The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 — Let’s Just Buy a House

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As the two people came out from the corridor, the people downstairs still had not left..

The old auntie smiled and said, “Yan-zi,  did you see just now? Your brother came back with a very handsome man, and even had a beautiful car.”

“Yan-zi, your brother didn’t even tell us who that person is. Do you know? That person was really dashing, one look and you can tell he’s not an average person.”

“Who would have thought your family would have this precious kind of friend. Your mother’s illness can be resolved.”

“Definitely saved. If we had that sort of illness, don’t know how many years we would have been dead already.”

Cheng Jinyu did not respond to their conversation. Cheng Yan’s hand that was holding on to Cheng Jinyu’s arm slowly released.

Cheng Jinyu was thinking of how his mother had not eaten yet, and was a bit worried. Leaving the entrance of the little community, Cheng Jinyu said, “We’ll take a taxi, this way it will be faster.”

Cheng Yan did not speak. She looked angry.

Cheng Jinyu also did not pay attention to her. Cheng Yan was like this; a big temper, but it left as fast as it came.

In the taxi, this brother and sister pair together sat in the back.

Cheng Yan’s head was turned towards the window. She leisurely spoke, “Big Brother, you say what needs to be done? Tell me, do you want me to just keep sitting at home?”

At the time Cheng Yan announced her aspirations, Cheng Jinyu did not recommend that she pursue the medical field.

Right now becoming a doctor is very hard. Without money or connections, one simply couldn’t even enter a hospital. But Cheng Yan refused to listen and persisted. Right now after graduating she was unemployed, and just kept sitting at home.

Cheng Jinyu spoke, “You can also go to a private clinic or perhaps a pharmacy.”

“I graduated from a normal level university, but you want me to sell medicine?”

Cheng Jinyu no longer spoke. Cheng Yan was also uncommunicative for a moment. “Who was the person that sent you back today? Was it your cousin, Chen Yuze?”

“Your cousin treats you very well, your aunt also doesn’t treat you badly. If it wasn’t for your aunt, mother and I would have definitely died sooner.

“If you ask them for anything, they would definitely help you.”

Cheng Jinyu had his head turned to the side. Cheng Yan tugged on his arm. “Big Brother, I’m begging you, can you help me please? Right now I’m at home everyday, don’t even talk about work, I don’t even have a boyfriend.”

“Next year I’ll be 25. Then I’ll become a leftover woman. If I had a good job, I could definitely find a good family. A good job will get you married. “

“If I can marry well, Big Brother won’t your face also be bright. “

Cheng Jinyu looked at the crowd traveling back and forth outside. What was the use of a happy face? A whole family that could live average and peaceful days was what he solely longed for.

In the end Cheng Jinyu did not respond, Cheng Yan was a bit unhappy. So much that she was a bit disappointed. If this person was their blood-related brother, he probably would not turn out this way.

But in the end he was not blood-related. After all is said and done there was still a barrier.

Finally arriving at the hospital, Cheng Yan directly went to go find her Mom. Cheng Jinyu first went to go find the doctor to ask about his mother’s condition, arrange a time for the surgery operation, pay the fee, and buy some food. Then Cheng Jinyu went to the room with Mama Cheng.

He hadn’t even walked into the room yet when heard Cheng Yan angrily say, “It was obviously a matter that only needed one phrase, he just doesn’t want to help me. Mom, Big Brother mostly listens to you, you talk to him.”

Mama Cheng’s complexion was very awful. Even though the hospital already gave her the best medicine, this disease has followed her for 19 years. She had early on already used up her 3 energies of Chinese medicine (1).

“Yan-zi, don’t force your older brother.” She took a moment to rest before responding, “What kind of person your elder brother is, we are all very clear. If he was able to help, he would definitely help you.”

“How could he not be able to help? He only needs to ask his aunt about work for me and it would be resolved.”

Mama Cheng sighed, “Your older brother is a person with moral integrity.”

“Moral integrity doesn’t do a damn thing.”

Cheng Jinyu did not want to continue hearing it, he shouted from outside the door, “Mom—”

Mama Cheng struggled, wanting to sit up. Cheng Jinyu already opened the door to walk over, blocked her and said, “ Mom quickly lie down. How do you feel? A bit better?”

Mama Cheng replied, “A lot better, I’m fine.”

