The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 — Completely Changed

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Cheng Jinyu said, “I’m a distantly related cousin. The connection is so distant that I don’t even know if we count as relatives. He happened to see me the day I came to the company for an interview. It turns out he is good friends with Chief Jiang and helped me put in a good few words.”

Zhang Ming looked at him with surprise. It was obvious the relationship between him and his cousin wasn’t bad, but the way he said it made it seem like he didn’t have a backer. 

Also on that day this person barely talked. He only said a few short words and definitely didn’t talk like this. 

Wang Ke looked at the outfit on Cheng Jinyu’s body and wondered what brand the suit was. The quality of the fabric was not good. 

Wang Ke said, “Work hard. For now let’s assign you to Group 3.”

“Yes, Manager.” Cheng Jinyu said. 

Zhang Ming smiled and patted Cheng Jinyu’s back. “Work hard. I’ll look after you.” 

“Thank you.” Cheng Jinyu sincerely responded. 

Zhang Ming looked at the person in front of him. He was completely different from the person yesterday. The person from yesterday was lifeless, as if he was a walking corpse. But the person today had flesh and blood (1) and was also a very attractive young person. 

“Smile more. It will help you out.” 

“Yes.” Cheng Jinyu replied. 

The leader of Group 3 was currently not there so Cheng Jinyu was assigned to a person called Yang Zijian. This person was a student in his last year of college. He was just like a big child. 

“Hello, I am Yang Zijian.” He very enthusiastically introduced himself to Cheng Jinyu. 

“Hello, I am Cheng Jinyu. I am the newcomer, please advise me.” 

Yang Zijian laughed. “I don’t dare to advise. I only arrived here a few days before you.”

AdvertisementCheng Jinyu had just sat down next to Yang Zijian when he asked, “Were you a sales rep before?”


“Then what did you do?”

Cheng Jinyu replied, “I didn’t do anything. Just did some household chores.”


“No.” Cheng Jinyu said. 

Yang Zijian did not continue to question him. “The most important thing for us as sales rep is to have a friendly attitude. The customers come first. We must serve the customers. You’re good looking, that’s a bonus point. Right now the most important thing is for you to hurry and become familiar with our company’s clothing.” 

“From the designer’s designs to the fabric selected, the process, and as well as why our clothes are better than other clothes. You need to know these things. Otherwise how would you be able to present the customers with the clothes? How would we make the customer feel that our clothes are the best?”

Cheng Jinyu nodded his head. This Yang Zijian was extremely enthusiastic, “Then what should I do now?” 

Yang Zijian brought over a couple of thick books. “Naturally we look at our company’s data. These our brand development history and the designer’s designs. These few books are very important. Read them carefully.”

“Ok, I understand.” Cheng Jinyu took those few books and earnestly started to look at them.

Cheng Jinyu lowered his head. His skin was very white. The black suit made his skin look even more fair and clear. His eyelashes were very long, even longer than a female’s. It was like a little fan. The way it sparkled was adorable.

Yang Zijian stared at him. “How old are you?”


“It can’t be, I totally can’t see it.” Yang Zijian was startled. “I thought that the oldest you could possibly be is 24.” 

Cheng Jinyu lifted his head and smiled, causing him to become even more beautiful.

Yang Zijian held a fountain pen in his hand and the corners of his mouth revealed a bit of a smiling expression.

Noon arrived and there were some people already calling Yang Zijian to go out and eat. Yang Zijian said, “Jinyu, let’s eat together.”

Cheng Jinyu lifted his head. “I’m not hungry, you guys go.” Finished talking, Cheng Jinyu continued reading. 

“You don’t need to be this serious. This book can’t be read in an hour. You’ll need a lot of time to understand it.”

Cheng Jinyu gratefully nodded his head. “I know, but I’m really not hungry.” Cheng Jinyu smiled, extremely modest. 

Yang Zijian could only stand up, “Then we’ll leave first. Read well.” 

Xiao Sun wrapped an arm around Yang Zijian’s neck and said, “Who is that? He’s that good looking, but came here to be a sales rep? I can see that he is definitely better than us.”

“Why?” Yang Zijian asked. 

“A hot woman with a luxurious car, a handsome man and a suit. This is the standard match!” Xiao Sun laughed. 

Yang Zijian turned his head around to seriously look at Cheng Jinyu. His facial features were truly outstanding. That suit on his body was too unsuitable. If he wore the company’s newest seasonal suit, it would definitely be blinding.

When Yang Zijian came back from the dining hall, Cheng Jinyu was still there seriously reading. He didn’t even drink a sip of water. But Yang Zijian clearly saw, the book was already read halfway through. 

“Do you understand it?” Yang Zijian asked.


Yang Zijian stood up and poured him a cup of coffee. “Take a break. Health is important. That’s right, bring a cup tomorrow.”

“Thank you for looking after me.” Cheng Jinyu gratefully noted it in his mind.

Cheng Jinyu knew this kind of job was not easy to come by so he took special care. Not only was he reading the book, he was also carefully observing his colleagues work. 

A lot of the time the sales staff weren’t even in the office. They basically would all go out to do work. 

They were responsible for the high ranking establishments, like businesses, national departments, banks, etc. to promote the company’s western suits. This was the concept of retail and they needed the sales rep to have very skilled marketing ability.

Cheng Jinyu read very quickly. Although there were some terms that he did not understand, but after looking them up on the internet, he understood all the miscellaneous words. 

Cheng Jinyu could see clearly that it was necessary for a sales rep to have a good appearance. He originally had a hunched back but these past few days he corrected himself and now it was already perfectly straight. 

Today, Cheng Jinyu had just arrived at the office when Yang Zijian asked, 

“Could you help me for a bit?”

Cheng Jinyu replied, “Of course. You keep taking good care of me.” This was Cheng Jinyu’s sincere words. Even though this Yang Zijian was younger than him, he really did take good care of him. 

Come with me to Imperial Crown Hotel. I need to get a signature for this contract.” Yang Zijian gritted his teeth. “I already went a couple times, but I absolutely cannot come back empty handed again.” 

Cheng Jinyu said unsurely, “I, I don’t know how to help you.” He still had not gone out to meet a customer and really didn’t know how to do it. Although these days he read a lot of data, and also learned some sales techniques from the internet, he  still did not have actual experience. 



  1. Have flesh and blood: lifelike

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The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 21
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