The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 — I’m Married

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Cheng Jinyu did not like this type of gaze. He strode over to Chen Yuze’s side and stood behind Chen Yuze.

Chen Yuze turned his head to glance at Cheng Jinyu. Cheng Jinyu really was different from his past self.  His actual appearance was unexpectedly a bit handsome, but his entire temperament was changed. This made him feel like a completely different person from before. 

“Yuze? It really is you! I thought I had recognized the wrong person. I didn’t really think it was actually you.” Wei Hua’s voice appeared. Cheng Jinyu’s hands couldn’t help but tightened into fists. 

Cheng Jinyu instantly ducked his head, causing Chen Yuze’s gaze to land on him.

Wei Hua had already happily walked over. “It really is you? I originally thought I had recognized the wrong person. I didn’t think I would see you here.”

Wei Hua was a bit excited. Cheng Jinyu kept his head down. He wasn’t sure if he saw him or not.

Zhang Hongyu scornfully said, “Who is this? Yuze, you have a very wide selection of friends.”

Chen Yuze smiled. “You forgot? This is Biao Ge’s boyfriend!” 

“Crap! It’s this bastard!” Zhang Hongyu directly shouted. 

Jiang Zihan’s gaze turned towards Cheng Jinyu, Cheng Jinyu’s head was down and did not see his gaze. 

Jiang Zihan smiled and spoke, “So it’s Cheng Jinyu’s boyfriend. Nice to meet you. I heard that you have been together for seven years. That’s not a short time.” 

“We already broke up.” Cheng Jinyu lifted his head up again. His eyes were as calm as before. 

Jiang Zihan’s gaze turned towards Wei Hua. “Is that true”

Wei Hua suddenly realized that Cheng Jinyu was also here. He had only seen Chen Yuze at first and did not pay attention to the background behind Chen Yuze. Thus, he did not see Cheng Jinyu standing behind Chen Yuze. 

Except, the feeling Cheng Jinyu exuded now was not the same, to the point that Wei Hua didn’t dare to identify him. He didn’t know where the difference was. In any case the difference from the past Cheng Jinyu was too vast. 

“Broke up?” Chen Yuze asked, “Why? Brother Wei Hua is so good, why did you break up with him Biao Ge?” 

Cheng Jinyu earnestly said, “It’s because he’s too great, so I did not deserve him.” 

This was the first time these two people had met after breaking up. Wei Hua originally thought that they would never have the chance to meet up again. And with time, this emotion would also slowly disappear. 

However, today they met each other here and it seemed like Cheng Jinyu had turned into a different person. There was also that phrase ‘did not deserve him’. Wasn’t that what he had originally said at that time?

Ten years ago, Cheng Jinyu was like the moon under the sky. He was a treasure that he wished for day and night. He used three years worth of time and a great number of letters to finally win his heart. 

However ten years had passed, Cheng Jinyu who was like the moon under the sky, changed from a sea to a mulberry field (1). He changed beyond recognition. 

Chen Yuze saw Wei Hua stare at Cheng Jinyu and the smiling expression on his face slowly vanished. 

“It looks like Brother Wei Hua is still unwilling to part. As it happens, Biao Ge has turned handsome and is now classy. You guys can reconcile.”

“Not possible.” Cheng Jinyu opened his mouth and said. 

“Why? Why is it impossible? Biao Ge, your heart still has brother Wei Hua, why can’t you reconcile?” Chen Yuze deliberately feigned shock to ask. 

Wei Hua had already prepared his break up with Cheng Jinyu long ago, but due to those years persistently pursuing him, Wei Hua didn’t know how he should explain their breakup.

Fortunately Cheng Jinyu proposed the break up himself and saved Wei Hua his breath. But right now Cheng Jinyu’s change, along with the phrase “not possible”, made Wei Hua’s mentality a bit unwell.

Zhang Hongyu slapped the table and spoke, “Biao Ge, this is your wrong. Your boyfriend is very good. He has a good figure and appearance. He is very well matched with you.” 

