My Disciple Wants to Tease Me Everyday Chapter 6


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My Disciple Wants to Tease Me Every Day, Chapter 6

That was good, the thousand-year-old Daoist grinned as he rung the bell even faster. This was a top-quality soul device that had the added effect of Sanskrit.1 Even if Lumina tried to cultivate in her dantian, it was unable to stop the attacks coming in quick succession.

Di Jiufeng grew anxious, agitation setting within her.

“Old fart, what animosity have you to attack me and take action against a child?!” Di Jiufeng rebuked, slashing the longsword in her hand in response. She was just a measly middle-tier Yuanying, but Red Death was a top-notch soul device. Under this strike, the thousand-year-old Daoist that loomed at the Great Circle of the Yuanying realm who was shaken into retreat.

The thousand-year-old Daoist had lost to one of the younger generation. His face wan, he began to ramble incoherently, “You negligent hussy! Even if other people can’t spot it, you’ve lead a vicious, demonic object to soil our sect! Do you know that harbouring an evildoer is a felony? You’ll have to receive the Thunder Punishment!”

Without waiting for a reply, the thousand-year-old Daoist turned back towards the crowd of people.

He was here to settle things. Naturally, he had to bring along his supporters. “I invite everyone to come forward, and be witness to this. In order to avoid anyone from habouring any resentment in their hearts, you may throw mud at my back. I, the thousand-year-old Daoist, may not be of indomitable spirit, but I have an innocent, pure heart. I have never liked making trouble for those of the younger generation, but this matter is too great. If I do not purge her, I can only fear that I will bring the sword sect great calamity!”

“I have personally witnessed with my own eyes, Di Jiufeng’s disciple’s fate is lonely and fiendish; she is the reincarnation of a demonic spirit!” The thousand-year-old Daoist continued, intentionally spurring on the crowd’s interest.

This was astonishing. Everyone drew in a breath of cold air.

A male cultivator in grey robes stepped forward, “Daoist, are you certain? Wouldn’t Fairy Di Jiufeng would be able to discern the demonic energy?”

Another female cultivator dressed in white chuckled coldly, “Discern what? She clearly did this deliberately.”

The crowd of cultivators burst into murmurs. Even after discussing for a long time, they were unable to reach a conclusion.

The thousand-year-old Daoist surveyed the crowd. When the interest of the crowd had been piqued, he raised a hand for silence.

“Making wild guessed like this won’t get us anywhere. The way I see it, it’s best to call her disciple out. Whether she’s the reincarnation of a demonic spirit or not, anyone with a discerning eye will be able to tell immediately. This way, I cannot wrongly accuse her either,” he uttered. The crowd of cultivators felt that this was reasonable. Di Jiufeng felt her heart constrict.

She frantically yelled to the system, “System, system, quickly think of an idea, or your precious ancient witch will be in deep trouble!”

The system regarded her with a flat look, intoning, “My sincerest apologies, but the current situation does not lie within my jurisdiction. Please resolve this by yourself.”

Di Jiufeng laughed, restraining the urge to pummel him and toss him in the latrines to rot for two days. If he was this impressive, why didn’t he just ascend already, instead of skulking here and pestering her? Di Jiufeng felt so sullen she almost exploded at the system right where she was now.

But she was terrified, and had to think of her well-being. Helplessly putting on a controlled and well-tempered front, she asked the system, “Alright. Even if you refuse to lend help, does the store you have provide anything useful for helping the ancient witch to forge her fate?”

Upon raising the subject of the store, the system paused. A sense of disquiet rose within Di Jiufeng, but before she could react, the store had already been slapped into her face by the system.2

“The Host’s question has exceeded my capabilities of answering. The system is unable to reply. However, I am able to help you open the store.”

The systems’s store was not much different from the game’s Yunbao store. It featured images of the merchandise, with the name and price tagged beneath the image. There was no problem with this; everything was ordinary. But when Di Jiufeng examined the merchandises, she realized that even if there were no fireworks, she could still manage to fly to the sky.3

— —One elder daughter spice bag, a bookkeeper’s abacus, the beard of an old medicine god, a spotted two-piece undergarment?!4

Ahaha, what sort of prank was this!?

Last threads of restraint breaking away, Di Jiufeng thundered, “System, I want an explanation! Why must I expend so much effort for some subsidiary mission, only to exchange points for these refuse?!”

The system paused for three seconds, like it was adjusting its volume. Then it attentively replied, “These aren’t ‘refuse’. You will later learn what use they hold in the future. As for now, allow this system to warn you: this store does not have anything suitable for your use presently.”

And with that, the system shut itself off with a ‘beep’.

Di Jiufeng almost attacked it, but fortunately, she remembered that there was a crowd of tigers watching her like ravenous wolves.

Pear mountain was spacious. The ferocious gales battered the mountain relentlessly, the biting cold as sharp as a viper’s tongue.

At her wit’s end, with no choice but to turn from passive to active behavior, Di Jiufeng had to call upon the ‘empty city’ stratagem.5

Her clear, peach-blossom eyes narrowed. The previously gentle and tender eyes turned into a sharp, cold glare. “If my disciple isn’t the reincarnation of a demonic spirit, how will you recompense the harm you’ve caused? Forget about vilifying me, but for my young and pure disciple to be hurt by your words… Slandering my disciple in this way, will have doubt surface in her heart. She will have a heart devil.6

The weaker cultivators did not dare to even raise their head, backing away slowly.

The thousand-year-old Daoist also had an unpleasant look on his face. He did know why his cultivation at the Great Circle of Yuanying would be broken by someone of the younger generation who was still wet behind the ears. Like she was being favored by the heavens, the power of heaven and earth seemed to press down on the people present.

It shocked the crowd into retreat. The corner of Di Jiufeng’s mouth curved upwards as she let loose a sneer.

“I have always respect the aged, and have never bullied you. But if you’ve traumatized my disciple till she formed a heart devil, then you shall also draw in a heart devil into your body. This is only fair. I believe you will not object!” She cried. Her words cut into the minds of everyone present, resonating within them.

Having no fear, majestic and just, everyone present unknowingly approved of her words.

Her disciple shouldn’t be a demonic spirit anyway. If not, why hadn’t Di Jiufeng betrayed the slightest hint of anxiety?

“…Daoist, are you sure you saw correctly…” After a short silence, someone broke it weakly.7

Such a coward. The thousand-year-old Daoist grew red with rage. He had brought his large group of supporters here. If he backed off now, he would be the joke that others would laugh about in their leisure time. He could not bear to throw away this old face of his! What’s more, he had personally seen that tiny girl with his own eyes. Even if his eyes were old and his vision blurred several times over, he would not have seen wrongly. The thousand-year-old Daoist had faith in his eyes. No longer dreading Di Jiufeng’s threat, he stepped forward. He had cut off all means of retreat. “Your words are indeed reasonable. Of course, I won’t reject them. Bring out your disciple, then!”

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Author’s notes:

System: I’m guessing you all want to scold me, but in the future, you will definitely be grateful to me! *Proud, lovable face*

Do you like our precious system~If you don’t like him, I’ll let him 坑九风 everyday, 恩哼哼哼哼。[Tl: Don’t ask me what that means. Last part’s just sound effect or something]

Must kiss, must hug, must raise high _(:з」∠)_

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