The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 16

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Chapter 16— I am Bisexual

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The old grandma smiled and walked over and affectionately said, “Who can compare to him? Even my son cannot be compared to him. I’ve never seen such a good son before. And he also grew up to be so good looking. I’m so envious of you.”

The old grandma said this while beaming as she looked at Cheng Jinyu. It made Cheng Jinyu feel a bit embarrassed.

Cheng Yan sat by the headboard playing games. Listening to this old lady continuously praising Cheng Jinyu, she unhappily pouted. 

The old lady looked at Cheng Jinyu and asked, “This kind of outstanding young man, are you already married?”

Mama Cheng, feeling a bit unwell, responded. “He has not, It’s my disappointing body. It has caused my children to suffer along with me.”

“Then you must have a girlfriend. You’re so handsome, you definitely have one,” The old lady continued. 

Cheng Yan impatiently said, “My older brother likes men.”

Although the country already legalized same sex marriage, a majority of the people still did not accept it. There was a small portion that still discriminated against same sex relationships, believing that same sex couples were sick and very disgusting. 

Mama Cheng chided her, “Yan Zi, what nonsense are you saying.”

She did not think that old lady would become even more excited. She pulled on Mama Cheng’s hand and spoke, “Liking men is good, liking men is correct. Did you not hear what other people are saying. Heterosexuality is for reproducing, homosexuality is true love. “

This phrase, coming from a young person would not be strange. Coming from a 60 something year old lady, Cheng Jinyu was a bit startled.

The old woman faced Cheng Jinyu. “Don’t pay attention to other people’s views. You need to chase after your own true love.  Our country’s law have already legalized same sex marriage. Our country supports same sex marriage. People looking down on homosexuality is them falling behind society. They’re out. Yes, they are tearing apart from society.”

Cheng Jinyu began to admire this old woman, seeing that he was homosexual and she firmly supported it.

Mama Cheng could only smile with them, “I don’t care about homosexuality or heterosexuality, as long as the children are happy. Reproduction, what’s the use?”

 “Yes, younger sister what you said is correct.” The old lady happily patted Mama Cheng’s hand. Mama Chen grimaced in pain and hurriedly took back her hand.

The old lady spoke with a lot of glee, ” That’s right, younger sister, does your son have a partner?  I have a very good person who I think would be a very good match with your son.”

Cheng Yan interrupted, “My older brother already has a partner. They’ve been together for a good seven years.”

Advertisement“Married?”  The old lady investigated.

 “Not yet. In the future they will definitely get married.” Cheng Yan replied firmly. 

“That is still not guaranteed.” The old lady turned her head to Cheng Jinyu. “Since you haven’t married yet, then you still have the privilege to choose. The person on my side is extremely proper, would you like to get acquainted with him?”

 Cheng Jinyu was very clear that the old lady was trying to set him up.

Cheng Yan unhappily said, “ Bother Wei Hua’s  qualifications are very good. His annual salary is 300,000, and he has a car and a house.”

The old lady did not approve and responded, “ What’s 300,000? The other side here makes 500,000 a year and has two houses. One is in the third district, worth about 600,000. The other is at the border of the 5th district, and is worth about 200,000. He also has a Mercedes-Benz.”

Cheng Yan’s eyes at once became bright. “ He has such great qualifications? Could it be that he’s very short and ugly?”

 The old lady took out her cell phone to search for a picture. “I wouldn’t say he is a handsome young man, but he is definitely a first class person. Furthermore, his height is 1.8 meters (5’9). He’s definitely a person you can take outside with you.”

Cheng Yan went up to take a look. Sure enough, the person in the picture was refined. Wearing a pair of white glasses, his facial features were outstanding.

Cheng Yan’s face immediately exposed a smiling expression. She smiled and walked besides the old lady. “Auntie, what is this person called? Where does he work? How old is he this year?  Do you have his cell phone number?”

 The old lady looked at her and replied, “He only likes men, you don’t have a chance.”

Cheng Yan smiling face instantly disappeared. “What’s wrong with a woman?”

The old lady calmly replied, “ There’s nothing wrong with a woman, but what are you going to do if he only likes men? Do you want to get plastic surgery and come back and try again?”

“Yan Zi!”  Mama Chen felt that she lost face and shouted at Cheng Yan. 

Cheng Yan coldly snorted, “This entire world is engaging in homosexual practices. I see that humankind will die in a couple years.”

“Humankind will not be extinct. I discovered a pattern ages ago.” The old lady proudly exclaimed, “I discovered, outstanding men engage in homosexual practice. Ugly and stupid men will find woman to marry.”

“This old lady, what nonsense are you saying?” Cheng Yan was very angry. 

Cheng Jinyu hurriedly blocked her off. “Okay, okay, don’t need to talk about this anymore. Thank you Auntie for your praises. It’s just that for the time being I don’t want to be in a relationship.”

 The old lady realized that just now her words were said from agitation. She smiled and said,  I also meant it out of good intentions. Seeing what a good son you are, you cannot be aggrieved.”

