Midnight Cinderella Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

     After Feng Jing woke up, the first thing he did was check to see whether or not he was tied up.

     Very good, he was not. It seems like Mi XianEr still knew his limits.

     After he showered and got dressed, Mi Xie Er knocked on the door and walked in. Feng Jing was standing in front of the mirror, arranging his hair. He glanced at Mi Xie Er and asked: “How was the situation last night?”

     Mi Xie Er stated: “Yesterday, you seemed a bit low-spirited, and didn’t end up causing any trouble. Oh, yes, you also ate a biscuit from inside the hotel room.”

     Feng Jing: “……”

     It seems like the dog does like its dog biscuits.

     Mi Xie Er opened the notebook that he always carried around, and reported to Feng Jing the day’s schedule: “Today the film crew needs to switch hotels. I will be responsible for packing your luggage, so at night you can go directly to the new hotel. In addition, there will be fans coming over to visit you at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon.”

     “I got it, you can arrange it later.”

     “OK. I heard that the director said the film has been making good progress, and that everything is moving smoothly. There is a possibility that they will finalize things earlier.”

     This news allowed Feng Jing to let out a sigh of relief. Even though he only turned into a dog at night, this matter was still a ticking time bomb. It was still better to return to City A earlier and find a way to fix the problem. Thinking up to here, he couldn’t help but open his phone to send ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine a message: “Has your boss come back yet?”

     He didn’t think that at this time in the morning, the secretary would be online. She quickly replied to Feng Jing: “Not yet. [☞☜] Don’t worry, after Boss comes back, the first thing I’ll do is tell you.”

     F.J.: Okay.

     ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: ^_^

     ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: Oh right, regarding the details of the dog, have you clearly investigated it yet?

     F.J.:……Still trying.

     Yesterday night, he had focused on the male named He Zhiyuan instead, thereby forgetting to go into the storage room to check the address on the packages.

     “Mister Feng, it’s time to eat breakfast.”

     “En.” Feng Jing set down his phone, and walked toward the dining hall.

     In the afternoon during filming, several fans came over to watch. Many even brought gifts. Feng Jing told Mi Xie Er to collect the gifts of letters and flowers, but to return everything else. The fans had brought a significant amount of food, so when they saw that Feng Jing wasn’t accepting it, they thought that they might as well give it to the crew to eat.

Advertisement     Mi Xie Er praised them in his heart, thinking that the little girls were quite clever.

     “Film Emperor Feng, come over and take a picture with the fans.” Mi Xie Er held a phone in his hands, and waved Feng Jing over. The little fans were very excited. They saw Feng Jing walk over, and started excitedly squealing: “Mister Feng is so handsome, with 2.8 meters legs!”

     “Ah!!!! That vampire look is too cool! Can I touch those little fangs of yours?”

     “Film Emperor Feng, for the Double Seven Festival¹ the day after tomorrow, how do you plan to celebrate it?”

     ……Eh? Feng Jing’s eyebrows raised slightly. The day after tomorrow is the Double Seven Festival?

     He remembered that the He something person had arranged a meeting with Jiang Ran on that exact day.

     Haha. 🙂

     While Feng Jing interacted with his fans, Jiang Ran finished watching “Codename Omega”. Her current state-of-mind was more shocked compared to that of when she finished “Deep Blue”.

     The male lead played by Feng Jing was a child who had been abandoned by his parents at a young age at the entrance of an orphanage. When he was eight years old, a young couple adopted him. At that time, he thought that he could finally receive the love that he had always longed for. However, that young couple had only set their sights on him due to his ability regarding technology. They only thought of him as a tool to earn money. In the early scenes of the movie, they never even gave a name to him. They only allowed him to choose a codename for himself after he was discovered by a criminal organization.

     The male lead thought about it, and ended up choosing the name of the criminal organization’s plan– Omega.

     At this time, he was finally considered to have a “name”. Later, the organization kidnapped the daughter of a policeman, and assigned Omega to take care of her. Under the intentional cultivation of Omega’s adoptive parents, he had long lost the basic joys and sorrows of being a human; however, the simple and pure little girl, to him, was like an angel. He, from her, was able to see the beauty in humanity once again.

