The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 — Become Handsome

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Cheng Jinyu suddenly felt that he was very ridiculous. Genuinely too ridiculous. He thought that by leaving the Chen House and returning the Chen Family money he would possess self respect.

But his self respect, it disappeared ten years ago when he kneeled in front of Tan Liyun.

What pride? What self respect? Damn it, they were all luxurious things. Right now he only needed a job that would make him money. 

Cheng Jinyu lifted his head and faced Zhang Hongyu’s face that was full of disdain. As he faintly smiled, it was just like a peony blooming, bright and colorful, devastatingly beautiful. 

Zhang Hongyu suddenly became dazed. He never knew that Cheng Jinyu’s appearance was this good. Moreover, he didn’t know Cheng Jinyu’s smile was this good looking. 

Chen Yuze saw Zhang Hongyu’s dazed face and followed his gaze. Surprised, he yelled, “Biao Ge, you cut your hair? It looks really good.”

Cheng Jinyu originally kept his head down and hunched his back in front of them. Chen Yuze never discovered that this Biao Ge actually grew up to be this handsome.

Jiang Zihan was also curious and looked over. For the first time in front of him, Cheng Jinyu had straightened his back and lifted his head. 

The revealed Cheng Jinyu had a bit of a similar appearance to Chen Yuze, but Chen Yuze was a bit too delicate to the point that he was a bit of feminine beauty. 

On the other hand Cheng Jinyu was extraordinarily handsome and elegant. He had a face carved with distinct facial features. This sharp face was also extremely pretty. His thin pink lips had a smiling expression. In a flash, it was as if it drew in everyone’s souls. His beauty was soul stirring. 

Cheng Jinyu turned around and faced Jiang Zihan’s inquiring eyes. He put away his smile and gratefully bowed. “Thank you Chief Jiang for giving me this opportunity. There’s no need for 7k. 4k is fine. I will work hard. I definitely won’t disappoint you.”

“Biao Ge, you’re stupid. I already finished agreeing to 7k.”

Cheng Jinyu replied, “I already know what level I am at. I am already grateful to Chief Jiang for giving me this kind of opportunity.”

Chen Yuze smiled and hugged Cheng Jinyu from behind. “Why are you so polite? We’re all friends here.” 

Jiang Zihan coughed, “If you want to thank someone, thank Chen Yuze. I did it to save his face.”

Cheng Jinyu faced Chen Yuze and bowed again. “Thank you”

“Biao Ge, if you keep being this polite with me, I’ll really get upset. Even if I’m not your real younger cousin, I treat you like my real cousin. Your problem is my problem.” Chen Yuze patted his chest as he responded.

Not his real younger cousin? Was still the same as a real cousin? Cheng Jinyu shook his head. In this world, the people who were the closest blood relations to him were Chen Yuze and his mother. 

However, it’s the people closest to you who will make you feel the most pain.

Zhang Hongyu resolutely said, “Where did that imposing manner of yours just go? Wasn’t it accepted? How did it change? Your willpower is not firm. You’re contradicting yourself. “

Chen Yuze protested, “Hongyu, it’s enough that Brother Bokai opposes him everyday. Don’t bully my biao ge anymore. And you just watch, look at how handsome my biao ge is right now! Biao Ge, where did you get your hair done? Such a big change, if you hadn’t spoken, I wouldn’t have recognized you.” 

Cheng Jinyu simply smiled and didn’t say anything.

Chen Yuze continued, “Enough, this matter will be handled like this. Biao Ge, come to work tomorrow. Let us all go celebrate now.”

Chen Yuze finished speaking and dragged Cheng Jinyu to the seafood restaurant without allowing him to protest.  

Chen Yuze unrestrainedly sat in the host seat. “Today, I congratulate my biao ge for finding a new job. Let’s have a good celebration. You guys order, I’ll treat. No need to be modest.”

“Of course it should be your treat. Otherwise it would be your biao ge’s. You should really treat Brother Zihan,” Zhang Hongyu said. 

Jiang Zihan smiled, “It’s okay. It’s fine if you just give me free food to eat.”

