My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 — I’ll Pick You Up From Work

Lu Yang hurriedly ran downstairs from the security department and saw Bai Zheng looking back and forth at the building’s gate. He didn’t dare to catch a breath, as he couldn’t wait to report, “General Manager, Second young master went out the building at 2:51.”

“Has he called a car?” Bai Zheng questioned closely.

“He hasn’t. Second young master ran toward that side.” Lu Yang pointed to the right side of the road, “After entering the third south road, our monitor and control system can’t locate him anymore.”

“Xiao Chuan doesn’t bring his phone nor money.” Bai Zheng was agitated as he punched the car in front of him, “What the heck those people in the security section are doing?! They can’t even look after one person!”

“General Manager, please don’t be anxious, Second young master must be searching for Second young mistress.” Lu Yan tried to console, but his heart knew, this matter can’t be blamed on the security department. In the few the years Second young master spent in the company, his working time was always set like a machine, furthermore, all the people inside were still working as usual, and without such unexpected accident like this, there’s no way the security would keep on watching the monitoring system continuously without rest.

“We need around half an hour to go from here to Mu Xiaoya’s studio by car, how can Xiao Chuan go there by walking?”

“General Manager, Second young master is clever, there won’t be anything happening to him.”

“Besides his math skill being better, he’s an idiot in other aspects! He can’t even speak with other people, and you still dare say to me that he won’t get into any trouble?!”

“General Manager, Second young master’s memory is really good, he might have remembered which road to take to go to Second young mistress’s place. We should drive the car following the roadside to search, we can surely find him this way.”Lu Yang suggested.

Bai Zheng gradually calmed down, he looked at his watch and arranged, “It’s 3.16 right now, Xiao Chuan had left from 25 minutes ago, you, have the security guards and drivers, all drive cars, ride motorcycles, trail the road to Mu Xiaoya’s place and look for him immediately.”

“Yes, I’ll have everything arranged.” Lu Yang turned and ran quickly to deal with the matter.

Bai Zheng pulled open the car’s door, starting the car with his one hand while calling Mu Xiaoya with his other hand.

“Hello?” The phone was connected soon.

“Mu Xiaoya.” While driving the car, his eyes didn’t stop scanning the road’s two sidewalks. Although he clearly knew that Bai Chuan had already left for almost half an hour so that there’s no way he would be near the company’s building, but he still didn’t dare to let slip anyone’s shadow from his view.

“Brother?” Mu Xiaoya’s voice was a little shocked.

“Did Xiao Chuan call you?”

“No, isn’t Xiao Chuan working right now?”

“He went out to find you, saying that he wants to pick you up from work.” Bai Zheng’s gaze became dim, even Mu Xiaoya doesn’t know about this?

“He wants to pick me up from work? I’ll call him immediately!”

“Don’t call. He didn’t bring his phone.”

“What?!” Along with Mu Xiaoya’s shocked shout, there was also the sound of some kind of heavy object falling to the ground. After a long silence on the phone, Mu Xiaoya asked again with a shaken voice, “Brother, you’re calling me, does it mean that you haven’t found Xiao Chuan yet?”

“…he not only didn’t bring his phone, but he also didn’t take the car that I prepared for him, he walked out alone.” Bai Zheng decided not to conceal anything.

“He… how long has he been gone? I… I’m gonna go and find him.” Mu Xiaoya’s shaken voice was mixed with crying sounds and fear.

Bai Zheng almost didn’t stop at the red light in front. His heart had long been anxious, but he didn’t forget to comfort Mu Xiaoya, “Don’t be anxious, I already sent the company’s drivers and security guards to search him along the road. You just stay in the studio, I’ll send him there if I found him. Don’t run around, Xiao Chuan is looking for you.”

“Okay.” Mu Xiaoya took a deep breath, “Brother, send people to search along the road to home too, there’s a possibility that Xiao Chuan would go home.”

“No, he said that he wanted to find you, so he must be searching for you right now.” Bai Chuan’s dedication, no one knew better than his family.

“Then… then you follow the map to search, Xiao Chuan remembers the map, so he must be following the map to come to my place.”

“I know.” Bai Zheng hung up the phone, put up his phone navigation and began to move slowly along the road at the speed of 20 kilometers per hour.

“Mumu, what happened?” Fang Hui just got back from the advertising company, while holding a bunch of posters, she saw Mu Xiaoya standing at the door with red eyes.

“Fang Hui, Xiao Chuan, Xiao Chuan is gone.” Seeing Fang Hui, the tears that Mu Xiaoya had been enduring all this time, suddenly flowed down like a rainfall.

