Midnight Cinderella Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

    After waiting at the airport for more than an hour, the plane that Feng Jing was taking finally arrived, right on-time.

    The fans waiting at the exit locations started to stir. The fan club staff walked over and emphasized several precautions: “Don’t crowd, don’t flock, and try to keep your voice low as to not disturb the other passengers. We must maintain order! Chasing after the car after it leaves the airport is not allowed. You also cannot request him to sign anything, or to take a photo!”

    These words have been repeated many times already; it’s just that is unknown how many of the fans have actually taken it to heart. The security guards in the area increased, and they arranged the fans to stand on the sides of the exit walkway. The guards even put up barriers to clearly carve out a path in the middle.

    After a while, Feng Jing, surrounded by multiple bodyguards, walked out. He waited until the fan’s high-pitched squeals and screams receded.

    Feng Jing wore a pair of black sunglasses and a cap. He waved a bit to his enthusiastic fans. In the sea of people, he noticed Jiang Ran immediately at a glance.

    She was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, her tea colored haired draped softly over her shoulders.

    His eyes rapidly changed; however, since he was wearing a pair of dark sunglasses that partially blocked his face from view, no one noticed.

    Feng Jing recovered quickly, and continued to smile at the fans around him. In fact, not many stars would be happy in this kind of airport environment. On the other hand, the fans didn’t have it easy either, so Feng Jing did his best to smile.

    Gradually, he drew closer to where Jiang Ran was standing. Her face grew clearer and clearer.

    He suddenly thought of her common action of bending down to pet his (dog) head. With the work of who knows what demons and ghosts at work, he also reached out his hand, wanting to rub her head.

    Jiang Ran had been standing there, spaced-out, holding her fan poster the entire time. It wasn’t until Feng Jing arrived that she finally returned to her spirits a little. She originally had thought that she had removed herself from such worldly excitement; however, with the scene of excited fans screaming all around her, even she became infected by the atmosphere, almost joining in to scream with them.

    The feeling that Feng Jing gave off was very different from what she saw in the movie theater. He was not the cynical Lin Yu, nor was he the emotionless Omega. Of course, his handsome aura was still the same– even while surrounded by tall bodyguards, he was the most eye-catching.

    He was undoubtedly a considerate individual, because when Jiang Ran thought about it, she realized that if one was to drag their tired body out of the airport, yet meet with such a scene, no one would be particularly happy about it. However, he still put on a smile and interacted with the fans.

She held up the fan poster in her hand, watched him slowly draw closer, and then …… he raised his hand and pet her head.


    The screams around her receded like a tide, the entire world suddenly gone silent. Jiang Ran felt that she blanked out for a long while, but it could’ve just been for merely a second. By the time she raised her head, Feng Jing had already retracted his hand, and walked far away. Meanwhile, the fans around her didn’t quiet down any; in fact, the noise in the airport only grew.

    Mi Xie Er yanked at Feng Jing’s arm, pulling him to walk forward faster: “Hurry up, speed up.”

    Many fans chased Feng Jing as he exited the airport. Jiang Ran stayed in her originally spot, frozen.

    Just now, did Feng Jing really pet her head? Out of the thousands of fans there, why did he pick her head? Was it because her hair was exceptionally clean today?

    As the fans walked further and further away, the screams gradually died down. But in Jiang Ran’s chest, the sound of her heartbeat grew louder and louder.

    Ba-dum, ba-dum.

    She seemed to have …… found a bit of joy in chasing after stars again.

    “Hell! Jiang Ran, your luck is too good!” The Yan Huan Huan who had gone outside to follow after Feng Jing came back, while Jiang Ran still stood in the same place blanking out. “You can directly go and buy lottery tickets today! The chance of that is much lower than winning the lottery!”

    Jiang Ran finally returned to herself, and replied to Yan Huan Huan: “No, my luck was all spent here, so I definitely won’t be able to win the lottery anymore.”

