My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 — You’re Feeling Sad

“We should take this and let grandma see.” inside the car, Mu Xiaoya brought the two marriage certificates together and gave them to Bai Chuan.

Bai Chuan woodenly held onto the marriage certificates, after sometime passed, he heavily nodded his head a few times.

Thirty seconds, at most thirty minutes, and his brother already answered to this woman.

On the whole journey, he paid attention to the two people’s interaction, Bai Zheng’s heart suddenly felt upset, they were born from the same parents and grew up together as close brothers, is he still not comparable to one outsider? Furthermore, how can he be this close with this woman called Mu Xiaoya, while at normal times, whenever he [BZ] wanted to touch him [BC], he [BC] would always subconsciously avoid him [BZ]?

“Turn to the left.” At this time, Bai Chuan suddenly spoke.

“What?” Bai Zheng was a bit sensitive to his little brother’s voice.

“Turn to the left.” Bai Chuan repeated his words again one more time.

“Bai Chuan’s meaning is, we should have turn to the left at that intersection.” Mu Xiaoya explained.

Bai Zheng was slightly dumbfounded, then he awkwardly found out that he already took a wrong road. Hence, he could only pretended as if nothing happened and turned around at the next intersection as he continued to hear Mu Xiaoya and his brother’s unhindered chat at the back.

“Bai Chuan, you remember the road that we took before ah.”


When did you remember it?”

“On the way.”

AdvertisementIt’s really good, every answer would only take at most 10 seconds.

The three person very quickly returned to the hospital, Grandma Bai was still fast asleep, so everybody had to keep watch inside the ward room to wait until Grandma Bai wake up again. Around 5 p.m, Grandma Bai finally awaken, Mu Xiaoya hurriedly pulled on Bai Chuan over as they together delivered their marriage certificates to Grandma Bai.

“Grandma, take a look.”

Grandma Bai’s eyes shined immediately as she sat up filled with vigour, she took the bright red marriage certificates with her trembling hands.

She slowly and carefully looked at the couple’s picture, the official seal, their names and the certificate date, not letting anything slip past her olden eyes.

After she finished looking at it, she pulled Bai Chuan and Mu Xiaoya’s hands, told them a lot of wishes and heartfelt words. After saying those few words, she also started to tell them how they first met when they were still small. Grandma Bai said so many, many words, as if she didn’t recognize any tiredness in her body, all until the colour of the sky gradually dimmed, she finally slept slowly, peacefully, without waking up ever again.

Grandma Bai passed away serenely, the corners of her mouth curved in a gentle smile.

They had already been prepared to face this matter earlier on, so Bai family’s member’s mood was still stable, and also, dying of old age was a natural course of life, it can still be counted as they sending out somebody who lived to a ripe old age. The funeral’s affairs were swiftly managed but still honourable, and so, no more than several days later, Grandma Bai already laid to rest in the coffin beside Grandpa Bai’s.

There were a lot of guests that came when it’s time to give condolences, but there were only several Bai family’s members standing by at the funeral today.

After the relatives in the cemetery all walked out, mother Bai, Li Rong, looked at her small son who was standing still in front of the tombstone alone, she quietly called Mu Xiaoya to her side.

“Auntie.” Normally, after processing the certificate, she should change to call her ‘Mother’, but Mu Xiaoya hasn’t adapted yet, luckily Li Rong clearly didn’t mind it.

“Xiaoya, Auntie wants to thank you, thank you for realizing Bai Chuan’s grandma’s wish, letting her walk away with a peaceful heart.” Li Rong thanked her, and Father Bai who was at the side nodded his head full of gratefulness.

“This is what I should do.” Grandma Bai treated her nicely when she was still small, and since she now already decided to be married to Bai Chuan, then doing this kind of thing was naturally just what she’s supposed to do.

“Right now grandma already passed away, what do you plan in the future?”

“Ah?” Mu Xiaoya was a bit startled.

“That day Grandma talked a sentence to Xiao Chuan inside the ward, she said that she hasn’t see his marriage yet. After that, Xiao Chuan vanished so quickly before bringing you back.” Saying this, Li Rong can’t help but turned her head and gazed at his small son that was still standing in front of the grave, “Xiao Chuan was brought up by his grandma from when he’s still a child, so his feeling is particularly good towards old people. However, Xiao Chuan’s circumstances is special, although we hope that he could have a companion, but we won’t insist this on him like what his grandmother did.”