Wei Hua hurried to explain, “It’s me who is bad. It’s me who does not deserve Biao Ge.” 

Cheng Jinyu’s heart hurt. Wei Hua never called him Biao Ge before, he also knew that he did not like that name. Was it a real break up? There were already no feelings of friendship left. 

Chen Yuze smiled and said, “Look, one said he doesn’t deserve him. The other also said he doesn’t deserve him. These two people obviously still love each other. Since its like this there’s no need to separate.” 

“That’s right, that’s right. Hurry and reconcile so they can avoid going out and wrecking others.” Zhang Hongyu took the advantage to say this.

Wei Hua was a bit alarmed as he hurried to explain to Chen Yuze. “Yuze, you’re really misunderstanding me. Biao Ge and I…”

“I’m married ” Cheng Jinyu suddenly opened his mouth. He said it very relaxedly, but it still caused everyone present to take a step back in a daze. 

“You, what did you say?” Wei Hua didn’t really believe him. They were together for seven years. He had chased him for three. Even if Wei Hua was ready to break their relationship off ages ago, but with all those years of mutual affection, Wei Hua still hated to part with him. Even though they were no longer together, at night, when Wei Hua thought about their past, the pit of his stomach still hurt tremendously. 

But the person in front of him, he unexpectedly got married?

Chen Yuze did not dare to believe him, “Biao Ge, you’re just lying to people!” 

Cheng Jinyu replied, “I’m not, I wouldn’t try to trick others. I swear on my mother’s illness.”  Cheng Jinyu used his mother to swear. There was no feeling of humor in his words. 

“You… you got married, how come you didn’t even notify me? Who is that person? You hastily and carelessly got married like this? You’re too impulsive!” Chen Yuze shouted. 

Zhang Hongyu couldn’t help but laugh as he spoke, “Is it a middle age, boorish uncle?” 

Cheng Jinyu stared at him. “He can be described like this.”

“Biao Ge! You, how could you be so dumb? How could you just casually marry that kind of person?” Chen Yuze said while extremely wishing that iron would turn into steel (2).

Zhang Hongyu laughed. “I think it’s very good. Like this, our brother Wei Hua finally escaped the devil’s clutches.”

Wei Hua was staring rigidly at Cheng Jinyu. His facial expression had a bit of pain. “Is it to retaliate against me?” 

Cheng Jinyus face continued to be expressionless. “No.”

“Then why? Why rush to get married? If it’s not to retaliate against me, then what is it?” 

Cheng Jinyu faintly smiled. It unexpectedly had the faint charm of youth. “I changed tastes. Recently I started liking boorish uncles.” 

“Who likes a boorish uncle?” Gu Bokai excitedly and hurriedly came over. With a quick glimpse, he saw Wei Hua standing next to Cheng Jinyu. 

Gu Bokai immediately pulled them apart and sat by Chen Yuze’s side. 

Chen Yuze smiled and said, “Brother Bokai, you came. Weren’t you very busy?” 

“Even if I’m busy, I still need to eat. Of course, I can’t forget about you guys.” 

“Brother Bokai is the best.” Zhang Hongyu happily said, “That’s right, I’ll tell you some big news. Biao Ge is married.”

Gu Bokai at this moment turned his gaze to Cheng Jinyu and coldly snorted. His face had a cheerful attitude. 

“Married is married, what is there worthy of to display.” Gu Bokai said this while arranging his hair. “Actually I’m not bothered. If he keeps chasing me then even I can’t do anything about it. I’m too soft hearted. I wasn’t careful and showed pity for one moment, and got sacrificed to him.”


  1. sea to a mulberry field: time brings vast changes
  2. Iron would turn to steel: wishing someone would live up to expectations

 JADE: Relatively short chapter for this update. Also, for anyone confused about the whole “Biao Ge” name. Biao Ge in chinese means cousin, but Chen Yuze has been calling Jinyu that for so long, he thinks it’s his actual name.

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The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 19

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