     In order to send the girl back to her mother’s side, Omega betrayed the organization and in the end, gave up his life. But because of the clues he provided, the police were able to smoothly take down the criminal organization, preventing their “Omega Plan”.

     The pacing was very fast throughout the entire film. Jiang Ran didn’t even dare to take in a big breath of air while watching it. She walked outside the movie theater to the lobby, grabbing her phone, and sent her friend Yan Huan Huan the news.

     Jiang Ran: Huan Huan, I went to go watch “Codename Omega”!

     Yan Huan Huan: [unbelieving-eyes.jpg]

     Yan Huan Huan: In the past, how many times have I invited you to go? Yet you never came to watch ^_^

     Jiang Ran: Er, previously I was busy. Actually, today I had to take time out to watch. I still have to hurry back home to send out the packages.

     Yan Huan Huan: [unbelieving-eyes.jpg]

     Yan Huang Huan: How is it, isn’t our Mister Feng very handsome? Do you want to join the fanclub together?

     Jiang Ran: He is very handsome! However, I’ll have to pass on joining the fanclub. I am someone who is calm and won’t be seeking to chase idols.

     Yan Huan Huan: ^_^

     Jiang Ran: I can’t talk anymore, I have to go catch the subway.

     Yan Huan Huan: Go ahead,but since you talked about this, I now want to go watch the movie for the fourth time.

     Jiang Ran:…… True love.

     After she sent those two words, she put away her phone and walked downstairs. She had already agreed on a time with the express delivery guy, so she had to hurry home to receive the package.

     The movie theater was not that far from her house, being only five stops away. While she was sitting on the subway, she took out her phone again to search up Feng Jing.

     Since she had just watched the movie and was shocked by Feng Jing, she purposely searched for pictures of him and flipped through a few. She then clicked on a post made by Z, and looked at it with gusto.

     “How do you evaluate this actor, Feng Jing?” -Z

Red Pulp Watermelon

     Thank you for the invitation.

     In fact, the question itself can already represent something– you used “actor” to describe Feng Jing, not “idol” or “star”. I personally believe that Feng Jing is also a person that can carry the title of “actor”.

     First of all, Feng Jing was taught at acting school; moreover, he was admitted to that class as a top student. Secondly, while many of his classmates were unable to restrain themselves and rushed to get a half step into the entertainment circle, he was acting out theater with his teacher.

     That right. Theater.

     I don’t even need to comment on the difference between theater and film. During the school year, he had participated in a total of three plays. With all his performances and reruns are added up, there would at least be forty to fifty performances altogether. Not counting anything else, just on the basis of this alone, is enough to leave the other “actors” half a Milky Way behind. Since I can also be considered half a theater fan, I have actually been fortunate enough to see one of the plays that Feng Jing participated in. At that time, not many people knew of him, but I just knew that he would have a promising future.

     After he graduated, he signed on with Tian Qin Entertainment, and was sought out by Director Li to film “Deep Blue” as the second male lead, Lin Yu.

     Li Liang + Guan Ran + Ni Bai, already set the standard for this movie. Also, no mistake, this is a movie. It is rare for a movie to be a person’s debut, and Feng Jing was just a recent graduate. Why would Director Li find him to act out Lin Yu, this second male lead? In an interview with Director Li, he divulged that he had seen Feng Jing performing in a play before, and decided on Feng Jing in an instant.

     Theater in China can be said as something that is not mainstream, while the difficulty is high and the pay small. Not many people are willing to do it. Here I have to mention Feng Jing’s teacher, Ge Hongyi. Ge Lao’s name is one that many people may not with familiar with; however, most of his student’s names are probably familiar to you. Feng Jing is one of them. At that time, Director Li had also pushed Ge Lao to look at plays, and as a result saw Feng Jing. Whether or not Ge Lao was purposely acting as a middle-man need not to be said. But this does reflect the fact that those who come from the acting school really do get a small advantage.

     After “Deep Blue” became popular, Feng Jing received the Taurus Award for Best Supporting Male Lead, and his popularity skyrocketed. According to reason, this would be the best time to take advantage of the heat and hammer down the metal, continue to receive offers and take on endorsements, but he only took on a small advertisement for potato chips (Still Pretty Delicious), before he went to Lun Yi to get a master’s degree in Acting.