“Auntie, what you mean is…?” Mu Xiaoya somewhat understood.

“We want to ask you, this marriage happened, is it because you wanted to help realizing Grandma’s dying wish, or is it because you really want to be married with Xiao Chuan?” Li Rong didn’t speak in a round-about way anymore, she wanted to talked about this matter with Mu Xiaoya beforehand, but because of the matters that she had to attend to were too many these past few days, she can only found this time to ask her.

“Actually, I’m not really sure myself.” Mu Xiaoya answer made father and mother Bai shocked, even Bai Zheng who was standing slightly afar tilted his head and looked over.

Mu Xiaoya who had just gone through rebirth, felt happy after she survived a disaster but reversing the time made her brain a bit chaotic. After she passed several days here, she was absolutely determined that she had a rebirth, but she still felt that she was in some kind of a lucid dream.

If there should be any reason compelling Mu Xiaoya to answer Bai Chuan’s proposal, then it should be none other than Bai Chuan bringing that thick and heavy medical record, along with those densely packed notes that made her heart moved.

And so, when she ran out from the door and heard Bai Chuan’s proposal once again, she impulsively agreed.

Even going as far as taking certificates, Mu Xiaoya didn’t care much about that. Since she only got four years to live, then how could she mind this one marriage certificate?

“Uncle, Auntie, although this decision was made impulsively, please be rest assured, I will take good care of Bai Chuan.” Mu Xiaoya’s character was resolute, once she set her mind on something, she would carry it out until the end.

“What you’re saying is, you still intend to keep your marriage with Xiao Chuan?”

“En.” Mu Xiaoya nodded her head with a smile.

Li Rong was rather astonished as she looked face to face with her husband, finally, as if they made a decision, they said, “That’s great, then we should make an appointment with your parents, the two parties should meet ah.”

Parents? Mu Xiaoya’s smiling face broke down in an instant. Shoot! She was too preoccupied this period, she stole her residence registration booklet and registered her marriage with Bai Chuan without telling her parents ah.

“What’s wrong?” Li Rong saw Mu Xiaoya’s expression not right, so she asked with concern.

“That, nothing.” Mu Xiaoya awkwardly said, “Meeting each other would have to wait for another two days, my marriage ah, I had no time to tell my parents…”

“You still haven’t talked about this with your family?” Father Bai muttered to himself in a moment, then he said to his wife, “Rong Rong, prepare some presents, we should go and pay a visit.”

“Alright.” Li Rong immediately nodded her head and agreed.

“There’s no need, no need.” Mu Xiaoya was a bit flustered, her parents still didn’t know about this matter ah, if Bai Chuan’s parents pay them a visit directly like this, her parents would be frightened to death, “Uncle, Auntie, please let me go back and call my parents first, then we can arrange a time to meet, alright?”

“We should be the one to take the initiative and drop a visit regarding this matter.” Bai Guoyu said, if not for the sake of satisfying his own mother’s wish, Mu Xiaoya also couldn’t just tell her parents that she’s already married with his own son.

“There’s really no need, how about… I go with Bai Chuan and talk with my parents? After all, this marriage is our own matter.”

Bai Guoyu crumpled his brows, normally when two people got married, Bai Chuan as the son in law, going to Mu family was certainly an appropriate thing, however his own son had a special circumstances, going or not going would still be a bad thing, the more Bai Guoyu thought, the more he became restless.

“Just let Xiao Ya bring Xiao Chuan.” Li Rong suddenly persuaded her husband, “the one who will live together in the future was them, we should believe in them.”


“Just let them try first, if it’s still not good, then we can go later.”

“Then, alright.” Father Bai pondered for a while then nodded his head in agreement.

Li Rong patted her husband’s arm in appeasement, turning her head, she looked towards Bai Chuan while talking to Mu Xiaoya, “Seemed like Xiao Chuan will stay here for a while, we… give him in your care.”

Although she’s still not reassured, but since she already made up her mind to receive Mu Xiaoya, then there’s no harm to try and give Xiao Chuan to her.

“En.” Mu Xiaoya agreed.

“Let’s go.” Father Bai called on his eldest son and pulled his wife, then turned back and walked to outside of the graveyard.

