My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 — Coquettish

Mu Xiaoya took the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) problems and the scratch paper from the chubby Liu Qu and handed it over to Bai Chuan.

Bai Chuan gave one look and immediately reported the answer, “128.”

“Write the process ah.” Mu Xiaoya was helpless.

“Oh.” Bai Chuan then picked up the pen and wrote on the scrap paper, not even a minute has passed, but he had done writing down the process.

Seeing the shocked eyes of Liang Nuonuo and little fatty, Mu Xiaoya felt a little proud but pretended to be casual and passed them the paper, “Now we can eat.”

Liu Qu was too impatient to take back the scratch paper and looked over the simple and clear-cut answer process on it, he immediately looked at Bai Chuan with a face full of worship.

“How did you think of this?” The little fatty’s eyes were full of stars shining adoringly.

The chubby boy asked with a loud voice, a pity that Bai Chuan just ignored him. Seeing that the stars inside the little kid’s eyes about to go out, Mu Xiaoya looked at him with pity. She poked Bai Chuan with her finger and Bai Chuan finally raised his head.

“He asked you how you figured it out.” Mu Xiaoya recounted the little boy’s question.

“I knew at a glance ah.”

“…” A mortal’s IQ can’t be compared with a genius.

A scholar lord always likes to play with another scholar lord, the chubby boy Liu Qu immediately regarded Bai Chuan as his idol and ran around him all the time, big brother this, big brother that, shouting and insisting to ‘play’ with him, making Bai Chuan frowned in annoyance.

This rare scene made Mu Xiaoya thoroughly abandoned the thoughts to send the child away, not interfering with the little fatty pestering Bai Chuan anymore.

However, after Liu Qu annoyed Bai Chuan for the whole afternoon, he finally got Bai Chuan’s response.

“Big brother Bai Chuan, how do I learn, and what knowledge should I learn so I can become as smart as you?”

“You can’t do it.”

“I will work very hard.”

“You still can’t do it even if you work hard for a lifetime.”

“…waaa~!” The little boy who got attacked, wept and didn’t pester Bai Chuan anymore.

Bai Chuan relaxed his eyebrows, feeling that the entire world finally became peaceful and quiet again.

“Xiao Chuan, what are you doing, attacking him like that?” Mu Xiaoya felt like she didn’t know if she should laugh or cry.

“I didn’t.” Bai Chuan’s face was innocent and pure, “I was born like this, he can’t do it.”

“…” Alright, it seems quiet reasonable.

“Bai Chuan, you did it beautifully!” Although Liu Qu was crying sadly, but Liang Nuonuo was so happy instead. She took out her nephew’s IMO exercise booklet and handed it to Bai Chuan, “Solve all the questions here ah, don’t leave him any to do, I’ll see if he can still hide himself depressingly inside if there’s no problems he can solve then.”

“…” This kind of auntie who cheat her own nephew, there’s no one else except for Liang Nuonuo.

Primary school student’s IMO exercise book only has a few topics and Liu Qu had done almost half of it, so it only took Bai Chuan half an hour to finish the rest of the problems together. After he finished solving those problems, Mu Xiaoya took Bai Chuan out to watch fireflies.

Last time they went to the riverbank to watch fireflies, a thunder shower disrupted their plans, and it even made Mu Xiaoya sick in bed for a few days. Now that she’s better, Mu Xiaoya remembered it again. The two sprayed some mosquito repellent and held hands while walking towards the previous hillside.

At this time, there’s still a little dim light in the sky, so they had to wait until the sky turned completely dark and the fireflies should come out then.

The two sat by the stream and waited patiently. Mu Xiaoya turned her head and looked at Bai Chuan fiddling with the headphone in his hands. She couldn’t help but ask curiously, “What are you doing?”

“Recording.” Bai Chuan replied.

“The headphones can record?” Mu Xiaoya was surprised.

“Yes.” Xiaoya forgot again, the saleswoman clearly explained this when we bought this.

“Then, what are you recording?”

“Record the sounds here, I like hearing them.”

“What sounds?”

Bai Chuan didn’t speak. He turned on the recording mode, and then raised the headphones to the stream in front of him. Mu Xiaoya blanked for a moment, and soon came to understand that the sounds here referred to the sounds of nature.

The sound of the flowing stream, of the wind blowing occasionally, of the birds singing from far away, of the bugs on the grass, and of the rustling leaves around them…

All these things mixed together, they didn’t lose to any grand symphony in this world. It seemed that Bai Chuan really liked it here and wanted to record them down.

Mu Xiaoya didn’t bother him and sat quietly aside, waiting as quiet as when Bai Chuan waited for her, she just looked at him recording the sounds of nature, waiting for the fireflies to appear.

Suddenly, a little faint light rose from the stream, followed by the second dot and the third dot, more and more light rose up from the wet grass, brightening up Mu Xiaoya’s eyes. She wanted to call Bai Chuan but found that Bai Chuan was also looking at this side while holding his headphones.

