My Husband With Scholar Symptom Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 — Sit Together

In the peak of summer, Mu Xiaoya and Fang Hui ran to more than 10 places until they finally found a suitable place for their studio.

“Although this place look a bit lacking now, but the surrounding’s several estates were all newly opened high-end real estate, so it’s not bad to buy or rent a house in here.” Fang Hui explained, “Our studio later will go with the non-mainstream and superior custom-made design, the group of customers happened to be this type too. Wait until another half a year, the houses will almost be sold out and it will be lively here, then we’ll have our own customer’s flow patronizing our studio.”

“Ms. Fang really has a good vision. The place you choose now is the best location in this area as it’s next to two high-end neighborhoods, there’s also a shopping mall in the past two intersections that will be opened in a month.” The real estate agency saw that the two had the intention to rent so he immediately spared no effort to recommend it, “Although it’s not currently really popular, but as miss Fang said, it will be lively in another half a year, and you won’t be worried with the customer flow then.”

Mu Xiaoya nodded her head and asked, “What about the price?”

“Aiya, the price can’t be lowered anymore. To be honest with you, the company had already issued the notice to raise the price next month, so if you two want to rent, you should take the chance and sign it as soon as you can.” The agent looked anxious as if he was the one who wanted to rent the place himself.

Fang Hui raised her eyebrows towards Mu Xiaoya, asking for her opinion.

“I like this place, we’ll rent it.” Mu Xiaoya answered.

“Okay, let’s sign the contract.” Fang Hui immediately clapped her hands.

The two signed the rent lease on the spot. The rent was for three years, with one month guarantee deposit for each three months rent. After they swiped the card and paid for a quarter year, the agent leave them the keys and left the place full of joy.

“The rent is so expensive.” After paying the bill and holding the contract in her hands, Fang Hui suddenly started to feel hurt inside.

“Now you’re hurting, but I didn’t see you hesitate just now ah. Actually, the place before was also not bad.”

“Wasn’t it because of you?” Fang Hui jabbed Mu Xiaoya, “Didn’t you say that you have a good vision once you entered here? And that you’d be more inspired to draw more designs here in the future? How can I dare not to rent ah?”

Mu Xiaoya rubbed her head and laughed, she really liked this place. The location they chose was just at the intersection of two-three lined avenues, the community park was just diagonally opposite them. The road was full of lush trees and flowers as it was mid-summer at this time, and the vegetation was blooming energetically. She can feel herself refreshed just by looking at these two line of roads.

“Fang Hui, when we go back and start decorating, let’s install a floor-to-ceiling window here.” Mu Xiaoya pointed to the corner facing the street, “Then we’ll install a small bar here and a few sofas. If there are guests coming, they can sit here to rest.”

“Make a small indoor cafe?”

“Uh-huh.” Mu Xiaoya nodded her head enthusiastically.

“Oooo… you don’t need money anymore ah.” Fang Hui sneered.

“I’ll work hard to make money.” Mu Xiaoya promised with a fist up in the air.

“Wait until you make a profit then you can say this again. Now, everything has to be economical and practical at the highest standard possible.” Fang Hui relentlessly rejected.

“Oh.” Mu Xiaoya also knew that the initial fund for entrepreneurship were limited and she can only give up regretfully.

“Come, come, come, let’s take a picture and send it to the group chat.” Fang Hui took out her phone excitedly. The two stood at the empty gate, completing the very first photo with their studio.

‘H&Y Studio was officially established.’

After writing the caption, the two people sent it to their circle of friends and immediately attracted a group of students who were struggling to find a job.

Classmate A: ‘Dang! I sent a hundred resumes and only received five calls back. But you guys became the boss themselves!’

Classmate B: ‘Boss, are you recruiting? I can serve tea and water besides designing oh.’

Classmate C: ‘Boss, I have one more skill than upstairs, I can tell jokes!’

Classmate B: ‘Roll out!’

Fang Hui laughed and responded one by one while sending several rounds of red envelopes to her classmates. After losing more than a hundred yuan, she finally appeased those jealous hyenas.

“Why didn’t you talk in the group ah, making me send red envelopes by myself, I already lost more than a hundred ah.”

“We only have one representative to send out red envelopes ah, if I also join in the chat, I have to send out a hundred more. Might as well go silent to help you reduce losses.” Mu Xiaoya said.

“What loss?”

“I’m feeling lucky, I’ll help you loot back fifty yuan, dinner’s on me.” Mu Xiaoya shook her phone proudly as she had just took several rounds of lucky gambles.

“What are you pleased for? That’s still my money ah.” Fang Hui gritted her teeth.

At night, the two people who had to send out red envelopes, finally took back fifty for themselves, so each person ate one bowl of noodles.

“I finally understand the hardship of starting a business. This is just the beginning and I can only eat noodles.” Fang Hui lamented.

“There are ribs besides noodles.” Mu Xiaoya watched Fang Hui shouting pitifully, then clipped a piece of rib from her bowl to hers.

“I feel at ease after renting this studio, but when I think that the rent is calculated everyday, I can only feel more anxious oh.” Fang Hui sighed while gnawing on a mouthful of ribs.

“I say, how can you suddenly feel so stressed out? You didn’t have the same look as when you first said that you wanted to start a business.”

“It’s not the same now.” Fang Hui said.

“What’s different?”

“When I said I wanted to start a business you didn’t say that you’re gonna participate. It’s okay if I lose my own money, but now you have invested your money in, how can I not be anxious?”

“Calm down, it’s nothing more than making a profit. My requirement isn’t high, as long as we don’t lose money then everything’s alright.” Mu Xiaoya soothed her.

“This requirement isn’t high ah?” Fang Hui’s fur flared up.

