The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 — Starting Over

Thanks to my editor Gold Fairy! 


Cheng Jie did not know how Cheng Jinyu borrowed 250k from Chen Family, but Cheng Jie could guess and figure it out. Most likely he received a hard to imagine humiliation. 

Cheng Jie found Cheng Jinyu in a remote corner at the hospital. He was sitting there, head lowered, body bent, and his forehead almost touching his leg. 

Cheng Jie didn’t know if he was crying or not. He only felt that his heart was like a pincushion.

“Older brother” Cheng Jie shouted with a soft voice. 

Cheng Jinyu immediately turned his head to restore himself to a normal state, before looking at Cheng Jie. 

Cheng Jie merely felt aggrieved and tears immediately began to flow out. 

Cheng Jinyu waved his hand, indicating for Cheng Jie to come closer. Cheng Jie walked before Cheng Jinyu, tears surging up even more. 

“Older brother, sorry, I’m sorry.” While still sobbing, Cheng Jie didn’t stop talking.

Cheng Jinyu tugged him to sit beside him. “Cheng Jie, you’re grown. You should settle down now. However it’s not as important as Mother’s life, do you understand?” 

Cheng Jie resolutely nodded his head. “I understand. I won’t get married. I won’t settle down, so long as Mom is still alive, it is enough.”

Cheng Jinyu replied, “If you know then it’s good. As for the matter of you buying a house, I will…”

“No, big brother. This is my problem. I’m grown now, I will take responsibility for my own matters.” Cheng Jie said it very earnestly and determinedly. 

Cheng Jinyu felt a bit warm in his heart. He extended his hand and rubbed Cheng Jie’s head. “Cheng Jie, you’ve grown.”

Cheng Jinyu stood up. “Let’s go back. Don’t let Mom worry.” 

The two brothers went back together. Mama Cheng was a bit cautious and solemn as she watched Cheng Jinyu. “Jinyu, I already consulted with you, if you don’t agree then forget it.”

Cheng Jinyu replied, “Currently, the most important thing is to give you treatment. Cheng Jie is still young. There is no need to be anxious about buying a house.”

“Mom, you don’t need to worry about me. I, your son, am so handsome, even if there’s no house, there will be someone who likes me.”

On Mama Cheng’s face was a bit of despair. She sighed again, “It’s all because I burden you guys. It’s all my fault. It’s just, right now the costs of houses are so expensive. Cheng Jie, what’s to be done!” 

“Mom, I’m already grown, just don’t worry about me.”

Mama Cheng wanted to say more, but hesitated for a moment. In the end she just let out a long sigh.

Cheng Jie got time off for the afternoon so he stayed at the hospital with Cheng Jinyu to look after Mama Cheng. Cheng Yan saw that they were all there and in the afternoon went home to catch up on sleep. 

In the afternoon while Mama Cheng slept, Cheng Jinyu spoke, “Did you bring your laptop?”

Cheng Jie replied, “I brought it.” Because these past few days he was constantly running around the hospital, a lot of work was done at the hospital. Naturally the laptop was always with him. 

“Let me use it.” 

Cheng Jie handed it to him. “Want to play a game?”

“Looking for a job.”

“Looking for a job?” Cheng Jie was startled. “Big brother, you’re no longer working at Chen House?” 

“Yes, I want to switch jobs.”

Cheng Jie excitedly said, “Great, great, I’ll help you write a resume. I’ll explain how to apply with a resume.”

“I really don’t know how to do it. I’ll have to rely on you.”

Cheng Jie happily replied, “No problem, hand it over to me, it will be fine.”

Chen Jie did not ask how he left Chen House. Owing Chen House that much money, would that kind of aunt let him go? But Cheng Jie did not want to ask. His older brother did not want to say, so he shouldn’t ask. 

Cheng Jie helped Cheng Jinyu write his resume. Then, he finally realized that for this older brother, the past ten years was actually blank. 

He did not graduate high school, he only finished middle school. At Chen House, he only did the work of a servant, but he couldn’t let him continue waiting on other people. But other than that type of work, he had no experience whatsoever. 

Cheng Jie comfortingly said, “Send a lot of resumes, a blind cat catches a mouse (1). We’ll cast a wide net. Eventually there will be a fish that will slip away from the net. It doesn’t matter what employment it is. You don’t need to look at those requirements, as long as you’re able to grasp it.”

Even though Cheng Jie tried to comfort him, Cheng Jinyu was still aware. Almost every kind of work had to do with your education level. Even hiring housekeepers required a specialized training. 

Over an entire afternoon, Cheng Jie issued a couple hundred resumes. He said, “Big Brother, you don’t need to worry. There will definitely be at least one or two who will contact you for an interview. Keep your cell phone clear, and carefully prepare for interviews.”

Mama Cheng’s surgery was very successful. After coming out from surgery, she was set up in a two person recovery ward.

At night, Cheng Jinyu kept watch. Cheng Jie still needed to go to work. Cheng Yan was a female. Cheng Jinyu wanted to let them brother and sister pair take a rest. 

Cheng Mama was still sleeping, the anesthesia was still working. 

Cheng Jinyu kept holding onto his phone, but from yesterday till now, there was no short message or information sent over. Numerous resumes were sent out, but there was no response whatsoever. 

He did not think starting over would be easy, but no matter how difficult, he must start over. 

Mama Cheng’s sleep was very peaceful. Cheng Jinyu was senselessly holding onto his cellphone. He then opened Penguin (2). He had not been on Penguin in a while. 

