Midnight Cinderella Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

     On the day of the Double Seven Festival, the entire area sank into an ambiguous atmosphere.

     Worker A: Tonight my girlfriend who was out of country is coming back, hehehe.

     Worker B: The girl I met the other day, also arranged to meet with me tonight, hehehe.

     Worker C: I asked the director. He said that we could get off work a bit earlier today, hehehe.

     Feng Jing: “……”

     Too unprincipled!

     After exclaiming that in his heart, he suddenly remembered that Jiang Ran had also arranged to eat with He Zhiyuan today. Don’t tell me that she will be spending the night outside as well?

     …… Don’t tell me that she isn’t going to care for her dog?

     “Achoo!” Jiang Ran, who was sitting in front of her computer, sneezed, then continued to send information to her college classmates in Japan. “To sum up, the stock of vitamins need to be replenished. Also remember to bring me some good night power. {晚安粉- good night powder, a type of beauty product that keeps the face from being to oily after a night of sleep}

     Zhao Ke: Eh? Do you have a boyfriend now? You actually want good night powder!

     Zhao Ke: Oh, right! Today is the Double Seven Festival! Are you going to spend the night outside??

     Jiang Ran: ……

     Jiang Ran: If I don’t have a boyfriend, does that mean I can’t use it? [Bye] Can’t I treat myself? ^_^

     Zhao Ke: Okay, rich people can throw their money around at will [picks nose]

     Zhao Ke: When will you be able to come over here and play? You can also bring some stuff over along the way.

     Jiang Ran: If nothing unexpected comes up, then next month

     Zhao Ke: Good, recently I have wanted to move houses, so I’ll tell you once I’m settled down.

     After Jiang Ran sent an OK over, she closed the computer. Tonight she had arranged to have dinner with He Zhiyuan. If she delayed any longer to prepare she would be late.

     Not to mention, the other day when He Zhiyuan was choosing a time, she had completely forgotten about the Double Seven Festival……

     Since the time was already set, it would be too painstaking to change it now. Jiang Ran opened her closet, and thought about what to wear.

     If she wore something too formal, then she was afraid that it would give the other person the wrong impression; however, if it was too casual, then it wouldn’t be very polite. Jiang Ran picked and chose for a while, finally settling on a one piece dress. The style was simple and modest.

     Since she was the one inviting, He Zhiyuan chose the place. The place he had chosen was a Western restaurant. By the time Jiang Ran arrived, he had already waited for a while. When he saw the waiter leading her in, he immediately stood up.

     “I beg your pardon, I was the one who invited you, yet I arrived late.” Jiang Ran immediately apologized.

     He Zhiyuan hurriedly replied: “No, it was me that arrived early.” He truly did come early.  He was afraid that there would be traffic, so he left the house two hours earlier……

     “Right, these flowers are for you.” He gave the nicely wrapped rose in his hand to Jiang Ran. Jiang Ran gave it a glance, but didn’t reach out to take it. “This is …… ?”

     He Zhiyuan gave a small laugh. “On the way here, I encountered a boy selling roses. He said that he needed to hurry back to spend time with his girlfriend. This rose was the last one, and he directly gifted it to me. Luckily, I can use it to offer as a gift for you.”

     “En…… then thanks.” Jiang Ran turned to him and smiled a bit, and received the rose.

     Today, work really did end earlier for Feng Jing. The crew was very happy, with a skip in their steps as they walked. Feng Jing did not have any plans for the night, so he went directly back to the hotel. He took a shower, then sat on the sofa and opened Weibo. {Weibo – Chinese social media platform} He saw public displays of affection everywhere there, and checked on his friend circles, only to see more public displays of affection. It was not yet twelve o’clock.

     “Mister Feng, rarely would you get the chance to finish work early, so you should go to sleep earlier today.” Mi Xie Er saw Feng Jing play on his phone the entire night, so he was afraid that there were some aggravating reports online that upset him. He hurriedly persuaded Feng Jing to go to sleep.

     Feng Jing, having heard his words, raised his head and sized up Mi Xie Er: “Mi Xie Er, do you have a girlfriend? You don’t need to celebrate the Double Seven Festival?