Soon, the fireflies flew out, and the small hillsides were instantly illuminated with their flickering warm lights. The two sat still, feeling like they’re in the middle of the glimmering Milky Way.

“This is my first time looking at fireflies.” Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help but sigh in awe.

“It’s not.”


“You’ve seen it before.” Mu Xiaoya’s memory has always been bad, but Bai Chuan remembers all of it, “You’ve seen it when you’re six.”

“When I was six?” Mu Xiaoya frowned, trying to remember whether she had seen fireflies when she was a child in vain.

“In grandma’s yard, two fireflies suddenly appeared. You were very happy and sang then.” Bai Chuan remembered, that day was the 128th day he knew Mu Xiaoya. She was wearing a flower skirt and a pair of pink sandals when she came to grandma’s house to eat watermelon.

“I also sang?” Mu Xiaoya’s eyebrows jumped in surprise. However, when she was six, she was still in kindergarten at that time, she seemed to like singing when she was a kid.

“En, you didn’t sing again after that.” Bai Chuan’s voice seemed to be filled with a bit of regret.

Mu Xiaoya turned her head and looked at Bai Chuan and felt that she had turned back to her childhood, “Want to hear me sing?”

“Want.” Bai Chuan’s voice unconsciously became a little louder in anticipation.

“Wait a bit ah, I’ll find a music accompaniment.” Mu Xiaoya laughed and took out her phone, opened the national K song app, and found the not so easy <Ordinary Day>, “I think this song is especially suitable ah.”

It’s not that Mu Xiaoya was narcissistic, she actually sang pretty well, she also won the campus’ top ten singer awards. However, she went to study abroad, her study and work schedule were too tight, which made her gradually forgot that she actually like singing.

The music started, Mu Xiaoya followed the beat and naturally and accurately entered the music.

I wake up naturally at 7.30 every morning

The wind chime rings and it’s a day with light clouds

The smell of sun basked clothes are very comforting

All is soft and tranquil

At every intersection, flowers bloom in the sun

From the front of the tiny store comes the sound of a lovely love song

It doesn’t take long to arrive at (my) destination

People passing by are full of goodwill

This is the most ordinary day

Do you miss it too?

Bai Chuan listened with a blank expression, there seemed to be something twinkling inside his eyes, he tightly held the earphones inside his embrace, didn’t dare to move a muscle, afraid that even a little wind would disrupt this song.

There actually weren’t many things to do in a cherry garden, you can experience all the daily life in just one day, but the couple didn’t feel that it was boring. On the contrary, they had a leisurely life. Bai Chuan likes the peace and tranquility in the cherry garden, while Mu Xiaoya felt alive, every day was full of meaning.

Because the two people were in a good mood, they took the basket and helped Liang Nuonuo picked the cherry tree. They picked the ones that looked especially delicious, and Bai Chuan would diligently delivered it to Mu Xiaoya. After Mu Xiaoya ate it, Bai Chuan would smile until his eyes squinted in happiness. Sometimes, when they wanted to go out for a walk, they would go to the field in the mountain and picked some watermelons to eat. Knocking on the watermelons was also a study on its own, even though Mu Xiaoya tried to learn it for half a day, she still can’t tell which watermelon was ripe and which wasn’t ripe. It was at this time that Bai Chuan revealed his impressive skill as he seemed to be able to distinguish the sounds of each watermelon by nature and easily picked out the sweetest one.

“I’ll leave buying fruits to you later ah.”


After picking the watermelon and bringing it back to the cherry garden, they put it in the well to cool it down for one night and the next day’s lunch can be considered to be done.

When Liang Nuonuo had some spare time, she had the two of them do some product development, such as cherry wine and cherry jam. It takes time to ferment wine, so the two learned to make jam in the mean time. However, Bai Chuan who has always been smart, seemed to be lacking in this area as he can’t learn anything no matter how. In the end, he only helped picking cherries and passed them to Mu Xiaoya who will then process them into jams.

The two stayed in the cherry garden for a few more days before Mu Xiaoya finally decided to leave. In fact, they already stayed for almost half a month, although they weren’t willing to leave, but they had to in the end.

Before leaving, Liang Nuonuo loaded Mu Xiaoya with many souvenirs, as well as the cherry jams and wines they produced in the cherry garden.

“Why not stay a few more days and leave? Taobao business is so busy during this time and I can’t entertain you much.” Liang Nuonuo said with some guilt.

“I can’t stay anymore, Fang Hui had renovated the studio. I’m here for half a month, and became like a hands-off shopkeeper for half a month (one who asks others to work but does nothing herself). If I don’t go back, she probably would want to cut off relationship with me.” Yesterday, Fang Hui sent a message to tell her that the studio was renovated, but she was reluctant to send her a photo, so she had to go back and see it for herself. To say it was a surprise was actually urging her to go back ah.

“Then, okay, come back to play next summer.”

