My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 — Returning Home

Without his headphones, Bai Chuan’s eyebrows creased all the way through the rest of one hour flight, although Bai Chuan didn’t say anything, but Mu Xiaoya can see clearly that he’s not comfortable, thus making her felt a bit of regret for lending his headphones to that kid just now.

When the plane finally landed, Bai Chuan didn’t stand up but sat still in his seat, looking at the front seat with his keen eyes. Mu Xiaoya knew, Bai Chuan must have waited for the other to return his headphones back.

Luckily, that mother didn’t made the two people wait for long as she returned the headphones just after the plane safely landed.

“Thank you for your headphones.” The woman said her gratitude, her hands still holding on to the 7-8 years old child. The little boy was wearing a western style clothes with short pants, with a school bag on his back, his small fair face was pouting cutely, this appearance of his looked nothing like the once screaming child before.

“You’re welcome, later you should also buy something like this, it’s useful in critical times.” Mu Xiaoya suggested.

“En.” The woman thanked her again before turning around, leaving along with her child.

When they’re gone, Mu Xiaoya returned the headphones to Bai Chuan. Once Bai Chuan received it, he firmly hung it on his neck, for fear that it’d get taken away by someone else.

When Mu Xiaoya looked at him acting like this, she found it funny and somewhat felt sorry, “Later, I won’t lend your headphones to other people again.”

“En.” Bai Chuan smiled happily.

They got off the plane, took their luggage and trying to go to the parking area. The Bai family’s car had already been waiting for them ten minutes before the plane’s arrival, but Yun city’s airport was really too big, Mu Xiaoya wasn’t familiar with the airport, furthermore, her sense of direction wasn’t good, so they can’t find the parking lot that was told by the Bai family’s chauffeur for quite some time.

“Parking lot P2, so is this the way to P2 or is it that way?” Mu Xiaoya already stood in front of the airport map for 5 minutes. This vicinity only had this one map, and it didn’t have a clear direction symbol, thus she felt uncertain of which way she should go to. She recalled she once went to P1 when she returned to her country in her past life because of carelessness, circling one full round, she wasted a whole half hour.

“This way.” Bai Chuan waited five minutes for Mu Xiaoya and determined that she wasn’t resting but that she can’t find the right way, so he decided to speak.

“You know the way?” Mu Xiaoya lifted her head in surprise.

“It’s drawn on the map.” Bai Chuan pointed to the P2 direction on the airport map with a flat face. It’s clearly drawn here, why should one know the way?

Mu Xiaoya’s eyes immediately brightened, that’s right ah, Bai Chuan has scholar syndrome, perhaps beside his mathematics skill, his sense of direction is also strong ah.

“Then you lead the way.” Mu Xiaoya said with a smile.

“En.” Pulling his luggage, Bai Chuan lead the way in front. He didn’t look at whatever symbols along the way, as if he’s already familiar with the airport’s layout, left turn, descend the stairs, right turn, walk straight, then they finally found the Bai family’s car.

The Bai family’s driver had seen the two from afar and came out, eagerly helping the two people to move their luggage.

“I didn’t know you’re really great at looking at maps ah.” Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help but praised him.

However, Bai Chuan didn’t feel that he’s great at looking at maps, it’s just Mu Xiaoya that has always been like this, making a fuss over trivial things. In the past, every time he helped Mu Xiaoya solved some math questions, she would act like this, he’s rather accustomed to it.

After they got on the car, Mu Xiaoya started discussing with Bai Chuan how to divide the gifts, naturally, it was just Mu Xiaoya that talked the whole journey while Bai Chuan silently listened to her on the side.

“We went to the countryside this time, so there’s nothing that we can buy, aside from those local specialties, there’s only Liang Nuonuo’s cherry wine and cherry jam.” Mu Xiaoya asked Bai Chuan, “Luckily, we also helped when Nuonuo made the wine and jam, right?”

“En, cherry, I plucked them.” Although Bai Chuan didn’t like talking, but when Mu Xiaoya asked him, he absolutely have to answer.

“Then, let’s give the jams. When we get back, you can say to mom and dad that you personally picked the cherries. Like this, surely mom and dad won’t feel that our gifts are too light.” Mu Xiaoya said.


