My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 — Insufficient Strength

Bai Chuan’s biological clock was very stable, he wakes up every morning at six. When he was in the cherry garden before, the morning sun made him get up half an hour earlier. But after they returned home, with the thick curtain covering the window, Bai Chuan’s biological clock returned to its original state. Similarly, Mu Xiaoya’s too.

However, although Bai Chuan would wake up at six every morning, Mu Xiaoya would just sleep until she naturally wakes up, then resumed to plop on the bed again.

Bai Chuan had been up for five minutes, he stood at the bed and looked anxiously at Mu Xiaoya sleeping, wondering whether to wake her up or not.

“Xiao Chuan, I’ll run with you every morning, remember to wake me up ah.” This was what Mu Xiaoya said to Bai Chuan before going to bed last night.

But now…

“Xiaoya, get up, run.” Bai Chuan carefully nudge Mu Xiaoya.

“Mnnhh~, don’t want, I don’t want to get up.” Mu Xiaoya wrapped herself with a quilt, turned over and went to sleep.

This was the third time already, and the only differences between the three times he tried to wake her were probably just their dialogues. The first time, she asked to sleep for another five minutes, and now, she just simply refused to get up.

Waiting for another five minutes, Bai Chuan called her two times before he finally realized the reality, that was, the sleeping Mu Xiaoya can suddenly turned hostile. And that she disliked getting up early.

After being rejected three times, Bai Chuan decided to go out and run on his own. He promised to Mu Xiaoya that he wouldn’t give up halfway, although the one who gave up first was Mu Xiaoya…

Have to run for another extra 100 meters every day, so I should run 2700 meters today.

After changing to sportswear and putting on his sports shoes, Bai Chuan pushed the door and went downstairs, walked through the living room, straight to the garden outside. At the gate, he encountered Bai Zheng who was also going to run.

Seeing his brother dressed up in sportswear, Bai Zheng suddenly widened his eyes. There was a trace of shock on his usually inexpressive face, “Bai Chuan, what… are you doing?”

AdvertisementBai Chuan also noticed his big brother and mumbled back a word.


Run, of course I know that you want to run, I know that you want to run as soon as I take a look at your appearance, the question is, you actually want to run?

Bai Zheng’s heart was full of thousands of words, but his mouth only said, “Together?”

Bai Chuan didn’t say anything and just ran out of his own. He calculated already, run from the gate down to the foot of the hill, straight to the second traffic light, that was about 1 km, then run again for another 350 meters before going back home, it was exactly 2700 meters.

Bai Zheng saw his brother ran first and immediately followed. Bai Chuan’s speed wasn’t fast so he can caught up with him in two steps. The two ran for about a hundred meters before an intersection appeared in front of them. Bai Zheng considered that his brother might be unfamiliar with the surrounding environment so he took the initiative and proposed, “Xiao Chuan, run to the left side, there’s a small park there.”

Bai Chuan ignored him, following his own route and ran downhill.

Bai Zheng saw that his brother ignored him, but he didn’t get angry and instead continued to catch up. It’s just a different route, nothing to fuss about, the only point of running today was that he can run together with his brother, this was something that he never even dreamed of before. Thinking like this along the way, Bai Zheng felt that the sole of his feet were like wind, his steps were light and fast.

Just after the two brothers of the Bai family ran out together, the master and madam got up from bed, went and sit on the living room as Uncle Li delivered the coffee that had been prepared for this morning and reported to them first-hand of the good news.

“Master, Madam, Eldest young master and Second young master went to run together.”

“What?” Bai Guoyu was pleasantly shocked that he almost spilled his coffee.

Cough cough…” However, Li Rong, who had taken a sip of the coffee, was now coughing desperately.

“Uncle Li, what did you say? Xiao Chuan going on a morning jog?” Somehow, the first thing Li Rong did was to find out if she heard him wrong.

“Indeed. Five minutes ago, Second young master went down the stairs alone and met with Eldest young master at the gate, so they cheerfully went on their morning jog.” Uncle Li smiled while repeating his words.