     Mi Xie Er: ” …… “

     His boss’s sudden inquiry left the single dog him at a loss.

     “Supervisor Qin had said before in an interview that he only wanted assistants not in a relationship.”

     Feng Jing raised his eyebrows with skepticism: “There is such a requirement?”

     “It’s not that bad. Work as an assistant is very busy, so there is no time to date.”

     “By saying this, are you filing a complaint to me?”

     “No, I’m not!” Mi Xie Er quickly shook his head, “Currently, I only want to do my job well. I don’t want to go date some person!” He suddenly had a feeling of “being close to the emperor is as dangerous as being close to a tiger”. In these kinds of situations, not a single sentence can be said wrong!

     Feng Jing did not have much of a reaction toward his assistant’s passionate declaration, and only slightly nodded his head.

     Mi Xie Er saw Feng Jing had once again lowered his head to look at his phone, and thought in his heart. What was the reason behind this inquiry?

     Could it be that Mister Feng wanted to date someone? This is also something that is normal, after all, in a few years he will be 26 years old. However, if he did have this desire, he should tell Supervisor Qin beforehand. Hmm, should he find a time to discuss this with Mister Feng?

     As Mi Xie Er’s old mother-like nagging continued, the time finally neared twelve o’clock.

     Not long after Feng Jing closed the lights to his room, he once again appeared in Jiang Ran’s living room.

     The living room was completely dark. Feng Jing’s heart subconsciously went “thump” for a moment; however, he quickly saw the lights coming from the bedroom.

     …… She shouldn’t have brought the guy home, right?

     Feng Jing poked his head into the hallway and took a peek, walking over with small steps. The door of the main bedroom was open. Inside, light-hearted music was playing, with Jiang Ran lying on the bed, putting on a face mask.

     Feng Jing: ” …… “

     He glanced at the shiny mask on her face, and clearly heard the music playing in the room.

     It was a rock and roll band popular nine years ago, Pumpkin, most famous song, “Dorothy”. {Pumpkin was written in the raws in English}

     Feng Jing was surprised. He didn’t think that this modern proxy service girl, actually liked this kind of old song. Even though Pumpkin at the time was very popular, they had long been replaced by new and upcoming artists. Also, during their most popular time, Jiang Ran was …… how old?

     He walked a few steps forward again, and discovered that there was a new flower vase on the desk. Not only that, in the flower vase, there was a very nicely wrapped rose.

     …… Hehe, there was no need to think further. It must have been given by that brother He Zhiyuan. No wonder that guy suggested this date to Jiang Ran, really not letting people be at ease.

     So, did he confess to Jiang Ran?

     …… Looking at the current situation, it seems that even if he did confess, it didn’t succeed.

     He looked at Jiang Ran, who had her eyes closed, peacefully lying there with her face mask, and sneakily crept toward the storeroom. Two days ago, he had wanted to go in; however, Jiang Ran had always kept the door locked. Unwilling to give up, he had even rummaged through the trash can, yet there wasn’t even a label from a package to be found.

     She works too hard while cleaning out her garbage!

     Tonight, he was still left without any hope. The storeroom door was still locked. After lingering at the door, giving it another glance or two, he returned to Jiang Ran’s main bedroom.

     “Er Huang, how come you ran in here again?” Jiang Ran, with her face mask still applied, opened her eyes to take a peek at her dog. Recently, her dog seemed to especially like running into her room.

     “Woof.” Feng Jing faced her and wagged his tail, then jumped up to the windowsill and laid down.

     Jiang Ran: “ ……”

     That spot by the window where she usually sits to read and watch dramas during the day, was now often occupied by her dog.

     A tone indicating a new message sounded from her phone. Jiang Ran picked up her phone to take a look, and saw that it was a WeChat message from Yan Huan Huan.

     Yan Huan Huan: It is now twelve o’clock, I’m here for inspection! Have you gone home yet?

     Jiang Ran: …… I have long since arrived. I have even finished applying my face mask already.

     Yan Huan Huan: Then that is good, hahaha. Classmate He Zhiyuan did not do anything for you?

     Jiang Ran: Nope, we only ate dinner and walked the streets for a bit. Speaking of which, today’s atmosphere really is too nauseating, with couples everywhere to be seen.

