The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 — Using Age to Disdain Others

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Wang Ke said, “Manager Zhang, do you feel the clothes we have this time are satisfying? I have some more details to introduce to you. Would you still like to hear it?” 


At the last moment, Wang Ke modified a lot of details. He already took away all the stuff Cheng Jinyu mentioned, and only left the necessary stuff. There was still a lot of time left, so much that when Wang Ke finished, Manager Zhang was very seriously listening. 

“Manager Zhang, we have already finished our entire presentation. Are you satisfied with our clothes this time?” 

Manager Zhang nodded his head. “Very good. I think it’s okay. But you also know, I don’t have the final say in this company. A ten million dollar bill, it’s not something that is resolved with one word.” 

Wang Ke replied, “I understand. Of course I understand. But in this situation Manager Zhang has the most say in this. If you don’t like this outfit, it doesn’t matter if anyone else is satisfied!” 

Zhang Yishan was enjoying this. “What you said is an over exaggeration, but I still do have a little bit of a say.”

As Wang Ke continued to praise Zhang Yishan, Zhang Yishan was bursting with joy. He said, “I can put in a few good words for you guys. Did you guys prepare a lot of data? There are a lot of people in the upper ranks. Even if they are not concerned with it, nevertheless I still need to give each leader one. “

Wang Ke smiled and replied, “Understood, understood. We prepared a lot. I can guarantee that everyone will get a copy.”

“That’s right, I also need a picture of this little brother. It is more effective than saying a million words.” 

Wang Ke smiled, “Thank you for your reminder, I would not have thought of it. In a moment I’ll take Xiao Cheng to take a picture. I will make sure each copy of the material will include a picture.” 

Afterwards they talked over many details of the job. Cheng Jinyu stood to the side and earnestly listened. He did not speak, but with one look you could see that he was very concentrated. 

Sometimes Wang Ke would purposefully showcase him. He would let him present special knowledge about the product. Although what Cheng Jinyu said was not perfect, the words that came out of his mouth, although there were fewer professional words, it let people understand easier. 

Zhang Yishan smiled and replied, “Manager Wang, you may have captured a treasure.”

They had not finished talking but it was already noon. 

Wang Ke said, “Let’s go, let’s go. I’ll treat Manager Zhang to lunch.” 

Zhang Yishan replied, “I don’t have time at noon. How about the evening then! In the evening I’ll bring some people to go. If you can get that person settled, this time our cooperation will have no problem.” 

“Ok, good. Then I’ll reserve a private room to wait for you guys.”

Wang Ke left from Hisense Group and really had Cheng Jinyu take pictures. 

Cheng Jinyu asked, “Am I really becoming a model now? This isn’t good!” 

Wang Ke processed what happened today. His impression of Cheng Jinyu was very good. He smiled and said, “Although you just came to the company, you still have to display some use. You’re still in your trial period. You need to show people that you have use.”

“In the future when you can pitch a sale and get a receipt signed, and turn into an outstanding sales rep, you won’t need to sell pictures anymore. That’s right, actually you being a model isn’t bad. Compared to a sales rep, it is a lot better.”

Cheng Jinyu smiled. “Forget it, I will work harder in sales!” 

Wang Ke couldn’t help but look at him and think, this person was not arrogant or impatient. He was actually a very steady and striving young person. 

These two went back and continued to work overtime. THey modified the data a bit and made it a bit more detailed. At last in the afternoon, Cheng Jinyu sent over the data. Then he hurried to find a restaurant in order to prepare for the dinner party that night. 

The dinner party at last was reserved at a seafood restaurant near Hisense Company. The private room was very big and could fully fit more than 20 people.

Evening finally arrived and Cheng Jinyu accompanied Wang Ke. Zhang Yishan brought over three people. But these three people were not the same as the three people from this morning. 

Leading them was someone around 60 years old. His sideburns were all white and his hair was combed meticulously, seemingly dignified.

Wang Ke saw him immediately and shouted out, “Chief Xin? Why are you here? We are honored by your presence, it really is my good fortune.” Cheng Jinyu understood Hisense Company’s situation. This person was the Hisense Vice Chief and continued to work at Hisense. He was considered to be a senior level person. 

Cheng Jinyu naturally stood up as well and nodded his head towards the person.

Behind Chief Xin was the head of marketing. There was also the general manager of the business department. They were all high level people of Hisense Company. 

Wang Ke did not expect Xin Yuguang would come. Naturally he was extremely happy. He knew about this person for a very long time, just was never able to meet him. If he settled it today, the situation with the clothes would be in the bag. 

Wang Ke almost wanted to extend an arm to support Chief Xin. Chief Xin smiled and said, “Currently it is the era of the young. I should let this old weary body rest.”

“I shouldn’t have come to this occasion, but I am old and I sleep less. Even if I went home to sleep I wouldn’t be able to. I might as well come out and walk around a bit.” 

“Chief Xin, you’re not old. Our Hisense Company rely on you to support us.” Zhang Yishan said. 

“That’s right! Without you, half of Hisense would not be here!” 

“That’s right, that’s right!” The other two Hisense people agreed. 

Cheng Jinyu had seen the data. After Hisense Company was bought, board member Mo Jiaxing was assigned and almost all of the high ranking people of Hisense were swapped out. But there was still a very small group left. Xin Yuguang was part of that small group of people. But this small group of people were pretty much headed by Xin Yuguang. 

Xin Yuguang naturally had capability and methods. He also had a group of loyal followers with him. Although this person held the position of Vice Chief in Hisense, his power was still very vast. 

Chief Xin sat down, smiled and said, “Who is this child? A model? How come I’ve never seen them on television.” 

Wang Ke dragged Cheng Jinyu forward, “He is not a model but is our new salesperson from our company.” 

“Old Wang, I’m being cheated by you. I kept thinking this young man was a model.” Zhang Yishan smiled and replied, “You guys must have brought a model according to the requirements.”

The head of marketing also smiled, “Bringing a model with you,  directly giving them publicity.” 

“The important point is that it saves money. Models cost a lot of money. What is the wage of a regular staff worker? The difference is too big.” Another manager agreed with him. 

Chief Xin laughed and beckoned towards Cheng Jinyu, “I am old, my eyes aren’t too good. Young person, sit by my side. Let me take a good look at you.”

“I am old now and just like being around young people.”

Although what Chief Xin said was kind, his gaze continued to stare at Cheng Jinyu. 

Wang Ke smiled and said, “Chief Xin, don’t tell me that I’m old? Could it be that you think I am annoying? It’s better if I sit by your side. Serving food and water, compared to young people, I know more about this.” 


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The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 26
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