My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 — First Kiss

The thunderstorm in the mountains violently rained down, but it finally started to cease after half an hour of downpour.

Mu Xiaoya felt the rain outside becoming lighter. She looked down at Bai Chuan who was huddling in her arms, his eyes were still tightly closed, his face the colour of white, he’s obviously frightened. The two were poured by the rain for almost half an hour, although the picnic blanket had some degree of waterproof function, it can’t be helped that their clothes were still wet. Mu Xiaoya shivered, feeling the chill seeping inside her body, her lips faintly appeared purple.

“Xiao Chuan.” Mu Xiaoya whispered Bai Chuan’s name, her voice trembled because of the cold.

Bai Chuan’s eyelashes moved, but he still didn’t open his eyes. However, Mu Xiaoya felt relieved inside because he reacted to her voice, it indicated that Bai Chuan has eased from the state of extreme fear just now.

“Xiao Chuan, the rain has stopped, there’s no more thunder, let’s go back.” Mu Xiaoya tried to release her hands from Bai Chuan’s ears.

“Mmmm~~” When Mu Xiaoya’s hands just moved, Bai Chuan shook subconsciously, feeling that rumbling thunder still sounded loudly beside his ears, he instinctively drilled himself back to Mu Xiaoya’s arms, afraid that he would make crying sounds.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here, I’m here with you.” Mu Xiaoya soothed him patiently, she had no idea of what to do for a while.

In fact, a normal person will also be scared by such a dense thunder, let alone an autistic person like Bai Chuan. However, an ordinary person can quickly adjust their emotions after being scared, and when they realized that there’s no actual danger, they can quickly get rid of that fear. However, Bai Chuan is unable to do it. The thunder in the world outside had stopped, but it still continued inside Bai Chuan’s world.

She had to figure out a way to divert Bai Chuan’s attention, make him feel that the thunder wasn’t so terrible and scary so that he can break himself away from fear.

How to do it? Mu Xiaoya calmed herself down an thought carefully. At this time, Bai Chuan has still not fully awaken, and although Bai Chuan responded to her voice, but this reaction wasn’t enough to arouse him up, so what else could she do?

Just now, Bai Chuan leaned close to her despite her trying to wake him up, so Mu Xiaoya closed his ears again. At this time, Mu Xiaoya lowered her head and discovered that she was holding Bai Chuan’s face in her palms. Bai Chuan’s appearance was really exquisite, his skin was fair without blemish, long and thick eyelashes, tall nose bridge, thin lips… that looked kissable, as long as she lowered her head…

This is looking… oddly delicious, what’s going on?

Inside Bai Chuan’s world was terrible, with big and dark clouds floating around, they covered the once blue sky as rain poured down heavily, leaving him with nowhere to hide. The warmth in front of him was the only reliance he can find inside this endless darkness, who is it? Who brought this familiar warmth? It’s very familiar, surely he can remember it…

Bai Chuan thought hard, he had an intuition that as long as he remembered who the warmth belonged to, the thunder would stop immediately.

All of a sudden, something even more warm and soft entered his world, a familiar smell brought by this warmth wrapping him inside and filled his nose. Inside Bai Chuan’s chaotic brain, the dark sky seemed to be suddenly split open by an axe, revealing the bright and clear sky behind as he finally recognized something.

This is Xiaoya’s smell.

Bai Chuan opened his eyes abruptly. Inside the dim light, he can see the silhouette of Mu Xiaoya, very, very close to him. It was even closer than when Mu Xiaoya was lying in his arms at night, and right at that moment, he can even counted the number of Mu Xiaoya’s eyelashes. Two eyes, upper and lower eyelids, a total of 268 lashes.

What is Xiaoya doing? Is she kissing me?

That’s right, Mu Xiaoya was kissing him. She couldn’t hold back, after all, she was fascinated by the beauty in front of her and philandered Bai Chuan.