    “ …… That’s also pretty logical.”

    “So,” Jiang Ran ran asked, looking for confirmation from Yan Huan Huan, “Just now, Feng Jing really did pat my head? It wasn’t just my imagination?”

    “Of course it was real, you happiness thief!” Yan Huan Huan not quite willingly replied. She was standing right next to Jiang Ran! If Film Emperor Feng’s hand had shifted to the side, just a little, then it would’ve been her head that was pet!

    “Pft.” Jiang Ran finally couldn’t hold it back any longer, laughing out loud from happiness.

    Yan Huan Huan: “……”

    She suddenly wanted to break off relations with her.

    On the other side, inside the company car, Feng Jing took off his hat and sunglasses, and look at his right hand. Although it was only for a second, Jiang Ran’s hair was as soft as he had imagined. Also, his hand seemed to retain a natural aroma that left him somewhat fascinated.

    “Film Emperor Feng.” Mi Xie Er entered the car and sat down in the seat beside him. “Just now, you didn’t behave properly. If the fans get out of control, they will swarm you. You should not dream of leaving the airport if those kinds of circumstances occur!”

    Feng Jing knew that his actions were not proper, so he didn’t say anything to refute: “En, I will pay more attention in the future.”

    “……” His agreeable attitude was good, but it stumped Mi Xie Er. He didn’t know what else to say.

    It felt like he had just landed a heavy punch on cotton, so uncomfortable.

    But no matter how uncomfortable his assistant was, Feng Jing didn’t care. What he cared about currently was why Jiang Ran had appeared at the airport.

    This time’s pick-up event was organized by the fan club in City A. Even if there were fans there that didn’t live in City A, the percentage would be small.

    Jiang Ran should be living in City A.

    However, she unexpectedly joined his fan club, and even came to the airport receiving event? Hm, I really couldn’t tell. She clearly had put up Mo Zhen’s poster in her bedroom…

    Whatever, next time he will compensate with his own poster.

    The corners of his mouth unconsciously curved up into a small arc. This was seen by Mi Xie Er, and he asked with horror: “Mister Feng, what’s up with you?” Why was he smiling so sweetly?

    Feng Jing replied: “Nothing much, it just that when you want to find something, you can’t even find it even after putting in a lot of effort. Yet when you least expect it, you’re able to find it with no effort at all.” {踏破铁无觅处,得来全不费工夫- the idiom used by the author. I wasn’t sure how to make it more concise in my translation, so I explained it the best I could}

    “What?” Mi Xie Er couldn’t understand why Feng Jing was using such an idiom.

    Feng Jing smiled at him, leaned over, and propped himself up on Mi Xie Er’s shoulders, acting close. “Mi XianEr, help me find an apartment near a lake, with a barbeque stand nearby. You should start searching from the north side.”

    “En?” Mi Xie Er became alert. “You want to move houses?”

    Feng Jing refused to reveal more about the matter: “You just have to go and find it. Once you’ve found ones that fit my qualifications, send them to me to look at.” At the end, his words contained a threat. “Do not tell Qin Fan about this matter.”

    Mi Xie Er: “……”

    Mister Feng, you are hiding more and more from Supervisor Qin! Acting like this is not good!

    “Do you understand?”

    “ …… I understand.” Mi Xie Er lifelessly nodded his head.

    The event of Feng Jing’s return to City A and the fan organized receival quickly got on the hot search. Jiang Ran casually searched on Weibo, and saw that there were a lot of HD airport photos posted. The frontline fighters really deserved their spot and reputation–the photos they took were miles better than the ones Yan Huan Huan took with her phone.

    However, even with Yan Huan Huan’s skills, the shots of Feng Jing were not ugly. It can only be said that his high face value can make up for anything……

    She saved a few pictures–particularly the ones of Feng Jing petting her head. Although only half of her face was shown, it was still the peak of her star chasing history. She hadn’t indulged herself for very long before another hot piece of news regarding Feng Jing popped up– Feng Jing is Gay, Finally Exposed!

