My Big Brother is Seeking Death Again Chapter 2.1

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Chapter 2.1 — The Kitty Doesn’t Eat People
Translated by: Vi

She only saw a giant yellow creature that was as big as a Tyrannosaurus rex. The creature opened its mouth and a burst of cold air hit her face, revealing its sharp fangs.

In an instant, the “common sense” she knew, shattered into pieces. 

“Monster!” Shi Xia used all her strength, turned and ran as fast as she could towards the forest where everyone had disappeared into.

Screw common sense! Why was there a giant cat with wings? The cat seemed to be a carnivore too! Weren’t cats suppose to eat cat food? Was this cat raised by dinosaurs?!

She finally understood why the group of people from before had run so fast because right now she wished she had two additional legs. She had never run so desperately before, even when she signed up for the 100-meter dash. Shi Xia was afraid that the giant cat behind her would eat her up if she was just a step slower. 

Fortunately, Shi Xia was fast enough to catch up with the previous group of people. Now, more people were by her siding, running along with her. Perhaps because of everyone’s physical differences, the people running in the front were all strong and young men while the people running along with her were all women and children. Shi Xia cannot imagine what would happen to her if she ran too slow, so she ran like her life depended on it.

“Ah…” It seemed like a little girl on her right had suddenly tripped over something and fell to the ground. 

The child didn’t look old, she appeared to be five or six years old. She seemed to be trying to get up, but her efforts were futile as she fell back down. Her legs were covered in blood, so she was obviously injured. 

“Niu’er!” A young boy stopped running and hesitantly looked back at the little girl. It seemed as if he wanted to go back and save her. 

But it was too late, the smell of the blood had stimulated the monster from behind. It leaped in front of the little girl, landing two to three steps away from Shi Xia. The giant cat roared, letting out a burst of cold air as it revealed it sharp and chilly fangs.

The little girl was terrified as she silently looked up at the monster towering above her, tears dripped down her face like pouring rain.

Shi Xia was the closest to the girl, but it was still impossible to save the little girl even if she went over. Whoever went over will just be eaten along with the little girl, so there was nothing she could do…


How could she ignore this? Sh Xia’s body already began moving by itself.

Seeing that the monster had already opened its big mouth and was ready to bite the little girl, Shi Xia rushed over and held the little girl in her embrace and kicked the giant cat’s head. The force she used to kick the giant cat’s head made her roll a few meters away in the opposite direction.

Perhaps the urgency of the situation had trigger Shi Xia’s full potential. Even though she usually doesn’t exercise, she was still able to run extremely fast while holding a child in her arms.

“Quickly run!” She shouted at the young boy in front of her while she ran the other direction with the little girl still on her arm. Shi Xia ran like her life was on the line.

The gigantic cat let out a loud wail after being kicked by her. It shook its head and roared, all the fur on its body was standing on ends. Instead of continuing to chase the people in the front, it turned around and started to chase after Shi Xia.

Fuck! This wasn’t the same as I anticipated! Shouldn’t the gigantic cat run in the direction with more people? Why did it suddenly target her?

Was it too late to apologize now?


Shi Xia didn’t dare to look back and she also didn’t have the time to look back. The only thought in her mind was “run”. The sound of the monster’s roar was getting closer and closer, and she could hear the sound of the giant cat flapping its wings. The trees surrounding them began to sway because of the wind created by the wing.

Fuck! She forgot that the gigantic cat could also fly! Does God not want to give humanity a path to survival? 

In the next moment, God used its actions to answer her question.

Not a chance!

Shi Xia’s heart chilled when she saw the vast cliff ahead of her. 

Why did she run back here again?!

There was a cliff in front and a monster behind them. Sorry, but you’re dead meat!

The little girl seemed to be aware of the current situation too. She had originally grabbed onto the cloth in front of Shi Xia’s chest, but now her grip on the clothes tightened. The two weights inside Shi Xia’s clothes were in pain because of how hard the little girl was grabbing her clothes. Hey little imp, let go of my chest!

However, she had no time to care about her chest right now. The gigantic cat-like monster had already caught up, and the flapping of its wings created a mini typhoon. The wind from the typhoon made a small cut on Shi Xia’s face, it was extremely painful. It roared loudly as if it already knew that there was nowhere for them to escape to. The gigantic cat walked towards them, one step at a time and opened its large and bloody looking mouth. 

The gigantic cat let out a puff of breath, and the foul scent hit Shi Xia. She suddenly felt her head spinning in circles after smelling the foul scent. Fuck! This cat even has bad breath. 

What should I do? What should I do? If she continued to stand here, even if she wasn’t eaten, she would die from its bad breath. However, there was no place for them to run to. Will it work if I play dead? Even if she transformed into a “Saiyan”, there was still no way for her to defeat this gigantic cat!

TLN: Saiyans are a race of strong extraterrestrials (aliens) in the Dragon Ball series. 


The gigantic cat was slowly approaching them, Shi Xia felt her body hurt just from looking at its sharp white fangs. It was obvious that the cat would eat them and Shi Xia knew that she should escape. But her legs were already shaking like fallen leaves in the wind. Shi Xia felt her heart rapidly pounding as she looked at the cat’s big mouth that was about to bite them. She wanted to cut off her cheap hands. Who told you to act like a hero? Now you’re definitely dead meat.

VI: I apologize for the super late update. After school started, I’ve been swamped. I also need a temporary editor because my editor is currently busy with her classes. So, until I find another editor, please excuse my horrible grammar. ●︿●
I will try my best to update it 2x a week. I will also be cutting down each chapter into two parts. Happy reading! ♥‿♥

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