“Okay, but you’re not allowed to pick us up by truck and tractor.” Mu Xiaoya demanded. Bai Chuan liked it here, and if he’s willing to come again next year, Mu Xiaoya won’t mind coming for a trip.

Liang Nuonuo thought about the situation when the two came and immediately laughed, she then drove her dad’s van personally to send them straight to the train station.

Two hours on the green train, one hour of airport taxi, the two finally boarded the plane back to Yun City. When she told the family that they were coming back, Li Rong asked Uncle Li to book the tickets which was still the first class for a three hours flight.

Bai Chuan wasn’t used to transportation and basically slept on the train and plane. Mu Xiaoya asked the stewardess for two blankets and gave one to Bai Chuan before putting up the headphones and rest herself. Of course, the one Mu Xiaoya used was the headset that came with the plane, while Bai Chuan brought the headset that Mu Xiaoya gave her.

Mu Xiaoya slept in a daze before a sharp cry pierced through her earphones straight to her eardrum suddenly. Mu Xiaoya opened her eyes abruptly as many people in the first class woke up in unison. A stewardess hurriedly ran from the back position to the seat on her front left.

“Madam, please keep quiet.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ll calm him down now.” A somewhat tired female voice spoke to the stewardess while apologizing to the few guests around.

“Little friend, don’t cry, sister will give you some candies.” The stewardess wanted to help coax the child together, but who knew that the child shouted even louder, the sound was so sharp as if it could stab straight into human’s brain.

“Don’t touch him, he’s afraid to be touched by other people.” After the woman said this, she turned her head to coax her child again, “Be good, Xiao Mang, be good, take a deep breath, don’t be noisy, alright?”

“A, A, AA!!” The child seemed to be even more irritable and his yelling became more and more rapid, until finally the other passengers could not bear it anymore.

“What are you doing as a mother? You can’t even coax your own child.”

“This kid doesn’t look that young anymore, why can’t he be sensible?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, my child has autism, he… he didn’t mean it, I’m sorry…” The woman stood up and bowed around, sincerely apologizing.

So it’s autism ah, no wonder it’s hard to coax him.

As soon as everyone heard it, their faces showed a touch of sympathy and they no longer accused the child of being insensible. They just wore their headphones, turned the sound up and stopped looking at their side.

Although everyone said nothing, but the woman was so ashamed. She looked at her son who can’t calm down completely, gritted her teeth and helplessly looked to the stewardess aside, “Can you pour me a glass of water? I’ll give him some medicine.”

Other than this, she didn’t know how to comfort her child from his sudden bout of episode, she couldn’t just let him shout and cry and annoy other passengers.

“Yes.” The stewardess turned to pour some water immediately.

Mu Xiaoya looked at the woman’s pale and desperate face. She suddenly turned her head and took off the headphones on Bai Chuan’s head.

“Lend it to me for a bit.” After Mu Xiaoya said this, she stood up and walked to the front row.

The woman saw Mu Xiaoya coming over and thought that she was another passenger who got annoyed by her son as she immediately apologized. Mu Xiaoya waved her hand, then held the headphones in her hand. In front of the woman’s surprised eyes, she directly covered the screaming child’s head.

The child’s cry gradually eased, and after a while, the child finally calmed down and sat back in the chair obediently.

“This is…” The woman looked at Mu Xiaoya in surprise.

“My headphones are soundproof, and there’s soothing music inside, I thought it might be useful to your child so I tried it. I didn’t expect that it would be useful.”

“Thank you so much.” The woman’s hand holding the pillbox tightened. Her child was quiet, so she didn’t need to give him medicine.

“You’re welcome, please take a good rest.” Mu Xiaoya smiled and turned back to her own seat. When she sat down, she found that Bai Chuan was looking at her with complaint, his expression was one that Mu Xiaoya had never seen before.

“What’s wrong?” Mu Xiaoya asked.

“Headphones, mine.” Bai Chuan felt very depressed. Why did Xiaoya give his headphones to others? There’s still the sound that he recorded inside.

“I know ah, but we lend them first for a good use, they will give it back to us when the plane landed.” Mu Xiaoya coaxed him.

Bai Chuan frowned, still unhappy, “Mine.”

Why can’t he be coaxed this time?

Mu Xiaoya stared at the rarely serious Bai Chuan. All of a sudden, she took the chance and puckered her lips, immediately giving the ignorant Bai Chuan a kiss.

“Just lend them for an hour, alright?” Mu Xiaoya acted coquettishly.

Bai Chuan blinked and blinked, then sat upright and stopped talking.

Does he… agree?

It turned out that acting coquettish was also useful for someone with autism ah.


It turned out that acting coquettish was also useful for someone with autism ah. – I think it’s only useful if Xiaoya use it for Bai Chuan. (´v`)

I really feel like there’s a shift in Xiaoya’s feeling towards Bai Chuan after their honeymoon, you guys also feel it? (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

Translator: MadPanda

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 26

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