“What?!” Fang Hui was shocked directly on the spot.

“Bai Zheng just called and said that Xiao Chuan went out the company alone without bringing his phone and wallet, he said that he wanted to come here to pick me up from work.” Mu Xiaoya was frightened out of her wits, “You say, will Xiao Chuan meet with an accident on such a long road?”

“Don’t cry now, you…” Fang Hui was also in a mess, she anxiously turned and called Xiao Xin. Waiting until Xiao Xin ran over, she threw away the posters she held in her hands to hug Mu Xiaoya and consoled her, “It’s okay, don’t make yourself scared. Bai Chuan has scholar syndrome ah, his IQ is higher than most people, he can remember anything once he sees it, so of course he also remembers the way to come to our place, he will certainly not lose his way. Perhaps, he will even come by himself here not long from now.”

“There are nearly 20 km from Yifeng Group to our place, there are so many intersections olong the road, and there are a lot of strangers too, also, so many cars and bikes…” With every road condition she stated, Mu Xiaoya’s face got more and more pale, “Xiao Chuan doesn’t like talking, he also doesn’t like hearing what other people say, I don’t even know if he’s able to look at the traffic light, he…”

“Mumu, Mumu, Mu Xiaoya!” Fang Hui nervously pushed down on Mu Xiaoya’s shoulders, almost yelling out her throat, “Calm down a bit.”

“Huihui, I’m afraid.” A sense of helplessness filled Mu Xiaoya’s voice.

“Didn’t Bai Chuan want to pick you up from work? Then you have to wait for him here. He loves you that much, of course he can walk until here, believe in him.” Fang Hui tried her best to comfort her friend, but she herself knew that for an autistic person, walking through the complex 20 km long road by himself, there would surely be a lot of worrying problems.

“That’s right, Sister Mumu, our public order is really good, there won’t be any problem with your husband.” Xiao Xin who heard them silently on the side also followed and consoled her.

“Xiao Xin, don’t you have an electric car? Ride your car and follow the Yifeng Group’s path to help with their search. I’ll send Bai Chuan’s photo to your phone, if you have any news, immediately give me a call.” Fang Hui couldn’t be rest assured with how Mu Xiaoya looked right now, so she only can let Xiao Xin go and search.

“Alright, I’ll go now.” Xiao Xin put down the things on his hands, grabbed his car key and went out.

“Mumu, let’s wait inside.” Fang Hui wanted to bring Mu Xiaoya inside the studio.

“No, I’ll wait here.” Mu Xiaoya pushed Fang Hui, sat down on the stairs in front of the studio, hugging her knees and directly gazed at the road junction.

Fang Hui had no alternative and can only accompany Mu Xiaoya to sit there.

After waiting for nearly one hour, they still didn’t see Bai Chuan, still didn’t receive a call from Xiao Xin, but they finally met Bai Zheng.

Bai Zheng got off his car, looked at the agitated Xiaoya who rushed to him straight from the flights of stairs, pulling open his car door and searched inside. He originally wanted to ask her some questions, but his mouth can’t speak out any words.

Is there any need to ask? If Xiao Chuan is here, she won’t look like this.

“Still not found?” Mu Xiaoya was unresigned as she gazed at Bai Zheng.

“…” Looking at Mu Xiaoya with such an appearance, Bai Zheng can only said some consoling words, “Don’t be too worried, this isn’t Xiao Chuan’s first time going out, there should be… no problem.”

That’s right, Bai Chuan had grown up this big, and this wasn’t his first time going out. And if we’re talking about his most recent scene, it must be when he proposed to Mu Xiaoya, furthermore, if we trace back to the past, Bai Chuan had sneakily went out alone a few times when he was still a child.

Although he always came back home safely every time, but in the end, Bai Chuan wasn’t the same with normal people. Even if he safely returned home a million times over, they still can’t put down their worries the million and one time he decided to go out.

“What you say is right, Xiao Chuan is that clever, of course he can find his way here.” Mu Xiaoya comforted herself, returned to the staircase, sat down, and resumed her waiting.

Bai Zheng sighed. He went back to his car, planning to make a U-turn and search once more.

“Huihui, if we need half an hour by car, how many hours do we need to walk by foot?” Mu Xiaoya asked gloomily to Fang Hui.

“Around 3 hours.” Calculated at a speed of 6 kilometers per hour, one would need around 3 hours to traverse through 20 kilometers long road.

“Xiao Chuan already walked one and a half hour, if we wait for another one and a half hour, then can we see Xiao Chuan?” Mu Xiaoya asked.

“En.” Except for nodding her head, Fang Hui already didn’t know how to give an answer.