 Mama Cheng smiled. Her complexion was not too good.

The old lady returned to her own sickbed. Mama Cheng called for Cheng Jinyu, wanting him to sit by her bedside.

Mama Cheng quietly said, “Jinyu, is there something wrong with you and Wei Hua?” Mama Chen clearly saw just now that Cheng Jinyu’s mood was not great, “Is it because of my matter? Is the money borrowed from Wei Hua?”

Cheng Jinyu shook his head, “No, it’s just… Wei Hua and I broke up.”

“Broke up? Why?” Mama Cheng instantly sat up. Cheng Yan’s face, which was facing her phone game, also looked over. 

“Nothing really. We just weren’t suitable.”

Mama Cheng tears began to flow, “Is it because of me? It’s definitely me, isn’t it?”

“No, it has nothing to do with Mother.”

Mama Cheng began to weep. “It must be me, I’m to blame. If I died, it would be better. You guys really should not save me, don’t have me do surgery.”

“Mom!  We cannot say that. Mom, you’re apart of our family. If you’re not here, this family would also fall apart.”

 Mama Cheng still blamed herself, tears continuously falling down.

Cheng Yan walked over.  I think that this is a good thing. That old lady already has an available person. His qualifications are better than brother Wei Hua’s.  Big Brother, you’re lucky…”

Cheng Jinyu interrupted, “Mom, strictly speaking, I still feel that women are better. I also rather like children.”

Mama Cheng’s teary face in an instant was a bit startled. Cheng Yan yelled, “You want to marry a woman? We have no money to give you to buy a house. Second brother’s place is also unsellable!”

Cheng Jinyu suddenly understood what mother’s startled face meant. He lowered his head and pensively responded, “Mom, you don’t need to worry, I won’t burden the family.”

Mama Cheng pursed her lips. “Jinyu, do you know right now there are many females that aren’t good to take as a wife? Just with our family circumstances, no one will want to marry in. Cheng Jie already gives me a big headache.”

Cheng Yan added on, “Big brother, since you are bisexual, you can find a man to marry. There is no need to prepare a betrothal gift, no need to buy a house or car, and you’ll even get a betrothal gift.”

Cheng Jinyu did not say anything so Mama Cheng continued, “In our current world, everyone only has money in their eyes! Money! Money! Cheng Jie is almost 26. He really worries me to death!” 

Cheng Jinyu still did not say anything. He silently picked up the clothes Mama Cheng left at the foot of the bed and put it in the basin.

Cheng Yan continued, “Just now the old lady said, homosexuality is true love. Big brother must have been hurt by brother Wei Hua, that’s why he’s discouraged about men. After a short period of time, he’ll get over it. If you want children, it’s easy, just adopt.” 

Cheng Mama sighed, “Jinyu, you originally liked females. Mother actually forgot. You’ve invested too much into this family, you don’t need to keep forcing yourself to do stuff for this family.”

“Mom, don’t say anymore,” Cheng Jinyu said.

Mama Cheng’s tears surged up even more violently, “At that time your father entrusted you to me, the only thing he told me was to let you live a normal life. Take a wife and have children, have an average life. I promised your father, I agreed to him.”

Mama Cheng thought of Tan Yiqing. It was like she went back to that time.

Cheng Jinyu of course knew. At the time when many females liked him and men also chased after him, Mama Cheng had told him about his father’s last wish.

Cheng Jinyu afterwards fell in love with Wei Hua, and went against his father’s wishes. In the end, it was this outcome. 

Cheng Jinyu shook his head. To him, his father was the most selfless and kind person in this world. Cheng Jinyu wanted to comply to his words.

It didn’t matter if it was female or male. From early on he was already physically and emotionally exhausted, incapable of loving anymore. 

Mama Cheng lived at the hospital for a couple days before finally going home. Although she still needed an IV, but at least they were rid of the expensive medical fee.

Although the place that they currently lived in was old fashioned, their rent every month was 3,500. Adding on Mama Cheng’s medicine fees, Mama Cheng, Cheng Jinyu and Cheng Yan’s living expenses; Cheng Jie’s wages could not keep up. 

The money flowed out like water. Everyday Mama Cheng gave out a lamenting sigh and kept repeating those words of dying.

Cheng Jinyu knew that his most pressing matter at the moment was finding a job, even if it didn’t have future prospects, even if it was something he didn’t want. But he didn’t realize until now that it turns out, finding a job was harder than expected. 

Two months had passed already, Mama Cheng could already leave the bed. Cheng Jinyu did not find a job and Mama Cheng’s sighing voice was heard more often. To Cheng Yan, she was even demanding, practically pressuring her to find work everyday.

Cheng Yan would get angry whenever work was mentioned. Mother and daughter everyday would quarrel. Cheng Jinyu knew he couldn’t keep dragging this on.

Also at this time, there was a cooperation who was recruiting security guards. Cheng Jinyu was informed about an interview offer.

It had insurance and one month was 4,500. This was the highest wage from some of the interview notices Cheng Jinyu had. He hastily rushed over.


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The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 16
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