When Mu Xiaoya finally noticed the change in Bai Chuan, she knew that he was awake. She opened her eyes in surprise and was met with Bai Chuan’s curious eyes. Bai Chuan didn’t have anything against the kiss, that’s also what loving should be ah, Mu Xiaoya thought like this and was seized with the sudden impulse to deepen their kiss. She stopped for a while, and whispered in a small voice, “Open your mouth.”

Bai Chuan obediently opened his mouth, and Mu Xiaoya came over again, invading his territory as if she’s a feudal lord inside her own land.

Just when the two unskilled tongues about to touch, a burst of untimely phone ringtone suddenly sounded noisily inside their cramped space.

Mu Xiaoya abruptly released Bai Chuan, her face was so red that she looked like a boiled shrimp. It was obvious that she started it first, but at this time, she seemed like a girl who had been cheated off her first kiss, she was so shy that she didn’t dare looking up.

“Hello.” Mu Xiaoya picked up her overly high-quality phone, it’s still not broken even after being soaked in this big rainstorm.

“Mumu, where are you ah? It was raining hard just now, are you alright?” The caller was Liang Nuonuo.

“I’m alright, we’re going back there now.” Mu Xiaoya gave a subconscious glance to Bai Chuan. Bai Chuan was completely calm at this time, his eyes were even brighter than before. He seemed more energetic, but his face was still pale, “Help us prepare some ginger soup.”

After hanging up the phone, Mu Xiaoya lifted the plaid linen that was used to cover them. A sudden bright light dazzled the two of them as they narrowed their eyes unconsciously.

“See, the rain stopped.” Trying her best to ignore the embarrassment just now, Mu Xiaoya smiled at Bai Chuan.

Not embarrassing, not embarrassing, we’re husband and wife after all, a kiss is nothing ah. Besides, Bai Chuan might not understand what it means.

“En.” Bai Chuan responded with a hum. The rain stopped, he knew about it from the moment Mu Xiaoya brought him out of the darkness.

“Then, let’s go back.” Mu Xiaoya stood up and pulled Bai Chuan. Being poured by such rain for so long, the two people can be said as drenched as a rat. They were soaked from head to toe, outside to inside, furthermore, their clothes were thin summer clothes, at this moment, they were tightly glued to their bodies, making them uncomfortable.

Mu Xiaoya’s black underwear was even more obvious with her white shirt.

Bai Chuan couldn’t help but stare at her straight.

“What are you looking at?” Mu Xiaoya covered her chest subconsciously.

Bai Chuan blinked, he didn’t understand why Mu Xiaoya wanted to hide, he just subconsciously felt that the black colour underneath her white clothes was so garish.

“Black.” But since Xiaoya asked him what he was looking at, he still had to answer.

“…” Mu Xiaoya suddenly felt panicked. This straight answer really can render someone speechless ah.

Black, is it the black underwear, or is it just purely looking at the black colour? Mu Xiaoya’s reason was telling her that Bai Chuan’s ‘black’ must be that he was looking at something black, but her brain still can’t help but imagine something that’s not suitable for children.

The most unreasonable thing was, she obviously was just helping her own husband, but she’s still imagining that he’s taking advantage of her, enough!

“Xiao Chuan.” Taking a deep breath, Mu Xiaoya tried to calm herself down, “If a girl’s clothes are wet, it would be rude of you to stare at her like this, okay?”

“En.” Bai Chuan nodded his head, telling her that he understood.

Mu Xiaoya was relieved, then heard Bai Chuan asked again, “Can’t I look at you?” He likes looking at Mu Xiaoya, because he feels inexplicably at ease whenever he looks at her.

If your husband ask you if he can look when your clothes are wet, how do you even answer that?

“…” Oh my god, Mu Xiaoya mourned in shame. If she didn’t know that Bai Chuan was so innocent, she really will think that Bai Chuan was teasing her.

“I can’t?” Bai Chuan felt a little at a lost, but he still turned around and stopped looking at Mu Xiaoya.

“Can.” Mu Xiaoya gritted her teeth, “Only when we’re alone.”

Forget it, the marriage certificate had been issued, lips had touched, let him look if he wants to look, I still won’t lose any meat anyway.

Bai Chuan immediately beamed with joy.

