The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 — Eye Catching

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“Thats why, you need to take the first step. Of course, you don’t need to say anything today. Just listen to me and you’ll be fine.”

Following Yang Zijian’s arrangement, Cheng Jinyu was first dragged to a hair salon to fix his hair. Cheng Jinyu was extremely puzzled. How come people needed to fix their hair first if they needed to do something? 

Then Yang Zijian had Cheng Jinyu switch to a western suit. Cheng Jinyu asked, “What is this for?” 

Yang Zijian smiled and said, “As far as I know, Huangguan Hotel is undecided between our company and another clothing company. Today I’ll bring a model with me and let them see for themselves how good our clothing is. I don’t believe that they won’t be interested. “

Cheng Jinyu hastily replied, “I’m no good, it’s better if you find an actual model to go with you.”

“Forget that, that’s too expensive. Besides, what model will have the same effect as you when wearing these clothes. Lets go, you promised me.” Yang Zijian did not give Cheng Jinyu time to refuse. He pulled Cheng Jinyu and left. 

Cheng Jinyu did not dare to say how he learned, but he still somewhat smiled when meeting the people. Wearing a high quality suit, matched with his big smiling face, directly knocked out Huangguan Hotel’s manager. 

Yang Zijian’s contract was quickly signed smoothly. Of the three million dollars, he could get 8%.

Yang Zijian extremely genously said, “In total I receive 240,000, from that 20,000 is your reward. You can’t complain about this trip.”

“20,000? Isn’t that too much!” Cheng Jinyu didn’t really do anything but accompany Yang Zijian and smile.

Yang Zijian smiled and patted Cheng Jinyu. “You performed well. If it wasn’t for you, this bill wouldn’t have been able to be signed. 20,000 is already small, but currently I can only give you this much.” 

Cheng Jinyu replied, “It’s enough, it’s already not small.” 

Yang Zijian did not think that Cheng Jinyu would still be this naive. He couldn’t help but say, “From now on we can cooperate together.  If I have this kind of work again, I’ll come find you.” 

Cheng Jinyu did not think that this kind of money making would be so fast. He smiled and said, “Ok, if there’s more stuff like this, I’ll come.”

The two happily talked as they went back. When they entered the company elevator, they just happened to run into the manager of the sales department, Wang Ke, and Jiang Zihan standing there.

Yang Zijian happily said, “Manager, we got the Hongguan Hotel contract signed.”

“Signed? I thought you couldn’t do it?” Wang Ke said. 

Yang Zijian pulled Cheng Jinyu to the front. “We ought to give thanks to Manager for giving us this deity. Manager, where did you find this person? He really is too amazing. He didn’t even need to say a word. He only needed to wear our company’s clothing, and became a model!”

Jiang Zihan and Wang Ke changed their gaze to Cheng Jinyu. Wang Ke already forgot who this person was while Jiang Zihan was actually a little surprised.

The phrase “a person gone for three days will be seen with new eyes” must be talking about this person (1)! But it’s only been a few short days. Cheng Jinyu felt even more different than he was before. 

Don’t know if its because he was in the office, but Cheng Jinyu’s skin was even more pale and bright. He was originally very pretty, but his previous appearance was too poor.

The Cheng Jinyu now who was wearing a high quality suit with a fashionable hairstyle looked like a model who walked off the billboard.

Wang Ke simply just didn’t even remember Cheng Jinyu. “Who is this person? Is he a specially invited model? This kind isn’t too expensive?”

Yang Zijian laughed. “Not a specialized model, it’s a staff from our company. But Boss, I strongly advise that we don’t use a male celebrity for the next season, just using our Jinyu is good.” 

Jiang Zihan gentle face revealed a bit of a smile. “Ok, Biao Ge, is it ok?”

“Biao Ge? Who?”

Cheng Jinyu looked at Jiang Zihan with a smile that was suited for the situation. “Thank you Chief Jiang for your appreciation, but I haven’t even done well in the sales department yet. I don’t even want to think about being a model.” 

“Models make a lot more money than sales rep.” Jiang Zihan continued. 

Cheng Jinyu looked at him as he replied, “Thank you, the money I have now is enough to use.” Cheng Jinyu finished talking and turned his head to talk to Yang Zijian, “I’m a bit thirsty, I’ll go up first. I’m going to buy some water.” 

Cheng Jinyu, done talking, turned around and left. 

Yang Zijian looked at Jiang Zihan. “Boss, do you know him?” 

“Don’t know him.” Jiang Zihan directly replied. 

The elevator arrived. Wang Ke said, “Chief, after you.”

Yang Zijian said, “I’ll let you two leaders go back, I still have some stuff to do.” Yang Zijian said this turned around and ran off. Wang Ke embarrassed said, “This person is still a student, Chief Jiang do not bother yourself with him.” 

Jiang Zihan watched as Yang Zijian quickly ran over to Cheng Jinyu’s side and extended a hand to wrap it around his neck. Cheng Jinyu was frightened and jumped, then turned around to see Yang Zijian and laughed. 

A laughing Cheng Jinyu was truly good looking. There was a bit of similarity to Chen Yuze, but compared to Chen Yuze’s smiling expression, it was comfortable to see. It was like the spring wind of March. The breeze caressed a person’s cheeks.

Cheng Jinyu started as an unremarkable person but had immediately turned into the new famous figure of the sales department.

Some people like beautiful girls. Similarly handsome men will cause people to find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and mind. The most important part was that it was still this kind of modest and amiable bearing. As a refined and cultured person, this naturally caused people to like him even more. 

Another important part was that with the suit he was wearing on his body. He really was too good looking. Yang Zijian was able to rely on this to get the contract that previously could not be signed before. This caused other people to become restless.  

Immediately the group leader for Group 3 spoke, “Tonight I’ll treat. We will all celebrate Zijian getting the contract signed, and also welcome our new member, Cheng Jinyu.”

“Good, good. Group Leader, you should have done this earlier.”

There was a shopping street at the bottom of their tower. Not only was there every kind of restaurant, there were also shops that sold clothes, jade antiques, swimming, bars, etc…. 

The Group 3 leader originally invited his group’s staff. He did not think all of the sales department workers would also come. The Group 3 leader looked at his wallet, and could only silently shed a tear. 

The greatest characteristic of the sales department staff is having the gift to gab people. Their capacity for liquor was tremendous. Even for Yang Zijian, who was a student, a thousand cups was not enough. 

Cheng Jinyu was a person who didn’t drink a lot. After 2, 3 cups, his entire face was bright red like an apple. 

The Group 3 leader was still thinking about his wallet. He raised his head and saw his boss and president come out from the office across the street. 

“Manager, you come at just the right time. Our department got together today. We’re just waiting for you. Does Chief Jiang have time? If you have time, come hang out with us for a bit.” 



  1. A person gone for three days will be seen with new eyes: When you have not seen someone for a few days, they will have improved and you can no longer look at them with the same eyes. From “A Mirror for the Wise Ruler (or Comprehensive Mirror for Aid in Government). English equivalent: When you sit up and take notice


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The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 22
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