Midnight Cinderella Chapter 9 Teaser

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The feeling that Feng Jing gave off was very different from what she saw in the movie theater. He was not the cynical Lin Yu, nor was he the emotionless Omega. Of course, his handsome aura was still the same– even while surrounded by tall bodyguards, he was the most eye-catching.

    He was undoubtedly a considerate individual, because when Jiang Ran thought about it, she realized that if one was to drag their tired body out of the airport, yet meet with such a scene, no one would be particularly happy about it. However, he still put on a smile and interacted with the fans.

She held up the fan poster in her hand, watched him slowly draw closer, and then …… he raised his hand and pet her head.

ZII: Just a little teaser, I’ll have the full chapter up within one or two days.

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