My Big Brother is Seeking Death Again Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 — My Name is Express Delivery

Translated by: Vi

Edited by: Ribbon

The sky was gradually getting darker. Besides the occasional croaking frogs and buzzing insects, there were no other sounds. There was no one present except for a dying young man who was lying on the ground. His entire body was covered in blood with knife and sword cuts. There was no flesh on his skin that was not riddled with injuries.

He could not die here. The young man suddenly opened his eyes as he tried to preserve his last bit of consciousness. He didn’t want to die before he repaid this bloody debt for the extermination of his entire clan. Hundreds of dead spirits from his clan were waiting for him to avenge them. So, how could he easily admit defeat? How could he die in such a place?

But even so, what could he do? He was poisoned, his meridians were broken, and he had been pushed down an uninhabited valley. He had no chance of survival.

It was already dusk before he knew it. His heart, brimming with unwillingness, slowly began to cool off. The Heavens do not have eyes. It seemed that he would be unable to escape from this calamity.

“Cough, who…”

Suddenly, he heard a crisp yet melodious voice. It was like a clear stream pouring into his dying heart.

There’s someone here! He abruptly opened his eyes once again. The blood in his eyes blurred his field of vision. With great effort, he stared at the figure standing next to him. He could only see the vague outline of a woman. She was wearing clothes that he had never seen before. The young lady calmly stood next to him as though she couldn’t see the blood on his body. How could there be such a daring girl in this world?

Is this a dream?

“Is your name Long Aotian?”

This must be a dream. Otherwise, how would she know his name? The young man bitterly laughed at himself. Even at this point, he actually expected someone to save him.

“Hey, are you Long Aotian or not?”

The girl in his dream frowned. It seemed like she was losing her patience.

Since this was nothing more than a dream, there was nothing wrong with telling her his name. He was no longer the young master of Dragon City. Right now, he couldn’t even avenge his clansmen. His name, Long Aotian, had lost its meaning. He took a deep breath and nodded his head.

“It seems like this time I didn’t deliver the item to the wrong person.” The girl nodded her head in satisfaction as she pulled a book out from behind her. She handed the book to him saying, “Here you go! Your golden finger has been delivered. Please examine the goods and remember to leave me a good rating!”

He blankly stared at her. What is a golden finger? Are all the people in the dream realms hard to understand?

Presumably seeing his doubt, the young lady sighed and explained, “The golden finger can’t be eaten.”

Huh? But he didn’t ask if golden fingers can be eaten?

“A golden finger is much more useful than food.” The young lady patted her chest, “As long as you learn everything in this secret martial arts book, you can defeat monsters and level up in the future. You will be able to become a martial arts expert and the head of the martial arts alliance. What’s more, is that you will be able to marry the most beautiful woman and embark on a journey to the peak of your life!”

A secret book? Could she really be holding such a powerful secret martial arts book in her hand?

“I don’t have much time left. I will leave the secret martial arts book here!” The young lady put the book down next to him. She flipped open the book to a certain page and then left.

Long Aotian turned his head to look at the book. He was shocked to see that the page she flipped to was the chi strengthening page. If he practiced the methods shown in the book, he would be able to recover from his injuries.

“Oh, I forgot!” The young lady, who had already walked ten steps away from him, suddenly walked back towards him. She pointed to the pond next to him and said, “The strange-looking fish in the pond are able to cure the poison inside your body. The strange-looking grass over there can heal your meridians. You would’ve found out in the future so I’m just telling you this in advance. When you have time, find some food to eat. That’s it, goodbye!”

Antidote! Heal his meridians! Long Aotian felt a storm rising from the bottom of his heart. If it was like this, then he could survive. No, with this secret martial arts book, he might even be able to get revenge.

“Young lady…” He used his remaining strength to call out to his benefactor. Long Aotian could clearly see it now, he wasn’t dreaming. He had actually met his savior.

“Yes?” The young lady turned around, “Is there anything else?”

“May I ask what’s your name?”

“Me?” The young lady stared at him blankly. She frowned and thought about it for a moment before replying, “I’m not important. You can just consider me an express delivery person. I’m leaving! Bye!” Once she finished speaking, she had already walked far away.

Long Aotian stared at his savior’s figure until she was no longer in his line of sight. The Heavens didn’t turn his back on him! Even when he had been hurt to this degree, he was still able to meet a savior. He took in a deep breath and promised to practice the secret martial arts manual with gratitude in his heart.

He would get better. Not only would he cure himself of the poison and heal his meridians, but he would also learn the martial arts from the book. After he avenged his clansmen, he would repay the kindness his benefactor had shown him. He would always remember his benefactor’s name: Express Delivery!


A hundred meters away, the young lady, who was wearing casual summer attire, couldn’t help but sneeze when she felt something cold behind her.

Huh? Why did she feel like something was wrong?

Forget it. The task had already been completed. She needed to return.

She took out her phone from the pocket of her pants and clicked on the app that had the word (transmigrate) on it. Sure enough, the submit button on the bottom of the task had already lit up. Right above the submit button, it displayed: task progress: 10/10. When the young lady saw that, she sighed in relief.