“Alright, alright, I’ll lower my requirement.” Mu Xiaoya laughed, “I don’t care about that 300 thousand yuan, I’ll just let Bai Chuan support me.”

“Someone has amazing provider oh.” Fang Hui rolled her eyes, resentfully breathed in more air and calmed herself down, then suddenly she remembered something, “Isn’t tomorrow the day when your parents formally meet?”

“En.” Mu Xiaoya nodded her head.

“Then, what do you think would happen tomorrow?” Fang Hui couldn’t help but start to gossip.

“Whatever situation it’d be, it can still be tackled ah.” Mu Xiaoya said in unease, “My parents already gave their approval, this meeting between the heads of the families is just a mere formality.”

“Then, where will you live with Bai Chuan? Living in Bai family’s house, or living separately?” Fang Hui asked, “This matter must be discussed tomorrow.”

Mu Xiaoya frowned. Bai Chuan said that he wanted them to live together, but her parents still didn’t agree with their marriage at that time, so she also didn’t give it a thought. Now that both parents agreed, then this matter was bound to be mentioned.

“Bai Chuan has autism, his family certainly won’t agree to let him live outside. I think you’re gonna have to live in the Bai’s house.” Without waiting for Mu Xiaoya’s answer, Fang Hui continued to analyze.

“Of course they would be worried.” Mu Xiaoya understood about this point.

“You’re very understanding ah, they won’t have to be worried since you’re not going to be cruel to him.”

“What are you exaggerating about? Bai CHuan’s family are all good people.”

“You know, the problem between mother and daughter in law is because you guys are living together and thus will create some small frictions ah.” Fang Hui said, “Bai Chuan has autism, his parents of course will worry for him, they won’t be able to keep their eyes on both of you. Whenever you make mistake, they’re gonna restraint themselves and keept it inside, and after it accumulate over a long period of time, then of course something will go amiss.”

“I’m just married, can you not instill negative energy on me?” To be honest, when she first agreed to Bai Chuan’s proposal, she really didn’t consider about this ‘problem with mother-in-law’ matter.

“If you can’t endure it anymore, then how would you spend your days at the Bai family’s house ah, how pitiful.” Fang Hui shook her head and sighed.

“I say, why can’t you guys be optimistic about me and Bai Chuan ah? Am I so lacking?” Mu Xiaoya wondered, how come everyone were against them ever since they announced their marriage? Even Grandma Bai who wanted them to marry told them to think about it clearly. When she was in the cemetery, Bai Chuan’s mother even hinted that she could regret it later, there’s no need to say what her parents would say, after thinking about it for two days, and since what’s done can’t be undone, they then reluctantly agreed to it.

“It’s not that you’re lacking, but the road you chose to take is a very difficult one.” Fang Hui paused and shook her head, “Forget it, you’re already married, I shouldn’t be telling you these.”

“I know what you’re worried about, don’t worry ah, I’ve really thought about it.” Mu Xiaoya smiled. She knew Fang Hui was kind, and also knew what everyone was worried about. In fact, she had seen how Grandma Bai hid herself to cry because of taking care of Bai Chuan, and it wasn’t just once. Mu Xiaoya felt that she can’t be as strong as Grandma Bai and take care of Bai Chuan all her life, she agreed to this marriage only because she only had to take care of him for four years ah. Four years wasn’t long, she can’t promise for a lifetime together with him, but Mu Xiaoya can persist for four years.

“Then, I won’t worry about it. I just want to tell you, no matter if you have thought about it carefully or not, if anything happen in the future, this sister will stand by your side.” Fang Hui promised with a pat on her chest.

“Thank you oh, sister.” Mu Xiaoya laughed.


At 6.50 pm, Mu Xiaoya and her parents appeared on time at the Full Moon room of Hyatt Hotel to meet with the Bai family.

Both sides were reasonable people, and furthermore, since they had long-standing relationship, the atmosphere was harmonious. After a brief greeting, the two sides both took their own seats.

The four members of the Bai family sat on the left side of the round table, while the three members of the Mu family sat on the right side.

“Teacher Mu, today…” Bai Guoyu was about to say something, when at this moment, Bai Chuan who was sitting at the end suddenly stood up.

This abrupt move by Bai Chuan immediately caught everyone’s attention. The Mu family only felt strange as they didn’t know what Bai Chuan wanted to do. However, the Bai family was worried because today’s occasion was very important, they were afraid that Bai Chuan would do something and leave a bad impression on Mu Xiaoya’s parents and make them hesitate with this marriage.

Even Bai Zheng who always felt indifferent whether Bai Chuan and Mu Xiaoya can be together or not became on guard. Previously, Bai Zheng felt that even without Mu Xiaoya, their family can still take care of Bai Chuan well, but that day he saw the videos that his parents brought back. After Bai Zheng watched them, he couldn’t fall asleep for a long time. Although he was unwilling, but he had to admit that Mu Xiaoya was really important to his brother.

Bai Zheng closely watched his brother’s actions, and was ready to stop him immediately if he saw him do something wrong.

But Bai Chuan didn’t do anything. He only stood up, walked around his seat under everyone’s gaze, then pushed the chair in. After doing all this, he turned to look at Mu Xiaoya who wasn’t so far from him, walked to her and pulled out the chair next to her…

And sat down.


It turned out he wanted to sit together with Mu Xiaoya.

At once, the Mu’s couple smiled, while the Bai family’s three people let out a full body of sweats.


I’m sure the Mu’s couple’s heart will be melted by Bai Chuan before long. (*бωб)

I kind of understand and appreciate that Mu Xiaoya’s character is realistic, I mean, I can’t be sure myself if I have to live all my life married with an autistic person. (´・ω・`)

Translator: MadPanda

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My Husband With Scholar Symptom Chapter 11
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