My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 — Coaxing Wife

It was already lunch time when she came out from Yuncheng University, thus Mu Xiaoya found a restaurant nearby for lunch. While waiting for the meals to be served, she suddenly remembered Bai Chuan.

She wasn’t in her best state when she sent Bai Chuan to work in the morning, she also didn’t know if Bai Chuan had noticed or not. Although Bai Chuan wasn’t very sensitive to other people’s emotion, but Mu Xiaoya always feels that Bai Chuan can capture her emotions.

When the meals were served, Mu Xiaoya took a photo of her food and sent it to Bai Chuan.

Not long after, Bai Chuan already responded to her message: ‘There’s still ten minutes before 12.31.’

“…” Really not flexible ah. Mu Xiaoya smiled helplessly, but then she thought about it and felt that the meal time she had set for Bai Chuan couldn’t be changed anymore. Anyway, eating on time was indeed a good habit.

But… the response is so fast, so he shouldn’t be affected by that matter,right? After making a guess, Mu Xiaoya slowly relaxed and concentrated on eating the food in front.

Ten minutes later, Mu Xiaoya had just finished her lunch and her phone suddenly rang. She opened it and found that it was a lunch picture from Bai Chuan, four dishes and one soup, which looked nutritious and healthy.

Mu Xiaoya smiled and returned the message with six words: ‘You have to finish it oh~’

Fifteen minutes later, Mu Xiaoya received a reply from Bai Chuan; a photo of a clean plate, indicating that he had finished his food.

This photo made Mu Xiaoya’s mood better again, so she continued straight to the studio.

Back in the studio, Mu Xiaoya saw Fang Hui sitting in front of the glass window while drinking a cup of coffee as soon as she entered the door. She smiled and walked over to sit, “Bring me a cup of coffee too.”

“Missing from work without a good reason, once coming still dare to prompt the major shareholder, your guts isn’t small ah.” Fang Hui gave her a glance without moving an inch.

“But I already asked for leave face to face oh…”

“Xiao Xin, make a cup of coffee.” Fang Hui shouted to the side.

“Alright.” Ying Xin was a newly recruited employee of the studio. Today was his first day of work, and he noticed Mu Xiaoya as soon as she entered the door, so he had been preparing coffee before Fang Hui told him to do so.

“Your cup of coffee.” After a while, Ying Xin served the coffee to her.

“Thank you, you are…” Mu Xiaoya remembered that the boy came for an interview yesterday, but she couldn’t remember his name.

“My name is Ying Xin, you can call me Xiao Xin, I came to the interview yesterday.” The boy introduced himself.

“Hello, I’m Mu Xiaoya.” Mu Xiaoya smiled and said, “Thanks for the coffee.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Xiao Xin, go call Leng Yi here.” Fang Hui ordered.


A while later, Ying Xin brought with him a young girl wearing a cute bow knot on the top of her head over.

“These are our newly recruited employees, Ying Xing and Leng Yi.” Fang Hui also pointed her finger to Mu Xiaoya and introduced her, “This is your other boss, the future big designer, Mu Xiaoya.”

“Hello, boss.” The two greeted in unison.

“Don’t call me boss ah, our ages are almost the same, you can just call me Mumu.” She and Fang Hui just graduated from college this year, so their age wasn’t that different from Ying Xin and Leng Yi.

“I already told you guys earlier, our studio isn’t big and it’s just us four here, everyone is about the same age, so don’t be too cautious when we get along. It’s more intimate to casually call each other, so it’s all okay as long as we take the job seriously.” Fang Hui said.

“We will.” The two answered in a more relaxed manner.

Several of them were newcomers to the society, so they got along in the afternoon and soon got acquainted. Leng Yi specialized in graphic design, after graduating from polytechnic school, she had one year of experience in opening an online store, so she felt no pressure to take over the online store in the studio. After working for one day, H&Y studio’s online shop finally looked presentable, even in the afternoon, there’s still one person that asked about the price.

“Fang Hui, just now we have a customer inquiring online.” Mu Xiaoya immediately told Fang Hui the good news.

“What’s so strange about it? I already sold dozens of pairs already.” Fang Hui said disapprovingly.

“What? When did it happen? Why didn’t I know about it?”

