My Disciple Wants to Tease Me Everyday

My Disciple Wants to Tease Me Everyday


Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Xianxia, Yuri

Translator: Cc

Editor:  None

My Disciple Wants to Tease Me Everyday is a completed novel written by 姜茹 (Jiang Ru). It consists of 92 chapters.

SYNOPSIS *Courtesy of Syzc Translations

The number 1 beauty of the cultivation world, Di Jiufeng. Her enchanting beauty can drive any living thing crazy.

One day, Fairy Jiufeng had a change of heart, becoming aloof and no longer partaking in mortal affairs. No one knew why.

But the legendary Fairy Jiufeng did not have a change of heart, she was kidnapped by the fraudulent transmigration system.

Transmigration System: Main Quest – The ancient witch, Deep Darkness, has reincarnated. Avert the apocalypse or die.

In order to survive, Di Jiufeng had no choice but to bring home and raise the ancient witch. She suffered bitter hardships in order to reform the demon. A pity, she didn’t know where things went wrong, but her disciple not only refuse to set revenge aside, but even wants to tease her every day!

Lumina (Reincarnated Ancient Witch): Be mine or I will destroy the world.

Fairy Jiufeng: …… (terrified).


*Chapters 1-5 was translated by Syzc Translations. Chapter 7 was translated by studentcntranslations.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

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