“Hurry up, help me collect the things on the ground and go back.” The rush of rain just now had scattered all of the things they brought, Mu Xiaoya and Bai Chuan also picked up the trash so as not to pollute the environment.

When they returned to the cherry garden, Liang Nuonuo was shocked to see the couple in such a miserable shape. She quickly let the two to take a bath and change their clothes, and then prepared some ginger soups and cold medicines, but Mu Xiaoya still caught a cold the next day.

The cold bore down menacingly that Mu Xiaoya couldn’t even get up from the bed.

“You ah, why don’t you just drag Bai Chuan and run home? It’s the same rain, but Bai Chuan is fine while you became like a bear.” Liang Nuonuo gave Mu Xiaoya a cold medicine while scolding her, “I think you should exercise yourself more in the future.”

“I’m already like this but you’re still ridiculing me.” Mu Xiaoya sat up from the bed with Bai Chuan’s support and gulped down the cold medicine with the warm water that Liang Nuonuo gave her.

“Try and see if you have a fever.” Liang Nuonuo passed her a thermometer.

“No need ah.”

“There’s no doctor in the village, if you have a severe fever, I have to drive you to the county in advance. Hurry up and measure it, I’ll take you to the hospital if your temperature is high.”

Mu Xiaoya felt that her own temperature wasn’t high, but when she wanted to decline once more, Bai Chuan suddenly reached out to take Liang Nuonuo’s thermometer and stared at Mu Xiaoya in silence. In fact, Bai Chuan also didn’t like hospitals, but he knew that hospitals were the place to treat illnesses. He didn’t want Xiaoya to go to the hospital, but he wanted her to be healthy.

“I’ll measure myself.” Facing against Bai Chuan’s stare, Mu Xiaoya can’t keep on persisting and accepted her fate to measure her temperature, putting it under her armpit, and reclined back on the bed.

“I’ll come back in ten minutes.” Liang Nuonuo got up and went out to do her own business.

Mu Xiaoya felt uncomfortable and worried about Bai Chuan. She glanced at him and said, “You should also take a cold medicine, just for prevention.”

“I don’t have a cold.” Bai Chuan didn’t like taking medicine. Since he was still a child, his grandma had given him a lot of medicines, especially when he was sick, he head to take dozens of  different medicines in a day. After eating them, he will feel uncomfortable in his stomach and his head will be dizzy.

“But I have a cold ah, you’re with me every time, you can be infected too.”

“It’s okay.”

“…” Mu Xiaoya found that Bai Chuan can be quite stubborn, “Then, you’re not allowed to stay with me unless you take the medicine.”

Bai Chuan looked at Mu Xiaoya silently, then obediently picked up the medicine to prevent the cold from the box. He casually took the water that Mu Xiaoya had not finished and drank the medicine with it.

Mu Xiaoya was immediately satisfied. Although he can be quite stubborn sometimes, but he’s still obedient ah. However, the biggest surprise in this event wasn’t that she fell ill, but that Bai Chuan recovered very well after his condition was triggered. There were hardly any negative emotion left and he didn’t apologize to her from self-blame. Does this mean that Bai Chuan has improved again?

Ten minutes later, Liang Nuonuo returned and took a look at the thermometer. Mu Xiaoya had a low fever and didn’t need to go to the hospital. Although she didn’t need to go to the hospital, but her recovery was quite bad, she was dizzy for a full two days and coughed for three days before her spirit came back to her.

Today, the recovering Mu Xiaoya and Bai Chuan walked out for a round, and when they came back for lunch, they saw Liang Nuonuo with a dark face while talking on the phone with someone.

“Nuonuo, what happened?” Waiting until the phone was ended, Mu Xiaoya asked with concern.

“My nephew, that little ancestor doesn’t want to eat, really making me mad to death.” Liang Nuonuo looked helpless.

