The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 20

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Chapter 20— Bullying Others

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Except for Cheng Jinyu, this entire crowd of people had no clue what he was talking about. Cheng Jinyu guessed that this bastard thought that he had already publicized their relationship. 

Zhang Hongyu had no clue what Gu Bokai was talking about. He smiled and said, “Biao Ge, hurry and call your husband over so we can meet him.”

“You still need to call for him?” Gu Bokai crossed his arms. 

Zhang Hongyu responded, “You must call him over. I must see what kind of person this middle aged boorish uncle is. Is he ugly? Is it a miserly fellow whose entire face is covered by his beard?” 

“Who? Who said he married a middle aged boorish uncle? ” Gu Bokai yelled. 

Zhang Hongyu pointed at the culprit, Cheng Jinyu. “He said it himself”

Gu Bokai ruthlessly kicked the table, turned to Cheng Jinyu and fiercely spoke, “A middle aged boorish uncle? Miserly? Extremely ugly? Good, very good!” 

Cheng Jinyu lowered his head. Boorish uncle was what he said, but the two phrases after were not said by him. 

Gu Bokai felt the rage in his heart boiling. He hadn’t seen him for two months. When had heard that he was here, he anxiously hurried over. But this bastard wouldn’t let him be happy even once. 

Wei Hua still did not completely believe the situation. “Cheng Jinyu! Why did you waste yourself? Even though we broke up, you didn’t need to find a random man to marry!” 

“Who is that man? Divorce him, divorce him immediately!” 

Gu Bokai’s eyebrow twitched. “Who the fuck are you? What does this have anything to do with you? You want him to get a divorce? If he gets divorced, are you going to marry him?” 

“What a lie. A scum man is here pretending to be righteous. Someone come! Throw him out! Letting any cat or dog enter (1), damn isn’t this still a place where people eat?”

Wei Hua had never been so humiliated by anyone before. Immediately his ears turned red. “You, why are you swearing at people?”

At this time the waiter had already arrived. Gu Bokai yelled, “Where is your boss? Bring Fan Guoqing over here!”

“Coming! Coming! The moment I saw Chief Gu’s car parked outside, I hurried over.” Fan Guoqing laughed as he walked over. 

Gu Bokai pointed at Wei Hua. “Let me tell you, from now on this dog isn’t allowed to enter any of your establishments.”

“Understood. Understood.” Fan Guoqing hurriedly promised. 

Wei Hua’s face became even more red. His new sweetheart and old love were all here. What was more important was that there were several clients and company colleagues also here. This kind of humiliation was worse than getting slapped in the face.

 Fan Guoqing did not care about these things. He faced Wei Hua and said, “I’m sorry sir. We will not do business with you. Please leave from this place. Also, from now on every restaurant that has our trademark, you don’t need to go enter. Many thanks for your cooperation. Take care.” 

“What you are doing is breaking the law!” Wei Hua yelled. 

“You can sue me. You can do it right now. Please leave immediately, don’t make us take action. Otherwise, it won’t be pleasant to watch.”

Wei Hua’s face was almost dripping blood. He didn’t dare to raise his head. Even if he didn’t raise his head, he knew that there were many eyes looking at him. 

“Fine, fine, fine!” Wei Hua successively said “fine” three times, then turned around to leave. 

Zhang Hongyu was a bit muddleheaded. What was going on? He didn’t understand what Brother Bokai was mad about. 

“Did he provoke you?” Zhang Hongyu asked. “It would have been fun to have him stay to play around with. Yuze still wasn’t done playing.”

Chen Yuze asked, “Brother Bokai, is your mood not good today?” 

Gu Bokai replied, “Correct. Also you, hurry up and get out of here. I don’t want to see you for another second.” Gu Bokai pointed at Cheng Jinyu and yelled. 

Cheng Jinyu originally didn’t want to stay here. Here, he was these princes’ plaything. Cheng Jinyu walked out from behind Chen Yuze. He directly turned around and left. 

“Leave? All thrown out? Then what will we play with?” Zhang Hongyu was instantly not in the mood. 

Gu Bokai stood up. “You only know how to play. You need to think about what you want to do in the future! Rich younger brothers cannot go on like this. Focus on more serious things!”

“Whatever, you guys eat. I’m leaving.” Saying this Gu Bokai turned around wanting to leave. Chen Yuze extended a hand and pulled at him. “Where are you going? You’re not going to eat?” 

“I’m very busy. You guys eat.” Gu Bokai threw off Chen Yuze’s grip, and like a gust of wind, quickly walked out. 

Zhang Hongyu asked, “Brother Zihan, what does Brother Bokai’s mean? He originally said was busy and didn’t want to come. But in the end he came. After arriving, he yelled at Wei Hua, then hurriedly left. What’s the big idea?”

Chen Yuze watched Gu Bokai’s figure vanish. “He probably didn’t like that I was probing out Wei Hua.” 

Jiang Zihan stared at Chen Yuze. “No, I don’t think that’s it.” 

“Then why?” 

Jiang Zihan shook his head. “Who can understand his mind.”

There was a bit of hesitance on Chen Yuze’s face. Jiang Zihan watched Chen Yuze,  and also fell into silence. Zhang Hongyu was even more dissatisfied. Such a good opportunity was thoroughly ruined by Biao Ge.

He really was a shit stirring stick (2). He really was extremely annoying.  

Cheng Jinyu hurriedly left from the seafood restaurant. In an instant his entire body felt relieved. He wasn’t sure if it was the result of being in front of Chen Yuze for many years, but Cheng Jinyu only needed to be with them and will feel very uncomfortable. 

However the best part was that he finally had a job. Although it was a sales job and a completely new profession for him, but it was also a new beginning. 

“Stop!” Cheng Jinyu had just walked over a few steps when he heard a loud shout from behind him. 

Cheng Jinyu turned his head around and saw that it was Gu Bokai. Gu Bokai aggressively questioned him, “Who is a boorish older uncle? Who is a miserly fellow?

Cheng Jinyu responded, “It’s you.” Then he made a run for it.

“You little bastard, see if I don’t skin you.”

“We’ll have to see if you can catch me first.” Cheng Jinyu provoked him. 

The next day Cheng Jinyu’s legs were still trembling. Yesterday he was chased by that bastard for an hour. He was so tired, he wanted to collapse. 

Cheng Jinyu did not know that Gu Bokai could be that petty. He thought about it and realized that he was tired of the situation. No matter what, he still needed to find time to hurry and get divorced. That way, the two people no longer would have any relationship with each other. 

Cheng Jinyu was dressing up nicely today and wore a black suit. This was the most expensive outfit that he had. At that time he had spent 1,000 on it. 

This was bought by Cheng Jie right after he graduated. Although at that time he kept refusing, he was finally pressured by Cheng Jie to buy it. 

Cheng Jinyu first went to the Department of Human Resources to report in. Zhang Ming brought him to the sales department. 

Zhang Ming introduced him and said, “This is the company’s new hire. This is the manager of the Sale’s Department, Wang Ke.”

Wang Ke was 50 this year. He ducked his head to look at Cheng Jinyu’s resume, raised his head to look up and down at Cheng Jinyu. “Zhang Ming, what’s going on with this guy?”

Zhang Ming knew that this person’s eyes were very sharp, and could only speak frankly, “Connections.” 

Wang Ke asked, “Whose?”

Zhang Ming looked at Cheng Jinyu. “You tell him yourself!”


  1. Any cat or dog: people of small importance
  2. Shit stirring stick: Used to be a stick used by peasants/farmers to evenly distribute feces among the land. Now it can be used to describe someone who made a mess of things.  


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The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 20
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