chuan unhappy, even a frown wouldn’t be allowed, because whenever second young master Bai lose control over his emotion, the chairman and president Bai would find you to have a ‘discussion’. And because of this reason, after Wang Jing saw the crease on Bai Chuan’s eyebrows, she didn’t dare to say anything anymore and at once drove away from Mu Xiaoya’s house.

“Don’t you like her? What are you doing driving her away?” After Wang Jing left, Mu Xiaoya expressed her cheerfulness, but she still wanted to question the overbearing air that Bai Chuan let out just now, it was really enlightening.

“I don’t like her.” Bai Chuan solemnly corrected her.

“Don’t like? Then why did she call you Xiao Chuan?” Mu Xiaoya raised her eyebrows, the last time they came across an assistant of Bai family, they clearly addressed him as Second Young Master, how can this woman just straight up called him Xiao Chuan? When one heard it, they would unconsciously thought that they have close relationship.

“…it was her that wanted to call.” In Bai Chuan’s understanding, Bai Chuan, Second Young Master, and Xiao Chuan were all just how he was addressed with, he thought that there’s nothing different between these three words.

“So you just let her call you whatever she wants to?” Mu Xiaoya was really dissatisfied.

Bai Chuan was feeling perplexed as he gazed at Mu Xiaoya, he didn’t understand what her words meant.

Autistic people all had difficulty in socializing, even though they didn’t lack their function in language, but when they interacted with other people, they would hear what the other people were saying, that’s all, all of those metaphors, analogies and sarcastic remarks would be incomprehensible for them. So Bai Chuan was unable to make any sense from Mu Xiaoya’s metaphor and rhetorical question.

“Don’t allow her to call you like that.” Mu Xiaoya also knew that Bai Chuan didn’t understand those sarcastic retorts and metaphor, so she could only talk bluntly.

“Oh.” Bai Chuan didn’t understand Mu Xiaoya’s moodiness, but he understood what Mu Xiaoya asked from him, and he felt that it wasn’t unreasonable at all.

“Later, you can only let people who are close with you to call you Xiao Chuan, understand?” Mu Xiaoya explained.

“Oh.” Bai Chuan had a vague understanding.

So when Mu Xiaoya called him Xiao Chuan on the car just now showed that he’s already close with her? Inside Bai Chuan’s cognitive system, he inputted a string of new information.

Bai Chuan’s obedience made Mu Xiaoya finally felt contented. She gratifyingly brought him inside the house, walking while telling him, “My parents should be at home at this time, after we enter in a while, I’ll tell them the matter about our marriage, you should just sit down on my side, okay?”


“I’m feeling a bit famished right now, we should talk about marriage after we finish eating.”


“Good boy.”

Bai Chuan’s dark and large eyes was quietly looking attentively at Mu Xiaoya, regarding her treating him like a good child, he didn’t show any confliction. He even somewhat cherishing this moment, because it had been such a long time since Mu Xiaoya coaxed him like this.

“Big Brother Bai Chuan, wait here for me, I’ll be back shortly.” After the young girl told him, she bounced and ran about, and only came back after sometime has passed.

“Big Brother Bai Chuan, did you wait for me here all along? You didn’t leave?”

The young boy earnestly swayed his head, he didn’t leave even for just a step.

“Good boy.” The young girl learned how to behave like an adult, she stood on her tiptoe, wishing to pat the young boy’s head, but because of their height’s difference, she could only pat his shoulder.

This time, she didn’t pat his shoulder. The expression inside Bai Chuan’s eyes sank down, then he unexpectedly pulled Mu Xiaoya’s arm, pressing it to his own shoulder forcefully.

“What happened?” Mu Xiaoya turned her head and looked to Bai Chuan’s glittering eyes.

Author’s NOTE:

The ex-wife won’t make too much drama, just a passerby.


We don’t need third wheel, thank you. ʅ(́◡◝)ʃ

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