Bai Zheng hesitated for a while, then finally he chose to leave with his parents. But when he walked beside Mu Xiaoya, he briefly said, “We leave a car for you guys.”

“En, thanks.” Mu Xiaoya said a short gratitude, then walked slowly towards Bai Chuan.

Bai Zheng subconsciously turned his head, looking at his future sister in law who already gotten his parents approval, walking step by step until she arrived at his younger brother’s side, then pat his shoulder so naturally.

But his younger brother didn’t avoid her touch even for a little bit.

Bai Zheng had a complicated expression on his face, looked like his brother really like this girl called Mu Xiaoya, but can this girl like his brother forever? Or will it be like his ex-wife, saying tolerant words towards Bai Chuan before marriage, then ultimately…

Bai Zheng’s face became dark, trying hard not to let himself wallow in these bad memories. After sighing a heavy breath, Bai Zheng forced himself to leave. He walked quickly to the front, straight until he sat down on the car, his brows were still frowning all the way.

“What happened?” Li Rong found out that something’s not right with her eldest son.

“Mom, how long do you think Mu Xiaoya would be able to be together with brother?” Bai Zheng directly asked, inside the depth of his heart, he couldn’t believe Mu Xiaoya would accompany Bai Chuan forever.

“No matter how long, there will always be us beside Xiao Chuan.” Li Rong said.


“Bai Zheng, although Xiao Chuan has autism, but he still has his own opinion and his own thinking, we ought to let him experience life himself. Didn’t professor Feng already said that if Xiao Chuan would act on his own, it indicates that his recovery turned all the better?” Bai Guoyu said, “We should be supporting him.”

They all were afraid of Bai Chuan getting hurt, nevertheless, they can’t limit his life just because of this reason.

“That’s right.” Li Rong nodded her head in approval with her husband’s words.

“How can you guys easily let her in?” Bai Zheng couldn’t understand, although his younger brother has autism, but in their eyes, not just everyone deserved his precious brother.

“If it’s other people, we wouldn’t be this quick in admitting them, but Mu Xiaoya is different, she’s someone who your grandmother approved of. In this world, there’s no one who loves Xiao Chuan as much as your grandmother.” Li Rong said.

Bai Zheng became silent.

Inside the cemetery, there were only two people left at this moment, Mu Xiaoya and Bai Chuan. From when Grandma Bai passed away until the funeral rites were done, Bai Chuan who didn’t let out a single word, suddenly decided to talk at this moment.

“Grandma won’t come back anymore.” Bai Chuan declared, showing his clear understanding of what death was.

“We can still come back and see her ah.” Mu Xiaoya consoled him.

“If one died, there’s nothing left of them.” Still in a declarative tone, his stiff words made people didn’t know how to answer him.

“Are you feeling sad?” Mu Xiaoya asked.

That’s right, she was asking him this, because it was truly difficult to fathom his feeling just from his expression and tone. Mu Xiaoya couldn’t be sure if Bai Chuan was feeling hurt and sad right now.

“Here… something is strange here.” Bai Chuan used his hand to press on his own chest, he still couldn’t grasp how to convey this difficult feeling. He’s aware that everyone’s lifespan is limited, he can clearly accept the fact that his grandma had already departed from this world, however, he’s incapable to comprehend the peculiarity in his heart when he knew that he can’t see his grandma anymore.

“You’re feeling sad.” Mu Xiaoya told him.

“Sad… what should I do?” Bai Chuan’s face was smeared with confusion and helplessness.

“You need a hug.” Mu Xiaoya came closer, giving Bai Chuan a warm and tight embrace.

For Bai Chuan, hugging was a strange contact between limbs, he felt very conflicted to be in contact with other’ limbs, except for the people that he approved of, other person’s touch will make him felt anxious, so embracing was something impossible for him. However, he liked Mu Xiaoya, liked the comfort and warmth that he felt when she hugged him.

He can’t describe what this relieve and warmth that he felt was.

Author’s NOTE:

Bai Zheng: It’s obvious that my brother got himself a wife, but how come I feel like I’m marrying my sister off instead?


So, I think there’s something wrong with the link, I decided to just post it again. Sorry for the inconveniences~ |ω・`)

I feel sad too for Xiao Chuan, and when Xiaoya told him “You need a hug”, I thought, well, she’s there to transfer my hugs for Xiao Chuan. (ノAヽ)

Translator: MadPanda

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