“Alone? He’s not with Xiaoya?” Li Rong asked.

“Yes, Second young mistress wasn’t there.”

AdvertisementThe couple stared at each other with shock, their faces showed how unbelievable it was. Their autistic, introvert, non-sociable child, would somehow get up early and went to jog? Morning jog ah, what a bright and healthy activity, this wasn’t what an autistic person likes to do.

The so called seeing is believing, before they saw it with their own eyes, the couple chose not to believe it first. The two adjusted their sitting postures, each holding a cup of coffee, glancing at the gate from time to time.

“Master, madam, the two young masters went out for less than ten minutes and won’t come back so soon.” Uncle Li reminded thoughtfully.

Cough… I know.” Bai Guoyu awkwardly put down his cup of coffee.

Uncle Li smiled and went to the kitchen to tell the cook to boil a few more eggs. These two ran out for a jog, they would need more protein ah.

Having been reminded by Uncle Li, the Bai couple finally realized that it’d take at least half an hour to finish morning jog, they didn’t have to look at the door in such a hurry. And so, one picked up the phone, while the other picked up the newspaper to keep themselves busy.

But they only watched for a while before hearing the maid’s greeting from outside the door, “Eldest young master, Second young master.”

Already returned?

The two quickly put the things in their hands and looked at the door together to find Bai Chuan’s slightly ruddy face as he panted lightly while entering the gate. However, Bai Zheng who was behind him, his face wasn’t red, neither was he gasping, it felt like he hadn’t gone out to run.

Bai Zheng was a little depressed, his body was just warmed up but Bai Chuan suddenly stopped running. After they ran just a little more than one kilometer, Bai Chuan turned around and ran back home. He hurried to catch up and proposed that they run some more forward so they can reach the purpose of exercising. In the end, Bai Chuan answered him with a sentence:

“Xiaoya said I only need to run 2700 meters today.”

“…” Xiaoya said, Xiaoya said, of course what I said can’t be counted as words ah. Talking about exercising, can she be compared with me? Bai Zheng who had exercised his body without fail for seven to eight years couldn’t help but compared them fiercely in his heart.

“Xiao Chuan, you went for a run?” Li Rong waited for Bai Chuan to get closer before asking.

Bai Chuan’s steps halted, he looked at his mother and lightly nodded his head.

“Why did you suddenly think of running?” In fact, Li Rong had already guessed the answer, it must be Xiaoya that asked him to run. However, even if Li Rong knew it, she still wanted to talk to her son, because she knew that as long as it was about Mu Xiaoya, Bai Chuan would definitely answer.

“Xiaoya said my strength is insufficient.”

Pfft~~” Bai Guoyu who had just escaped from a calamity, finally sprayed his coffee too.

The three members of the Bai family was shaken by Bai Chuan’s ‘insufficient strength’, they all blanked right until Bai Chuan returned to his room.

“It’s… Does it mean the same as what I think?” Li Rong asked her husband.

Cough…” Bai Guoyu’s face blushed, “Don’t think about it, what does Xiao Chuan know ah?”

Bai Zheng felt that his dad was right. His brother was just a little more than a pure teenager, so it certainly wasn’t the things that just slipped past his mind.

“Well… I hope Xiao Chuan understand things a little bit so I can hug my grandson earlier ah.” After the initial shock, Li Rong started to feel regret. If what Mu Xiaoya said about him having ‘insufficient strength’ really referred to that thing, then wouldn’t their Bai family about to have a baby?

“Don’t be too greedy, it’s already good that Xiao Chuan is doing better now.” Bai Guoyu advised his wife.

“I know, but I can’t help but look forward to it.” Li Rong sighed. “Before, I only thought about Bai Chuan’s healthy growth, and we didn’t even dare think about his work or marriage. But now, Xiao Chuan is not only able to work, but he’s also married. It’s going this well, how can I not think about this? What’s more, what if this really can happen then?”