A server quickly came over. “What would you four like to order?” 

Chen Yuze responded, “Just leave us the menu. After choosing, we’ll send it over.” 

The server put down four menus. Cheng Jinyu already picked one up. He took the notepad from the server, and stood at the side of the table as if he was a server.

Chen Yuze ordered the dishes. Cheng Jinyu earnestly remembered them all and one by one noted it all down.

After waiting till those three finished ordering, Cheng Jinyu took the list that he wrote and delivered it to the hands of an attendant. 

When Cheng Jinyu came back he stood at the side of Chen Yuze and helped the server lay out the silverware, some rice, small dishes and snacks. 

When Cheng Jinyu was at Chen House as a servant, waiting upon them was an everyday thing.

Chen Yuze suddenly said, “What has Bokai been busy with lately? I haven’t seen him in a long time.” 

Jiang Zihan’s face also changed. “I also don’t know. You can ask him.” 

Chen Yuze took out his cell phone and dialed Gu Bokai’s number. 

Gu Bokai responded, “Do you need me? Is there a problem?” 

Chen Yuze asked, “What have you been doing? How come you don’t come out and play.”


“You need a balance between work and rest. You should come out and relax.” 

“No time.”

Chen Yuze’s smiling expression disappeared. Zhang Hongyu suddenly seized Chen Yuze’s phone and said, “Brother Bokai, come out. I haven’t seen you in so long “

“No time.”

Zhang Hongyu “Let me tell you some big news. Biao Ge seduced me “

Cheng Jinyu was carrying a teapot with both hands as he walked over. He almost dropped the teapot to the ground. 

“Bullshit!” Gu Bokai shouted. Jiang Zihan and Chen Yuze all heard it clearly. 

Zhang Hongyu also never thought that this joke would make Gu Bokai irritated. He explained, “It’s true. Just now he smiled at me. It was one of those seductive smiles, like a fox spirit.”

“Where is he right now?”

“Who? Biao Ge?” 


Zhang Hongyu with wide eyes looked at the similarly wide-eyed Cheng Jinyu. He was a bit embarrassed as he turned his head. “At the seafood restaurant across from Brother Zihan’s company.”

“Pa!” The phone immediately hung up.

Zhang Hongyu turned around to see Cheng Jinyu also staring at him. In the past, Cheng Jinyu would keep his head down and Zhang Hongyu could not see his eyes. 

Now Cheng Jinyu had his head lifted, revealing eyes as bright as stars, pure and clean like a newborn baby. 

Zhang Hongyu was a bit embarrassed. He coldly said, “Wait till Brother Bokai come. He’ll definitely skin you.” 

Cheng Jinyu scornfully stared at him for a moment. If Gu Bokai dared to embarrass him, he would take their marriage certificate and throw it in front of everyone’s faces. 

Zhang Hongyu naturally saw the disdain that flashed through Cheng Jinyu’s eyes. He angrily slammed the table. “You! You think you’re so awesome after cutting your hair? So what if you became handsome? I am a handsome young man. Am I arrogant?”

Cheng Jinyu suddenly understood something. No wonder the relationship between Gu Bokai and Zhang Hongyu was the best. Sure enough, they were bad as each other. 

Jiang Zihan gave a smiling expression. “Today, Biao Ge isn’t the same as the past.” 

“Isn’t it because he turned handsome? Look at him, so proud of himself. With our Yuze here, even if you were more handsome, it would not be noticeable.” Zhang Hongyu continued to press Cheng Jinyu.

Jiang Zihan shook his head. “Not because he became handsome, but because he has confidence now.” 

Cheng Jinyu turned his head to look over just in time to face Jiang Zihan’s investigating gaze. For the first time, Cheng Jinyu saw his own image in Jiang Zihan’s eyes. 

Cheng Jinyu replied, “A sales person from an outstanding company can’t not have confidence.” 

“Hahaha.” Jiang Zihan laughed. “Good, what you said is good.” He said it in this way, his gaze becoming even sharper, as if he wanted to see inside Cheng Jinyu as well. 

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The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 18

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