    Jiang Ran: “……”

    Wow …… time to sit back and watch the show!

    The news was first published on a well-known gossip Weibo account. The first sentence stated that it was “disclosed by an informed insider.” It looked …… completely unreliable.

    If you have the ability, then you should write out the name of the so-called “informed insider.”

    Jiang Ran sneered that in her heart, then continued scrolling down. The insider should be part of the advertisement team of the lipstick ad that Feng Jing had recently finished. According to TA, Feng Jing and his assistant were making big movements in the middle of the night. Nobody knows what they were doing; however, they were messily dressed. Rope play is also suspected.

    Jiang Ran: “……”

    This piece of gossip was somewhat hard to digest.

    The online post exploded really quickly, and Feng Jing’s fans immediately rushed to control the situation, telling everyone not to believe it. Mo Zhen’s fans eagerly sat back, eating popcorn, eager to watch the show.

    The high level employees of Tian Qin were quickly alarmed. Feng Jing and Mi Xie Er were immediately summoned to Qin Fan’s office.

    “Speak, what happened.”Qin Fan’s gaze sharply swept over Feng Jing, and finally rested on Mi Xie Er.

    Mi Xie Er also kneeled down at the spot: “Supervisor Qin, it’s a misunderstanding! Even if I was gay, I would not dare act on Mister Feng!”

    Qin Fan nodded in agreement: “I believe that Feng Jing’s vision would not be that poor.”

    Mi Xie Er: “……”
    “Out of you two, who will speak?” Qin Fan sat in the boss’s seat and waited patiently.

    Just as Mi Xie Er was about to speak, Feng Jing, who was sitting across from Qin Fan, opened his mouth: “What they are referring to should be the night that we were trying to kill a cockroach.”

    “Cockroach?” Qin Fan raised his eyebrows, clearly not believing it. “That was a five-star hotel. You lived in the best room there, too.”

    “That doesn’t absolutely ensure that there won’t be any cockroaches.”

    Qin Fan smiled coldly at him and asked: “What about the rope play then? People would’ve never been able to tell that your taste was so heavy.”

    “ ……” Feng Jing licked his lips. Even if you killed him, he would not be prepared to tell the truth. “That was purely imaginary. Those reporters, what kinds of situations are they not able to make up?”

    Qin Fan looked at him for a while, then shifted his stare to the side, landing on Mi Xie Er. “Mi Xie Er, you talk.”

    Suddenly called out by Qin Fan, Mi Xie Er subconsciously quaked in fear. Soon, Feng Jing’s sharp eyes also fell on him. Mi Xie Er …… plagued with bitterness, yet nowhere to complain to.

    Under the sharp stares of Feng Jing and Qin Fan, he hesitated. In the end, he chose to give in to the big BOSS Qin: “Supervisor Qin, look at this video!” Mi Xie Er quickly handed his phone over to Qin Fan. On the screen, Feng Jing can be seen running around on all fours, barking.

    Feng Jing: “ …… ”

    “Mi XianEr!” He raised his voice and roared, “Didn’t I tell you to delete that video?!”

    Mi Xie Er quickly cried out, feeling wronged: “I, I still think that it is better to tell Supervisor Qin about this matter!”

    After watching the video, Qin Fan tapped on the screen and deleted it. “You did well.” He then raised his head to look at Feng Jing sitting across from him: “Do you plan on explaining now?”

    Feng Jing furrowed his eyebrows and stayed silent. Qin Fan looked toward the side: “Mi Xie Er?”

    Mi Xie Er immediately stood up and shifted into a military-like posture.

ZII: Enjoy~ Supervisor Qin seems kinda like a typical arrogant boss male lead to me. Oh, in case you didn’t know, Mo Zhen(Film Emperor Mo, who Feng Jing is often compared to) has his own story. It also has some supernatural elements, and is super cute. I think its completely translated too, though not on this website.

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