     Yan Huan Huan: ^_^

     Yan Huan Huan: He Zhiyuan didn’t confess to you?

     Jiang Ran: No

     Yan Huan Huan: Very good, it looks like he is able to endure very well! You have met an expert!

     Jiang Ran: ……

     Jiang Ran: I am going to go wash off my face mask.

     Yan Huan Huan: Wait wait wait wait! In a few days, Film Emperor Feng will be returning from abroad. Let’s go to the airport to receive him.

     Jiang Ran: Why do I have to go too?

     Yan Huan Huan: Do you even need to ask? Is meeting Film Emperor Feng not enough of a reason?

     Jiang Ran: ……

     Jiang Ran: I really do have to go wash off my face mask now

     Yan Huan Huan: [Bye]

     Although Jiang Ran had refused Yan Huan Huan, on the day of Feng Jing’s return, she ended up being dragged by Yan Huan Huan to the airport anyways.

     “Goodness, this early in the morning you guys are not sleeping, but waiting here instead.” Jiang Ran covered her mouth with her hand, and couldn’t help but yawn.

     Yan Huan Huan: “This is considered early? Those girls in the front have already been waiting for two hours!”

     Jiang Ran: “……”

     “If I hadn’t bought a lot of support items, we wouldn’t even have been able to stand this far up front.” After she spoke, she gave some of the fan banners in her hand to Jiang Ran. “In a few moments, you should lift these up. Take care not to raise them so high that it blocks other people’s banners, or else you will draw criticism.”

     “ ……” So scary, can she go home?

     “Ah, help me take a look, is my makeup okay?”

     Jiang Ran carefully inspected Yan Huan Huan. Yan Huan Huan, a person who normally is too lazy to put on makeup for work, had even drawn on some eyeliner today. “It is there, it’s just that it’s a bit ugly. You should go back and practice a bit.”

     Yan Huan Huan: “ ……”

     After Jiang Ran spoke, she glanced around at the girls in her vicinity. Even though they weren’t exceptionally beautiful, you could tell that they had put in effort to dress themselves up prettily. But that girl in the front wearing  high heels and a dress, was she really not afraid of getting squeezed into a pancake later?

     “Having said that, don’t you need to go to work today?” Jiang Ran looked at Yan Huan Huan with some doubts. Unlike her, Yan Huan Huan was a standard nine to six office worker.

     “Cough.” Yan Huan Huan revealed an awkward face. “I took a half-day leave.”

     “…… Very good, very good. When you run out of money, don’t come over to my house and mooch food.”

     “Come on~ We have already shared so many years of friendship, you still care about a single meal~” While speaking, Yan Huan Huan grabbed onto Jiang Ran’s hand. “There may only be a once in a lifetime chance for us to receive Feng Jing at the airport. If we can see Feng Jing at a distance, there is no loss.”

     Jiang Ran decided not comment, and raised her eyebrows. She would definitely never go to this kind of torturous airport pick up event for a second time. However, after watching two of Feng Jing’s films, she couldn’t help but look forward to seeing Feng Jing in real life.

     “Which plane is he on? When will he arrive?”

     Yan Huan Huan replied: “Not long, almost here. If there are no delays, then the plane should arrive in a little over an hour.”

     Jiang Ran: “ ……”

     That means, she still has to stand here for more than an hour?

     At this time, Feng Jing had already finished filming and had just boarded the plane for a little while. Mi Xie Er sat next to him, turned his head, and asked: “Mister Feng, the fan club had arranged to receive you at the airport today, so we won’t be going through the VIP area.”

     “En, when the time comes, wake me up.” After Feng Jing finished speaking, he inserted in his earbuds, and prepared to replenish his sleep. There was an MP3 in his bag, bought during his college days. There was a single song stored in it, playing on a loop. It was the song “Dorothy” by the band Pumpkin.


Yay~ I finally got out another chapter! Hope you enjoyed! Sorry about the slow updates. Seeing as how I have received comments supporting both split chapters and full chapter updates, I’ll probably decide based on how my schedule is like. If I know that I won’t have much time to translate for a while, then I will probably switch over to half chapter updates; if not, I will try to stick with full chapters. There is a teaser for the next chapter.

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