The nephew from Liang Nuonuo’s mouth was her sister’s child. Liang Nuonuo’s sister married early, so now the child was almost ten years old and in third grade. Because she was ill these days, Liang Nuonuo’s parents returned from the eldest daughter’s house and brought their grandson conveniently. However, when the old couple returned, they threw the child directly in the cherry garden and let Liang Nuonuo took care of him. Liang Nuonuo had complained to her about this once before.

“Is it because the weather is hot these days? Why don’t you take some watermelons for him?” When the weather is hot, people can easily lose their appetite.

“What’s with the hot weather? He just doesn’t want to eat, only knows how to solve questions.”

“Solve questions?”

“That’s right ah.” Liang Nuonuo said helplessly, “My nephew is a nerd. When other children love playing outside, he only loves studying inside. Don’t care if it’s winter or summer, weekend or holiday, if it’s not reading books, he would be solving questions. His grades are good, but my sister is afraid that he would become a nerd so she forced him to come here, wanting him to spend a good summer vacation in the countryside. In the end, he just brought over some math books and solved math questions everyday.”

“There’s still such a child who loves studying like this?” Mu Xiaoya was stunned.

“You also think that it’s strange ah.” Liang Nuonuo smiled bitterly, “I went to ask him to eat just now but he had to say that I disturbed his thinking process and that he had to solve the math problem in the book before he can eat. He also said that if I want him to eat, I have to help him solve it.”

“Can’t you solve it?” Mu Xiaoya asked.

“You haven’t seen it! That’s not elementary school level math! I can’t understand any subject written there.” Not only did she not understand it, she was also deeply despised by her nephew, saying that this auntie that graduated from college but she still can’t do elementary school’s math. Liang Nuonuo felt a slap on her face, but she still can’t refute it.

“I just called my sister and she said that she also can’t move him when he’s solving his questions, so she only leave me to do whatever.” Liang Nuonuo said fiercely, “I’ll immediately grab him here.”

If words failed, Liang Nuonuo intended to use force.

Mu Xiaoya raised her eyebrows and watched Liang Nuonuo going in. After a while, she pulled out a little fat boy with glasses.

“Eat first!”

“No! I haven’t solved the question yet!”

“Eat first then you can continue!”

“Don’t want! My thoughts will be interrupted by then!”

“If it’s interrupted then you can think again later, just eat first!”

“How about you lend me a computer? I’ll ask my classmate online.”

“Don’t worry, your mother already said to let you play all summer holiday, you don’t need to do anything else.”

Mu Xiaoya saw that the two became more and more noisy and the meal will soon be cold. Although it’s summer, but a cold food will still affect the taste ah.

“Okay, okay, isn’t it just about solving some math problems? C’mon, I’ll help you.”

The two people that were pulling at each other stopped and said in unison, “You can do it?”

Mu Xiaoya looked at Bai Chuan with a prideful smile.

Author’s NOTE:

Grandma Bai asked the 7 year old Mu Xiaoya:

Grandma Bai: “XIaoya, how come you want to play with Xiao Chuan as soon as you see him?”

Seven-year-old Ya: “Because I like him ah.”

Grandma Bai: “What do you like from him?”

Seven-year-old Ya: “Like his good-looking face…”

Grandma Bai: Children nowadays… already started to like face…

This was what Grandma Bai thought when she went to the kitchen to grab a plate of fruit.

Seven-year-old Ya walked in front nine-year-old Chuan: “Brother Bai Chuan, I want to kiss you.”

Nine-year-old Chuan didn’t even lift up his head.

Seven-year-old Ya: “You’re not saying you disagree, so you agree tacitly.”

Moving closer, a loud and clear ‘mmuuacchh~‘ sounded, nine-year-old Chuan still didn’t lift up his head.

Seven-year-old Ya quickly found paper towels and wiped the saliva on Bai Chuan’s face with a guilty conscience, afraid that Grandma Bai would find out ah.


///UwU/// Bad Xiaoya! Bad! *hits her with a pillow*

Anyway, ISO wants to move site, but it’s not until 2-3 weeks later, so I’ll just continue putting the translations here for now.

PS: I forgot to add, the math problem the little fatty was working on is International Mathematical Olympiad – level questions.

Translator: MadPanda

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 25

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