Seeing that her goal has been achieved, Mu Xiaoya showed a devilish scheming smile.

The driver in the front row listened to them chatted on the whole journey and can’t help but felt happy. He had been the Bai family’s driver for more than ten years, but this was the first time that he heard second young master talked this much inside the car. And also, how can the master and madam regard their cherry jam as a light gift? Whatever the second young master give them, even if it’s only a feather, they would regard it as a treasure. This second young mistress, she’s clearly enticing and coaxing the second young master to interact more with his family.

The time of the two people’s arrival just happened to be in the middle of afternoon, it’s perfect to avoid the traffic jam at night, so the car drove unimpeded, straight to the Bai family’s mansion. Once they were home, Uncle Li immediately welcomed them, ordered some servants to take the luggage and prepared something to eat, afraid that the two would be tired after a long journey.

“Uncle Li, there’s no need to prepare food, it will be time for dinner in a while.” Mu Xiaoya said as her finger pointed to the big bag of local specialties in the back trunk, “Take them to the kitchen, Xiao Chuan likes the cured meat, you should choose some to make dinner.”

“Yes. Quick, send it to the kitchen and prepare it for dinner.” Uncle Li immediately issued the order.

“Where is father and mother?” After the two returned, there’s only Uncle Li that welcomed them, Mu Xiaoya guessed that there’s no one in the house right now.

“Master and Eldest young master are at work, they haven’t returned home yet. Madam went to attend a charitable foundation activity, however, they all would surely come for dinner.” Uncle Li answered.

Mu Xiaoya nodded and didn’t ask anymore. She and Bai Chuan went back to their room to wash up.

After seeing Mu Xiaoya walked away, Uncle Li took out his phone and started sending out multiple messages.

‘Master, Madam, Eldest young master, Second young master and Second mistress had safely returned home. Furthermore, they brought back a lot of delicacies and local specialties, they will share them with you at night.’

After sending out the reports, not waiting for their reply, Uncle Li beamed with smile while fixing his glasses. He instructed the kitchen to prepare the food for 5 people.

The message was circulated quickly within the Bai family’s circle.

Once Bai Guoyu looked at his phone, he turned his head and asked his assistant, “When can I get off work?”

“Chairman, your last meeting will end at around 6 o’clock, but you have a dinner appointment with the chairman from Tai Heng.” The assistant reminded him.

“Cancel the appointment and moved the meeting half an hour earlier.”

“Eh, yes.” The assistant blanked for a while. Although it’s quite odd, but he still had to comply. Afterwards, he immediately made frenzied phone calls and told the participating personnel to move up the meeting time.

In the same multi-storied building, inside a different floor’s meeting room, Bai Zheng was swearing at people with a black face.

“Look at the report of the previous quarter and see the results you made. If it’s still like this in the next quarter, you all can scram from here.”

After scolding the sales department, Bai Zheng continued to scold the advertising department.

“Look at your advertising plan, what kind of bullshits are they? We’re working on virtual game, is it the same as those traditional online games outside? Are your brains all covered by shit? Redo it, and give the new plan to me before eight.”

The meeting room was silent as no one dared to refute even half a sentence, after all, they wanted the meeting to quickly end. When Bai Zheng finally left, they all exhaled loudly. The director for the advertising department was more worried, when other people got scolded, then it was just getting scolded, but he had to redo everything before eight, he felt stifled the more he thought about it.

Bai Zheng returned to his office with a frown, his assistant gave him a glass of water in time. Just now, the general manager scolded people so much, he must be feeling thirsty right now.

“General manager, this is the letter of intent for cooperation from Tengfei Technology.” Waiting until Bai Zheng finished his cup of water, his assistant then passed him a document.

Bai Zheng looked over and asked, “How’s the progress of the game development department?”

“Zhang Gong had just came here, he let me ask you when Second young master will be back to work.” The assistant said.

“What?” Bai Zheng frowned, “They still haven’t figured out a solution yet?”

“Still no progress.”

“Can’t all of them work without Xiao Chuan?” Bai Zheng couldn’t help but cursed. Xiao Chuan is only on vacation for more than half a month, and the entire game development department can’t even write a small program? More than half a month, and the work has not progressed at all!