Bai Guoyu made a mental connection with what his wife was saying, so his heart couldn’t help but felt a little emotional.

“It’s a pity ah.” Li Rong said with a troubled expression, “We don’t understand anything about Bai Chuan, just like a piece of white paper, we also don’t know if he can… do that.”

As soon as the two words ‘do that’ came out, Bai Zheng’s face suddenly turned black. He never thought that he and his parents would one day sit down together and talk about… that.

“Bai Zheng.” Li Rong suddenly stared at her family’s eldest son.

“Ah?” Bai Zheng lifted his head up.

“How about… you go and teach you brother?”

Clang!” Bai Zheng suddenly overturned the hot coffee delivered by a maid, immediately drenching his body.

“Eldest young master, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” The maid was so scared that she wanted to cry, why did she make this mistake so early in the morning?

“It’s okay, take the things away.” Bai Zheng wiped his hands with a few napkins and waited for the maid to leave. He couldn’t help but frowned at his mother, “Ma, what are you saying ah?”

When Li Rong saw his eldest son’s frown, she knew that he was angry, so she didn’t dare to ask Bai Zheng’s help anymore, only turning her head and stared at her husband with a wronged look.

Cough… Bai Zheng ah, what’s your opinion on the project mentioned by the project department?” Bai Guoyu safely shifted the topic.

Li Rong rolled her eyes and looked at the direction of the second floor. She started to think: Do I have to act as a mother-in-law and give Xiaoya a hint? Wouldnt it seem like I was hurrying her? This doesnt seem like what a good mother-in-law would do ah…

Mu Xiaoya knew nothing about the series of incidents triggered by Bai Chuan’s words that morning, it was just at breakfast, she suddenly noticed that everyone looked at her like something was wrong.

It must be that Bai Chuan went for a jog at morning and shocked them.

Mu Xiaoya quickly found the perfect explanation for herself.

After breakfast, everyone was ready to go to work, even Mu Xiaoya had an appointment with Fang Hui to meet at the studio.

Bai Chuan sent Mu Xiaoya to the gate.

“I’ll return at night.” Mu Xiaoya said.

“What time?” Bai Chuan asked the detail.

En~~ six o’clock. I’ll return home at six o’clock.”

“Okay.” Bai Chuan nodded his head. Watching the other person leave until the car was no longer visible, then turned back to the mansion, ready to return to his room and wait for Mu Xiaoya.

Six in the evening, he can pass it after reading for a while easily ah.

Bai Chuan returned to the room and picked a book from the bookshelf. Just when he was about to go to the balcony, the bedroom door was suddenly knocked.

Bai Zheng stood outside the door, he wasn’t sure if Bai Chuan would open the door. Before, when they entered Bai Chuan’s room, the never knocked the door, because Bai Chuan might not open the door for them. So every time they had to look for Bai Chuan, or when they told a servant to deliver things to him, they all just directly entered his room. But now Bai Chuan was married, the room wasn’t his alone, so Bai Zheng didn’t just push the door and entered like before.

He thought about it, if Bai Chuan didn’t open the door after five minutes, then he would wait until night to speak with him.


The door opened, Bai Zheng was surprised as he stared at Bai Chuan in front of him. He was once again assured that Bai Chuan’s condition had really improved.

He learned to open the door ah~~~!!

“Not Xiaoya.” Bai Chuan expressed his disappointment once he saw Bai Zheng’s face.

“…” I apologize that I’m not your wife.

Bai Zheng took a deep breath and exhaled a chaotic air, he asked, “Xiao Chuan, when do you plan to go back to work?”

“Not going.” After saying this, Bai Chuan closed the door directly.


If you weren’t my brother, I would’ve fired you a hundred times already…


I can’t- Bai Zheng is so pitiful~~(*´▽`*)

Also, let’s us offer a solemn pray for the spilled coffee in the Bai family that morning… (;﹏;) They were innocent ah~

Translator: MadPanda

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 28
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