“I wanted to tell you this morning, but you ignored me all the time ah.” Fang Hui spread her hands.

“Quick, quick, tell me about it.” Mu Xiaoya dragged Fang Hui aside in excitement.

“My uncle called me in the morning and said that our shoes market is going well.” Fang Hui smiled, “Although we only opened for one day, but 50% of the outlets have already opened orders, one sold one pair, the other sold two pairs. And in 80% of the stores, the shoes that had been inquired and fitted on were also in good condition. My uncle also said, based on his years of shoe sales experience, our shoes…have the chance to be sold out.”

“Then we can earn the rent for the next six months?” Mu Xiaoya was very excited.

“Of course ah. Finally, we don’t have to be worried about having no money to pay the rent.”

Leng Yi and Ying Xin looked at each other silently: Our company seems to be a bit poor, will our salaries be paid next month?

AdvertisementAt Yifeng Group.

In the large outer room of R&D department, a courier holding a bouquet of roses appeared suddenly in the office.

“Excuse me, which one is *A’Tong Mu?” The courier shouted at the door. [T/N: Astro Boy]

“Me, me.” Astro hastily pulled the headphones off, stood up and ran over.

“Hello, your bouquet of roses, please sign here.”

“Thanks.” After Astro signed the paper, he held the bouquet across the office.

The other bullied programmers: Dang! Work is so busy, but this guy actually has the time to care about his girlfriend?!

After receiving the envious, jealous and hateful eyes of all single programmers in the room, Astro carefully placed the bouquet on the chair beside him.

*Pang Zi who was sitting in front of Astro turned around and asked, “You chap, you’re gonna break up with your girlfriend?” [T/N: Fatty]

“Go away, *you crow’s beak, can’t you say something better?” Astro glared at Fatty. [T/N: one who made inauspicious remark]

“You boy, there are only two situations where flowers will be sent, first is Valentine’s day, the other is offending your girlfriend.” Fatty laughed, “According to you sending flowers every once in a while, I estimate it won’t be long before you separate ah.”

“You scram!”

“This brother isn’t cursing you, it’s because your old tricks aren’t new, you have to find the root cause of the problem ah.” As a person who had been through the same thing, Fatty clearly knew that sometimes women can’t be easily coaxed, otherwise, how can he be dumped every time?

“Yesterday was my wife’s birthday and I forgot about it because of work, she was very angry and cried about it.” [T/N: wife-to-be]

“Then you must coax her properly ah.” Fatty’s tone was a bit serious.

“Exactly, I’ll get off work on time today, I won’t work overtime no matter what anyone say.” Astro said determinedly.

“Don’t worry, as long as the server doesn’t collapse, us buddies won’t call you back.” Fatty guaranteed.

Wife cried angrily?

Bai Chuan who usually ignored the sounds outside, suddenly picked up some key words. He glanced at the office outside, stood up, pushed the door and went out, going straight to the two people who had just conversed.

“S-second young master?” The two were startled as they saw Bai Chuan who suddenly appeared in front of them. Although their locations were very close to Bai Chuan’s office with only a glass door separating them, but Bai Chuan has always been completely shielded from things that he wasn’t interested in. Based on their three years of experience, even if the were doing karaoke, Bai Chuan won’t even lift his head and look over, so why he suddenly came out today?

“Wife cried?” Bai Chuan asked.

“Ah, r-right ah.” Astro was bewildered, how can Second young master suddenly concerned about my wife?

“Wife cried, what to do?” Bai Chuan asked, his face full of curiosity.

“…” The two looked at each other, and suddenly felt ‘when good fortune comes the mind works well’. Finally, Astro asked cautiously, “Second young master, did you also make your wife cry?”

“En.” Bai Chuan nodded.

Such a big news ah, suddenly, the sound of typing keyboards stopped, and all of the onlookers quietly perked their ears up high.

“Cried, what should I do?” Seeing that Astro didn’t answer, Bai Chuan continued to ask.

“Uh… cried, cried, have to… send flowers to coax.” Astro answered.


“Right, flowers.” With that said, Astro also showed the roses he had just bought online that he planned to give to his girlfriend after work.

Bai Chuan glanced at the bouquet in Astro’s hand, then reached out his hand… and took it away.