Your mom! I can finally return home. Ever since the self-proclaimed ‘system’ linked itself with her, she was forced to travel between different worlds to deliver golden fingers to the protagonist of each world. Even her phone had installed the (transmigrate) app. She was a nice young lady who believed in modern science. However, the app challenged everything that she had once believed in. After delivering express deliveries for a full month, she had finally filled the entire progress bar. Once she returned home, she would eat fruit pancakes with ten eggs!

“Hey, system! I have delivered all the express deliveries you’ve asked me to. Can you uninstall yourself now?”


The sound of electronic whirring suddenly entered her ears and brain; just like how a sudden burst of crackling fireworks would feel.

Congratulations on filling the entire progress bar and understanding the essence of helping others. The ultimate goal of the system: to train young ladies on the five emphases and the four points of beauty. The system’s goal has been completed.

  • (The five emphases are on stress on decorum, manners, hygiene, discipline, and morals. The four points of beauty are the beauty of the mind, language, behavior and the environment)

Psh! What are you talking about? Helping other people? You are only helping the protagonist! After transmigrating to so many worlds, the only task has been delivering golden fingers to the main protagonists. I don’t even receive a salary. What five emphases and four points of beauty? Shi Xia internally ridiculed the system’s hypocrisy.

Please submit the final task.

Shi Xia quickly pressed the submit button on her phone.

The task has been submitted. The final transfer will start in 5, 4, 3…

My fruit pancakes…I am coming!

She felt something flash before her and in the next moment, she was no longer at the bottom of the valley. The place that surrounded her…was an even darker valley.

I thought I was going home. I don’t remember living next to a canyon that has a huge forest next to it!

“System get out! You said that as long as I finished the deliveries, you would happily uninstall yourself from my phone and let me go home. Where is this place?” Don’t tell me that there’s a ‘difficult express delivery’ that I still need to make!

Ding! The final transfer has been completed. The system will be uninstalling in 100…90…70…40…

Xia Shi panicked, “What the? Send me home first before you uninstall yourself! Where am I? Why did you send me here?”


“Wait! Don’t uninstall yourself yet! Where is this place?”

10…5…uninstallation is complete!

“…” A burst of a buzzing sound caught her ear before everything became silent.

What the? The system uninstalled itself. It had honestly left her in this kind of place! Shi Xia glanced at the screen. Sure enough, the (transmigrate) app had uninstalled itself.

She suddenly felt a cold chill in her heart. Did the system have to play around like this?

Shi Xiao tried to recall how this had all started. A month ago, she went to the supermarket to buy some dried fish for her big brother’s stupid cat. When she left the mall, a self-proclaimed system suddenly appeared in her mind. Not only did the system force her phone to install a navigation app, but it also gave her a pile of things: secret books, talismans, space rings, and even strengthening pills. Then, the system sent her to a variety of strange worlds to deliver golden fingers to protagonists. It had said that if she didn’t finish the deliveries, then it wouldn’t uninstall itself. It would keep following her.

In order to return home, she began sorting out the deliveries. Then, one world after another, she sent golden fingers to the people the app had assigned. With great difficulty, she finally finished delivering all the golden fingers. Now there was only a packet of dried fish in her pocket.

It shouldn’t have been like this. Why didn’t she return to the supermarket? Why did she get stuck in this unknown place?

Could it have been because…the brand of dried fish snack she had bought was wrong?

No, no, no, the Heavens wouldn’t treat her like this. It must be because the system had encountered a small error when it was sending her back home. She must have returned home. It was just that her house was a little farther away from her than usual.

Shi Xia turned around to look at the forest in front of her. The phone showed that didn’t have any signal.

Okay, fine. This place isn’t just a little farther away from her house.

But this place must definitely be Earth! Look at the familiar trees, the green grass, and the tall stonewall. Those things are all commonly seen on Earth. Although these huge man-eating flowers weren’t commonly seen on Earth, it was reasonable to assume that it must have mutated because the Earth’s environment is so poor.


Besides, there were also a few people who were clothed in ancient clothing and running…

What the? Why were they wearing ancient clothing? Where did these actors come from?

The people that were running about had a panicked expression on their face like they had seen something frightening. They didn’t even stop to look at her. They frantically ran into the depths of the forest. Each of them appeared terrified as they ran and cried, “M-Monster!”

“The monster is coming, run!”


Monster? Shi Xia gawked at the scene of more and more people wearing ancient-style clothing fled. How could monsters exist in this world? She was someone who firmly believed in science.


An earth-shattering roar tore through her ears. The sound was extremely painful. Immediately after the roar, a huge yellow figure descended from the sky and landed a few dozen steps away from her.

Shi Xia suddenly sucked in a cold breath…

What a large cat!

VI: This is a new novel I’ve picked up. I hope you will enjoy it! (On a side note, please ignore my grammar mistakes ~ I don’t have an editor yet)


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