Two days ago, when she accompanied them looking at the new house, she had just felt relieved, relieved that even though Bai Chuan wasn’t perfect, but Mu Xiaoya looked really happy with him. However at this time, seeing Mu Xiaoya’s frightened appearance, Fang Hui just felt really unhappy.

A partner ought to mutually support each other’ existence, but Bai Chuan was actually a person with autism that can make other people burning with worry and impatience once he went out alone. Mumu’s family could only depend on her support alone. There were a lot of happiness, but there were a lot of burden too. [T/N: She’s talking about Xiaoya and Xiao Chuan as a family]

The time passed for another half an hour more, Xiao Xin came back with his electric car, but he shook his head with an empty hand. Knowing that Bai Chuan hadn’t been found, he only silently resumed his search again.

Another 20 minutes passed, Bai Zheng who had made another round trip, returned to the road junction again. He gazed at the Mu Xiaoya who’s still squatting on the flights of stairs, and he felt himself unable to take a step closer.

“General Manager, the people who went out had returned but there’s still no news.” Lu Yang called his phone, “How about we report this to the police?”

“Don’t be hasty. Wait for another one hour.” If Bai Chuan really went out to find Mu Xiaoya, then he must come here after another hour has passed. After he circled two times, he knew that the road from Yifeng Group to here was unimpeded, that showed that there’s no accident happening anywhere. As long as Xiao Chuan didn’t have an accident, even if he was lost, he could be found with the financial resources of the Bai family.

Comforting himself, Bai Zheng hung up his phone and lit a cigarette with an irritable mod. He intermittently sucked it, and just before the cigarette butt was burned out, his eyes inadvertently swept across the rear view mirror, his pupils contracted in a flash.

Xiao Chuan? Am I seeing Xiao Chuan?

Bai Zheng pulled the door in disbelief, and at the end of his car, he watched Bai Chuan walking from the other end of the car… passing him by.

At this time, Bai Chuan’s body was full of sweat, his cheeks were blushing, he hurried his steps while his hands were holding a box of chocolate decorated with purple ribbons. When his eyes saw Mu Xiaoya sitting on the stairs, they burst with warm light all of a sudden.

This ray of light stopped Bai Zheng who was just about to shout. He just followed Bai Chuan and watched quietly on the side.

Mu Xiaoya also saw Bai Chuan, she stood up excitedly from the stairs and staggered towards Bai Chuan.

“Xiao Chuan!” Mu Xiaoya plunged fiercely towards Bai Chuan’s arms, striking against him until he stepped backward, and the two nearly fell to the ground together.

“Xiaoya, I’m here to pick you up from work.” Bai Chuan looked at his watch, right now was 5.20, he successfully arrived before Xiaoya was off work ah.

Mu Xiaoya bit her lips, trying not to let her whimper out of her teeth, she held Bai Chuan tightly so that he couldn’t see her crying appearance.

“I’m suddenly picking you up from work, are you happy?” In order to create a surprise, he didn’t tell Xiaoya in advance.

“Happy, why are you here suddenly?” Mu Xiaoya wiped her tears non stop, trying to make her look happily surprised.

“I also brought chocolate, you see.” Bai Chuan moved, trying to show her the box of chocolate.

“Don’t move, let me hug you a bit more.” her tears hadn’t dried up, and her eyes were still red, Mu Xiaoya didn’t want to let Bai Chuan see her in such an appearance.

Bai Chuan deliberately came here by walking himself, if he knew that she’s crying, then wouldn’t that mean that his effort to give her a surprise would be for naught? His hard work, Mu Xiaoya didn’t bear to destroy it. She could only hold Bai Chuan tightly, crying like a mess in a place where he couldn’t see. She waited until she cried enough and her mood calmed down before she released herself.

Bai Chuan obediently stood in place, hugging Mu Xiaoya until she had enough. He then saw the smile on Mu Xiaoya’s face and then offered the chocolate like handing over a treasure, “Astro said, you will surely love eating this.”

Mu Xiaoya pulled off the beautiful bow and lifted the delicate lid, revealing a pool of black chocolate sauce inside.

“It’s all heated up.” Mu Xiaoya said with a smile.

“How can it be like this…”

“It doesn’t matter, we can just take it home, put it inside the refrigerator and eat it when frozen.”

“En.” Bai Chuan nodded.

“You see yourself, your whole body is all drenched with sweat, your face is also red like this.”

“I walked for 3 hours, it was really hot on the road.”

“You’ve worked hard.”

“It’s not hard.” Bai Chuan grinned silly, immersed in the perfect satisfaction from successfully making the surprise himself.


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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 46

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