His Penguin only had very few and simple people. There were almost no contacts. Having not been in touch, Cheng Jinyu forgot who they were. The first post was astonishingly Wei Hua’s post. Cheng Jinyu saw his portrait and felt his heart faintly ache. 

Where they breaking up just like this? Sometimes Cheng Jinyu would wake up from his sleep and think that he was dreaming. However, these past few days Wei Hua did not have a single bit of news. This kind of break up was serene yet full of grief.

Seven years of affection, ten years of friendship, just like this, gone over one phrase. 

Wei Hua’s Penguin glowed so Cheng Jinyu opened his Penguin’s page and saw Wei Hua had published a post. It concerned the latest movie screening commentary. 

Cheng Jinyu continued to scroll down and look. Only a few days had passed since their breakup but Wei Hua had published all kinds of posts. The thing missing was that they no longer had anything to do with Cheng Jinyu.

Perhaps he should have realized earlier, but was just unwilling to give up. 

Cheng Jinyu continued to look at it and began to feel it was more and more difficult to bear. It was like he was crying bloody tears, while simultaneously continuing to torment himself by looking at the new posts. 

When Cheng Jinyu felt like he almost wanted to choke, there was suddenly a new notification from Penguin. Cheng Jinyu opened it. That person sent in a friend request, in addition the message was: Obedient son, hurry up and add me. 

Cheng Jinyu instantly became annoyed. This was extreme bullying. There was still this kind of wicked idiot, this level of taking advantage of. 

Cheng Jinyu immediately added that person’s Penguin, and wrote his nickname as Grandson. When Cheng Jinyu wanted to see who this Grandson is, he was oppressed by him.

Cheng Jinyu’s typing was very slow.In the middle of typing, that Grandson sent him four pictures. 

Cheng Jinyu did not have enough time to type, because he saw a lot of pictures of beds. They were all beds for two people. European style, Chinese style, all were very luxurious and lavish. 

Cheng Jinyu had experienced life already, why were these double beds also tens of thousands? Was this an advertisement? It was more than he could achieve. Doesn’t he know that he is poor? 

Cheng Jinyu still did not figure it out before that person changed to all sorts of wardrobe, TV stands, huge LCD televisions, sound system, sofa…

Cheng Jinyu’s Penguin kept getting notification noises as the pictures arrived one by one .

Cheng Jinyu angrily spoke to himself. “Really is a bastard(3), doesn’t even look at my situation and just keeps sending them. Which one of these things can I even buy?”

The other side didn’t care, and sent no less than fifty pictures.

Because of that person Cheng Jinyu let out a long sigh, “It finally ended.” Cheng Jinyu quickly typed back ‘No money.’

Grandson immediately replied, ‘I’ll pay.’

Cheng Jinyu rashly wrote back. ‘You pay? Why? So you can sell it to me?’

‘To be precise, the two of us.’

Cheng Jinyu immediately had a bad feeling. ‘Who are you?’

‘Obedient son, Big Darling, who do you think I am?’

‘Gu Bokai?’

‘Truly clever.’

Cheng Jinyu “….”

Gu Bokai typed, ‘After getting married everything must be new. I already chose the new house. This is the style of the new house. Take a look and see what style furniture you like. Of course, going to a store to look would be even better.’

‘But I don’t have time. Unless you beg me to go, I won’t take a look with you.’

Cheng Jinyu responded, ‘Aren’t we already finished?’

‘What do you mean?’

Cheng Jinyu coughed a bit. ‘Weren’t you just using me? The fortune teller said you needed to have four dead wives before you finally find love. Since I’m not dead, could it be not enough?’

Over at Gu Bokai’s side he had 7 to 8 fireballs burning with fury. Cheng Jinyu senselessly continued, ‘Is the curse not finished yet? Do I still need to match the curse?’

Gu Bokai responded, ‘Cheng Jinyu, damn you, you stupid cunt!” In a flash, Grandson’s portrait went offline. 

Cheng Jinyu scratched his head. He didn’t understand why this god of plague was angry. Could it be that it wasn’t fake? It was real?

Instantly, Cheng Jinyu let out a bitter smile. He was truly too narcissistic. What kind of person was Gu Bokai and what kind of person was he? One was from the heavens. The other was from the ground. These two lines would never cross. 

Cheng Jinyu shook his head. Feeling that his mood wasn’t so wretched, Cheng Jinyu once again opened up the job recruitment website and started to send out resumes again. 

Mama Cheng woke up the second day. Her surgery was very successful so her state was also very good. Only, after this kind of big surgery, she still needed to stay in the hospital for a few days. 

Cheng Jie had work and Cheng Yan was very squeamish, so taking care of Mama Cheng was practically all on Cheng Jinyu. 

At night he accompanied her at her bedside. In the daytime, he washed her face, combed her hair, fed her food and water, and massaged her waist and back. Cheng Jinyu did everything required steadily. The old grandma who was also sharing the room stared in envy. “Younger sister, you truly have been blessed to actually have such a good son.”

“I’ve observed this young man for many days already. The girl was not as careful as him. Younger sister, you raised him while you were like this?”

Mama Cheng smiled and replied, “Yes, Jinyu is very careful. He knows how to take care of people. Our family these past few years were dependent on him to support us. The others, I can’t even talk about. My younger son and daughter together, are not even half as good as this eldest son here.” 


  1. Blind cat catches a mouse: Traditional phrase for saying one is very lucky/fortunate 


  1. This is their version of social media. Im assuming its referring to QQ since their symbol is the Tencent Penguin. It’s basically Chinese twitter/facebook. 


  1. The word for “Grandson” can also mean bastard or good for nothing.



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The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 15
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