     A year later, Feng Jing returned to China. Right after he came back, “Codename Omega” sought him out. I have to say that after a year of studies, his performance once again reached greater heights. The role, Omega, is very hard to grasp; not only does he not have many lines, but he is also a character essentially with facial paralysis. In the movie, he pretty much didn’t even blink. If we switch in another “actor” to act out Omega, they would definitely seem like someone with mental deficiencies. On the other hand, with Feng Jing, people would only think one word– handsome!!!

     This actor, Feng Jing, is absolutely dedicated. For scene merely lasting a few dozens of seconds, he closed himself off for a month to train. Of course, the final result was obvious, very clean and pure looking, and ended up mesmerizing a large amount of young girls. The fleeting smile he gave to the policeman’s daughter before dying even caused I, a straight man, to be bent by him for three seconds!! Fellow audience members, it is not scary if a man has acting skills and is diligent, what’s scary is that he is handsomer than you!

     Keke, to summarize, there are a lot of “actors” nowadays, where no matter what role they play, they still give off the impression of being themselves. What’s impressive about Feng Jing is that you won’t think that Lin Yu and Omega are the same person. The Golden Pine Film Emperor Award that he received was well deserved.

     To add on, certain Mo Zhen fans shouldn’t come here and be jealous. I am also a Mo Zhen fan, but that doesn’t have to conflict with my admiration of Feng Jing, right? It’s been many years since Mo Zhen debuted, and there has yet been a person who can surpass his achievements. However, once Feng Jing emerged, you guys always pulled him up in comparison to Mo Zhen. To be honest, from another point of view, doesn’t this just further prove his ability?

     I have always thought that the more talented a person is, the more they are in need of a good rival. During the time when Gu Xin and Sima Xiaoxiao dominated the music scene, once Sima Xiaoxiao left, and Gu Xin alone stayed in the top spot. During that short period of time where Gu Xin remained unrivaled, his music stagnated and did not improve. His work clearly entered into a bottleneck. It wasn’t until Ding Ming emerged did he achieve a breakthrough and write “Eternal”, the stellar main theme song for “Codename Omega”.

     The last thing I would like to add is that you guys are the ones who first decided to compare Feng Jing and Mo Zhen; then you guys are saying that Feng Jing is not a suitable rival for Mo Zhen. Do you guys have schizophrenia or something? Certain people need to stop blackening Emperor Mo’s reputation.


     Since his looks are very good, I had always thought that he didn’t have any acting skill.

     I thought that all the way until I watched  “Codename Omega”. I ended up kneeling inside the movie theater.

Meeting Lin Yu in a Moment

     Thank you! Warning: lots of pictures ahead.

     Because everyone is saying that there is enough I’ll say something else. Mister Feng is a veritable top student! He is different than those self proclaimed top students. His score for the college entrance exam was more than 600 points! Even compared people not from the acting class, he can clearly still be considered a top student!

     While he was testing into Lun Yi as well, they just directly gave him an offer at his interview! It’s just that Mister Feng is low-key, and never showed it off before, though he obviously doesn’t need to! His works are enough to attest to his worth!

     Below are more pictures, enjoy your eye candy (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

I Am Your Neighbor Mr. Wang

     I feel that Feng Jing is an actor with a significant background. Why else would Tian Qin Entertainment agree to let him study for a year while his popularity was at a meteoric rise? However, from a long-term perspective, that decision was indeed correct.

Star Chasing Girl Number 3

     I won’t need comment on Film Emperor Feng’s acting ability. I’m only pleading him to act out a character with a happy ending. QAQ Both Lin Yu and Omega were both characters with miserable lives. I don’t want to cry anymore QAQ


1. Double Seven Festival or Qixi Festival is basically the Chinese equivalent of Valentine’s Day

ZII: I’m taking on this novel in addition to Phoenix Rising Over the World. I’m planning for a full chapter release every 1 to 2 weeks for this one, but if you guys are fine with half a chapter every week I can do that too. Please state what you prefer down in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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