The assistant was afraid to answer, even though he’s unspecialized in programming, but he knew that there’s no one that can be compared with the Bai family’s Second young master. Their Yifeng’s development of virtual games is so much ahead of the current industry, and wasn’t it all because of Second young master’s scholar syndrome’s brain? This scholar syndrome ah, they can’t be compared with ordinary people.

“General manager, the phone rang during your meeting, it seems to be a message from home.” The assistant gave a reminder.

Bai Zheng stopped, then took the phone for a look, his expression subconsciously softened. He put down his phone and instructed, “Cancel all the left over work, I want to get off work on time today.”

“Yes.” The assistant turned around and left the office, he took out his phone and called the bullied advertising department’s head, “General manager wants to get off work on time today.”

“Brother, I’m unable to repay your great kindness, let me treat you for a meal ah.”

The assistant laughed and hung up the phone.

On the other side of the city, Li Rong, who just finished with the charity auction, was declining a dinner invitation from the chairman of the charity foundation.

“Mrs. Bai, how about going to Xianghe Hotel for dinner?”

“No, no, my son and daughter-in-law are returning from their honeymoon today, I have to go back and have a welcome dinner with them.” Li Rong said politely.

“Has Bai Zheng married again?” The chairman was shocked.

“Not him, my second son.” Li Rong smiled, said her farewell, turned and left the place.

When Uncle Li was in the middle of preparing dinner in the kitchen, he received three identical short messages, “Will come back for dinner.”

At 6.30 in the evening, everyone from the Bai family appeared on the dining table on time. Some portion of the dishes presented were all local specialties brought by Mu Xiaoya. During the meal, Mu Xiaoya also took out the cherry wine for everyone to taste. The two men of the Bai family all praised continuously, Mu Xiaoya can even heard how exaggerated the praises that came from Li Rong’s mouth. However, thinking of the others’ intentions, Mu Xiaoya just smiled and didn’t expose them.

After having dinner, Mu Xiaoya talked to the Bai family about their life in the cherry garden. Although they stayed in the cherry garden for half a month, but they led a leisurely life. In addition to picking cherries every day, they also sat under the tree to enjoy the cool breeze. Mu Xiaoya said it casually, but the three people in the Bai family all listened with keen interest. Especially if it’s about Bai Chuan, even if it’s just a small matter, they will give great response back.

Mu Xiaoya also gave out the gifts they prepared, “Dad, mom, brother, we went out to play this time, there’s nothing except for cherries there, so I and Xiao Chuan can only make some cherry jams together for you.”

“You guys’ cherry jam?” Li Rong tightened her grip.

“Me and my classmate were the ones who brewed it, but the cherries were picked by Xiao Chuan.” Mu Xiaoya said.

“Xiao Chuan picked them?” Now even Bai Guoyu and Bai Zheng became a little restless.

“En, two big baskets full, almost fifty pounds.”

The three of the Bai family suddenly opened their glimmering eyes and looked at Bai Chuan eagerly: ‘Is this gift made by Bai Chuan himself?’

Bai Chuan looked at them with a baffled expression.

Mu Xiaoya promptly reminded, “Xiao Chuan, where’s the gift that we prepared?”

“Upstairs, I’ll get it.” Bai Chuan answered, stood up and started walking upstairs in a not so fast and not so slow pace. The three members of the Bai family watched Bai Chuan going up and then going down the stairs blankly, then continued to stare at the three bottles of jam inside Bai Chuan’s hands.

“I picked the cherries.” Bai Chuan stood in front of the three people that were staring at him with burning gazes, then repeated the words that Mu Xiaoya asked him to say, “Eating jam can improve beauty, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and is good for the body. These are for you.”

Then, he was like a leader giving trophies to his subordinates one by one, from left to right, Bai Zheng, Li Rong and Bai Guoyu.

The three of the Bai family each held a bottle of jam and looked at the exact same packaging. At the same time, they came up with an idea: In a while, I have to write my own name, lest it get taken by mistake or eaten by some thief.


Aaahhh~ I love how lovely this Bai family is~ (艸′v’★*)。+

Their first thought was about thief prevention {*≧∀≦}

Translator: MadPanda

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 27
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