“…”What kind of operation is this? Bai Chuan returned to his office quickly before Astro could finally reacted, “Second young master, that’s my…Uh… mmmm…!”

The two colleagues sitting in front and back of Astro, one responded acutely by holding him down, while the other covered his mouth. They pressed Astro down to ensure Bai Chuan returned to the office before releasing his hands.

“What are you two doing? That’s my flower.” Astro said angrily.

“Don’t you have a conscience?” Said the colleague in front.

“Can’t you be sympathetic?” Said the colleague behind.

“How can I have no conscience and be unsympathetic?” Astro flustered in grieve.

“How much is a bunch of flowers? You still want to get it back from Second young master?”

“But… that’s the flower I want to give to my girlfriend ah.” Astro explained.

“As a normal person, can’t you just buy it again?”

“Second young master has autism, but you still want him to go buy himself? You ate the wedding sweets yesterday in vain ah.” The two of them spoke in succession while the other colleagues nodded in agreement.

“I… I’ll just buy it again.” Astro felt wronged, he’s obviously robbed of his flowers but still condemned by the others ah.

Resentful, Astro turned around and ordered a bunch of flowers online. Humph! I ordered a better and expensive one this time.

Because of the situation that happened yesterday, Bai Zheng told his assistant to arrange the driver to send Bai Chuan back home at 5 pm today, to ensure that he won’t be hindered by the rush hour. Hence, when Mu Xiaoya came back from the studio, Bai Chuan was already waiting at the door of the mansion while holding a beautiful bouquet of roses in his hand. Next to him was Uncle Li who was in excited tears, already rubbing his phone, ready to take a lot of pictures.

Who gave the idea to teach Bai Chuan how to give flowers?

Mu Xiaoya raised her eyebrows in surprise, then opened the door and got off the car.

“Flowers, for you.” Mu Xiaoya just got off the car and Bai Chuan already sent the flowers in front of Mu Xiaoya’s face.

“Why are you giving me flowers?” Mu Xiaoya deliberately asked.

“Coax you.”

Aiya, Second young master, how can such a thing be said deliberately ah. Uncle Li suddenly felt that he had made a mistake. He was excited that Second young master actually knew how to buy flowers, but forgot that Second young master wouldn’t know how to say romantic words ah.

Mu Xiaoya laughed and enjoyed the situation, “Thank you, I really like it.”

Aiya, luckily, Second young mistress didn’t care about it. In addition to being happy, Uncle Li didn’t forget to record this scene with his phone, and soon filled up the album he dedicated for Second young master with abundance of new pictures.

Bai Chuan saw Mu Xiaoya smiled, and he soon didn’t feel the weird feeling he felt this morning anymore, he smiled: As expected, flowers are useful, coaxing is successful ah.

Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help but lowered her head and breathed in the flower’s fragrance, but was instead surprised to find a greeting card hidden in the rose petals. She unfolded it curiously, looked at it, then glanced at Bai Chuan meaningfully, “To my most beloved… meow sauce?” [T/N: Miao miao jiang]

Bai Chuan didn’t understand the meaning of Mu Xiaoya’s words, hence he’s still looking at Mu Xiaoya with a smile. Uncle Li who stood on the side immediately twitched his eyes after Mu Xiaoya read the card’s content: What does this mean? Does Second young master like someone else? No way ah.

“Second young mistress, the flower shop must have misplaced the card.” Uncle Li knew his family’s Second young master couldn’t explain it, so he hurriedly helped him.

Mu Xiaoya ignored Uncle Li and looked at Bai Chuan, “Who’s ‘meow sauce’?”

“Don’t know.” Bai Chuan shook his head.

“Who is the flower for?”

“The flower’s for you.”

“Where did the flowers come from?”

“I got it from the office.”

“…” Excuse me, my husband is suspected of stealing someone else’ thing or extramarital affair, which one should I choose?


Bai Chuan~ ಠ.ಠ you should be punished by getting kissed ten times!

Also, for those who don’t know Astro Boy, it’s a really old (first appeared in 1952) cartoon / manga series character by ‘the father of manga‘, Osamu Tezuka.

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Translator: MadPanda

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 36
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