The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 — Charity Work

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Zhuo Yue Corporation was a reputable clothing company. Not only was their custom-made outfits high quality, they also had a physical retail store and an online store.Regardless if it was the clothing design, materials for clothes, or the merchandise transactions; everything was covered in their service. 

Human Resources’ Zhang Ming very apologetically said, “I am truly am very sorry, you don’t fit our requirements. Even though I know you really need this job, but you really don’t fit.”

Zhang Ming said this then came out of the room. Cheng Jinyu chased after him and said, “Don’t look at how skinny I am, I have a lot of strength. I definitely won’t have a problem being a security guard.”

Zhang Ming took large strides and was already in the lounge. He apologetically replied, “I saw that you really needed this job, that’s why I contacted you. But to save you from going back and holding onto hope, I have to tell you that you really don’t meet the requirements. Sorry.” 

“I really am qualified, there is no problem.” Cheng Jinyu anxiously chased after Zhang Ming.

“Biao Ge! What are you doing here?” Chen Yuze’s voice suddenly appeared not too far away, making Cheng Jinyu’s heart tremble a bit. 

Chen Yuze walked over from the front. Following behind him was Zhang Hongyu and Jiang Zihan. They were three elegant men with imposing and impressive appearances. 

“What’s going on here?” Jiang Zihan asked. 

Zhang Ming quickly walked over. “Chief Jiang, this person came here to be interviewed as a security guard, but he doesn’t fit the requirements and his education is too low. I have already declined him, but he really wants the job and keeps begging me. But he only graduated from middle school. I also don’t know why human resources contacted him for an interview.”

Chen Yuze was a bit angry as he walked over, “Biao Ge, what’s the meaning of this? Our family gave you 8,000 to work and you don’t want to work. Instead you insist on begging here to be a small-time security guard? 

Zhang Hongyu chuckled, “Just despicable.”

Chen Yuze already walked in front of Cheng Jinyu. “Furthermore, when you left you didn’t even let me know. Do you even see me as your younger cousin? I treat you as a blood related cousin, but what do you see me as?”

Zhang Hongyu interjected, “Don’t even bother having a connection with this heartless person. You’re so good to him yet he doesn’t know how to be grateful. Yuze, don’t bother with him, let’s leave.” 

Chen Yuze angrily replied, “Don’t butt into our affair.”

“Yuze, I’m just afraid of you suffering a loss. You treat this unworthy person well, yet what your mother said is correct. Pitiable people have detestable traits. 

Cheng Jinyu just stood there in the lounge. He thought it was very funny. How did he not realize he entered Jiang Zihan’s company. Originally he thought they would never meet again. He did not think he would run into them here.

AdvertisementBut he desperately needed a job and was randomly giving out his resumes. He immediately came after receiving an interview notice, and simply didn’t look at the name of the company. 

Chen Yuze suppressed his anger with great effort and said, “Biao Ge, is it because you blame me for what happened with Wei Hua?”

Cheng Jinyu was aware that the pit of his stomach hurt. “No.” Blame Chen Yuze? No, blame Wei Hua for not resisting the temptation? Also no. Yet he didn’t know why, he just simply didn’t want to see these two people anymore. That’s all.

“You’re lying, it’s because of this issue that you blame me. So you left my house and then broke off ties with me,” Chen Yuze said. 

“I did not.” Cheng Jinyu replied, “It’s just simply that my mother is sick. I’ve been busy in this short period of time.” He explained with this single phrase. 

Chen Yuze, “Your mother is sick? No wonder. “ He magnanimously patted Cheng Jinyu’s shoulder, “You wouldn’t go so far break off relations with me over a single man!”

“Enough, come home with me.” Cheng Yuze said this and wrapped his arm around Cheng Jinyu’s neck to pull him along. 

Cheng Jinyu pulled back a bit, “I’m not going back to Chen House.”

Zhang Honyu loudly laughed, “Yuze, I told you this person was heartless. You’re so good to him, but do you see how he reciprocates you? He doesn’t want to go to your house, doesn’t want a job that pays 8,000 a month. He insists on coming here to become a small-time security guard. Stupid!”

Chen Yuze’s facial complexion was not good. “You’re really not going to go home with me? If you think the wages are too low, I can ask my mom to raise it for you. Or I can also give you other money.”

“No, no need.” Cheng Jinyu said, “Thank you for helping me, but I want to come out and gain experience.

“Be a small-time security guard? What can you gain from it? Do you want to become an important security guard? A top ranking security guard?” Zhang Hongyu said with disdain.

Chen Yuze angrily replied, “What exactly are you thinking? Does a security guard have profit? An opportunity for advancement? Are you actually foolish? You don’t want to use your brain?”

Cheng Jinyu replied, “I know you’re being good to me, but let me take care of my affairs myself!” Finished speaking, he gave Chen Yuze a bow.

Cheng Jinyu could not deny that these few years Chen Yuze really did take care of him. Even though there were some things that he did that made Cheng Jinyu feel uncomfortable, Cheng Jinyu had to admit, Chen Yuze really did look after him.

“Forget it, regard it as my apology for letting you down. Because of a repulsive man, you’re actually upset with me.” Chen Yuze angrily shouted, “Stay there, don’t leave yet.”

Cheng Jinyu stood still as Chen Yuze turned around to face Jiang Zihan. “This is your company. Arranging a job for my biao ge wouldn’t hard!” 

Jiang Zihan replied, “Our company’s security guards all must have graduated from a specialized school.” 

“You can’t bend the rules a little? This is your company. I don’t care, today you must arrange for Biao Ge to come in. Also, he must have high wages.”

Jiang Zihan smiled. “So tyrannical!” 

Zhang Hongyu unhappily spoke, “Chen Yuze, you’re definitely sick in the head. What are you doing, being so nice to him.”

Chen Yuze ignored Zhang Hongyu, and continued to speak to Jiang Zihan, “Are you going to help or not?”

Jiang Zihan serenely replied, “Young Master Chen instructed me to, how could I refuse?” Saying this he turned towards Zhang Ming. “Is there any job that fits him?” 

Zhang Ming had seen Cheng Jinyu’s resume. His educational background was low. He had no skill, and also had no work experience. He was like a blank piece of paper.

Chen Yuze waited for Zhang Ming. “Let me tell you, if you can’t think of a suitable job, then just have Biao Ge switch with you.”

Chen Yuze grew up to be very good looking. Even though he was threatening someone, people would still not dislike him. Instead it was somewhat childish and cute. 

“That’s right, the sales department is currently lacking people. This gentleman can go to the sales department. Although our sales department also requires an education background and experience, but to speak frankly, the sales department just sells things. Compared to a security guard, it is less difficult. But this gentleman looks like he doesn’t like to talk. He would not fit very well.”

“Biao Ge’s mood these days has been very gloomy which is why he is like that. He usually loves to talk. He chats and laughs a lot. His character is especially optimistic, very suited for the sales department.” Chen Yuze yelled. 

Zhang Hongyu snorted, “Beat him with three sticks and won’t even make a noise.(1)

Chen Yuze fiercely glared at him. Zhang Hongyu did not continue to talk. 

Chen Yuze immediately turned towards Jiang Zihan to speak, “Pay? How much will you pay Biao Ge?”

Zhang Ming continued, “Most staff members get 4,000 a month, group leaders get 7,000, assistant manager is 10,000, manager is 15000.”

“Then it’s 15000,” Chen Yuze yelled. 

“Out of the question.” Said Jiang Zihan, “That’s way too much.”

“Then 10000, not allowed to go lower.” Chen Yuze haggled. 

Jiang Zihan had a ridiculing face while looking at Chen Yuze, “It would be better if this honorable deity went to work at your father’s company..At that time you can give him however much you want.”

You- do you think I can make decisions for my dad’s company?” Chen Yuze unhappily responded. 

Zhang Ming hurried to explain, “Sales rep does not rely on the wage to eat, they have commissions. The more clothes they sell, the more money they’ll receive.”

Jiang Zihan added, “Last year the manager of the sales department signed something off for 100 million. He was given a percentage, which was still a couple million. Add on various bonuses and other item commissions, it was no less than 10 million.”

“Crap! Being a sales rep also isn’t bad!” Chen Yuze said.

Zhang Ming smiled, “Of course it’s good, if a sales rep does well it’s definitely better than those other fixed salary staff. Naturally it’s a lot better than a security guard.”

Chen Yuze happily walked to Cheng Jinyu. “Biao Ge, did you hear? A sales rep is pretty good. If you do it well, when the time comes, you’ll be able to make a couple million.”

“Him? Don’t waste your breath!” Zhang Hongyu directly dampened his enthusiasm. Jiang Zihan also smiled and shook his head.

Cheng Jinyu felt that in front of his eyes was a clear path. He had never thought before that the prospects of a sales rep was pretty good. He currently needed money. He needed a lot of money. 

Chen Yuze directly made the decision. “Ok, you’ll be a sales rep. That’s right, 7000, this is already a low standard. You’re not allowed to go lower.”

Jiang Zihan said, “Forget it, just look at your face.”

Chen Yuze smiled and spoke, “Biao Ge, how about that? Not bad right? Working here is good. Zihan is the boss, he’ll look after you.”

Jiang Zihan protested, “I can’t agree to that, I’m very busy.”

“Even if you’re busy you’ll still care for my Biao Ge. It’s decided.” Chen Yuze said with finality.

Jiang Zihan gave him a doting look, repeatedly shook his head and could only admit to his bad luck.

Chen Yuze continued, “Biao Ge, the problem with Wei Hua was my fault. Today, just see it as me apologizing.”

Cheng Jinyu replied, “It wasn’t your fault. You don’t need to do this.”

“Then just work at Zihan’s company.”

Cheng Jinyu hesitated a bit. However he really did need a job, even if it was a security guard job. Even a housekeeper job was fine. But he was really unwilling to be in contact with Chen Yuze and these people. 

Chen Yuzen saw that Cheng Jinyu did not agree immediately and was a bit upset.  “Biao Ge, are you still unable to forgive me? At the time I really had good intentions. How long do you want to be angry?” 

Zhang Hongyu unhappily spoke, “Don’t respond to him. Zihan’s company doesn’t want him. Giving 7,000 dollars to waste it on a useless person? And he still doesn’t want it? He can’t even tell what’s good or bad.”

“Zhang Hongyu! Are you done? You keep attacking Biao Ge. What exactly is your purpose?”

Zhang Hongyu was also angry. “I just can’t bare to see you treat him so well, while all day he is neither yin or yang (2) and doesn’t even have a smiling face. What kind of thing is he? To say it frankly, he is your Chen family’s dog.”

“If your Chen Family didn’t pity them, the grass on his mother’s grave would already have already covered it up. You still went to go find him a job. But he doesn’t know how to be grateful. It’s like pulling along a bastard. Damn it, he can’t even smile and say thank you.”



  1. Beat him with three sticks and won’t even make a noise: a phrase to describe someone as untalkative
  2. Neither Yin or yang: Have an ambiguous attitude


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The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 17
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