Cheng Jinyu brought over the food and handed it over to Mama Cheng. “Eat some congee. I have already consulted with the doctor, tomorrow afternoon you’ll have your operation.”

Cheng Yan eyed Cheng Jinyu, then simply turned around and left.

Mama Cheng pulled Cheng Jinyu to the edge of the bed. “ You don’t need to pay attention to that girl, she’s been spoiled since she was young.”

Cheng Jinyu yielded and said,” Mom, I really can’t do anything to help her. If I could, I…”

Mama Cheng hurried to stop him, “It doesn’t matter, I understand your difficulty.”

Cheng Jinyu nodded his head. “The food isn’t warm anymore, hurry and eat.”

Mama Cheng pondered on it. “How much is it? The surgery fee for this time.”

“In total I borrowed 250,000. It should be enough, just don’t worry about it.”

Mama Cheng clenched onto Cheng Jinyu’s hand. “Child, I have an idea that I want to discuss a bit with you.”

“Mom, go ahead and say it.”

Mama Cheng was a bit embarrassed. She had a dry yellow face that was covered with an awkward appearance. Cheng Jinyu repeated, “Mom, if there’s something you want to say, then say it. I’ll listen.”

Mama Cheng looked like she made a firm resolution. “Jinyu, you’re 26 this year aren’t you?”


“Cheng Jie is also 25, you guys are all grown. You all should settle down.”

Cheng Jinyu replied, “Our business is easy to deal with. Currently, our most important matter is to cure you of this illness.”

Mama Cheng shook her head. “My illness cannot be cured. Even if it’s cured this time, it will still make a reappearance. I’ve already burdened you guys for too long. I cannot continue to burden you guys.”

“Mom, what is the meaning of this?”

Mama Cheng replied, “I don’t want to do the operation. I want to use this money to buy a house to give to you guys to use when you get married.”

“Mom!” Cheng Jinyu shouted.

Mama Cheng stopped him. “Listen to what I have to say. You have 250,000 here. In my hand these past few years I’ve also made 50 to 60,000. I asked Cheng Jie, he has roughly 50000. In total there is 350,000. We can find a remote place to put a down-payment on a second-hand house.”

“Jinyu, you grew up so handsome, your aunt and your cousin also have wealth. Cheng Jie is not the same. He didn’t grow up that good-looking, doesn’t have a wealthy background, and even more doesn’t have a useful relative. If he doesn’t have a house,  no woman would want to marry him.”

“Mom, what are you saying?” Cheng Jie angrily pushed open the door. “This money big brother had borrowed was for you. It isn’t meant to be given to me to buy a house to get a wife.”

Mama Cheng rebutted, “It also isn’t meant to be just given to you, if your big brother marries, he can also use it. But Wei Hua already has a house, he doesn’t need us to provide a house.”

“Mom!” Cheng Jie shouted out.

Cheng Jinyu felt his mind was empty. He quietly said, “I’m going outside to get some air, it’s too hot.”

Cheng Jinyu did not say anything and simply opened the door and left.

Cheng Jie angrily spoke, “Mom, what are you saying? Is it easy for brother to borrow money? Other people don’t know what it’s like for him at Chen House, but do you also not know?”

Mama Cheng cried, “I know, I certainly know.  But you are already this old and our family is this poor! Without a house, how are you going to get a wife. Without a wife, you’ll be single forever.”

“Even so I would not use this money to buy a house.”

Cheng Jie finished speaking and angrily left.

Cheng Yan said Older Brother was not their real blood-related brother, so towards them he did not hand over his heart. There was a barrier towards this family and he was half-hearted.

But Cheng Jie knew, in this world there is no better older brother than him. He was not only the older brother of this family, but was also this family’s pillar.

When Cheng Jinyu quit school, Cheng Jie cried. Out of the three, Cheng Jinyu’s academics were the best. He had been already in his third year, and had been about to take the college entrance exam.

If he was a blood-related brother, how could he drop out of school? But Cheng Jinyu quit school. He took the initiative to quit school, and mother didn’t even say anything. She simply continued to remain silent.

At that time Cheng Jie cried until he fainted. He felt that he himself was powerless, so incompetent, and was just trash. He knew that this kind of arrangement was obviously unfair, but was still powerless to do anything.

At that time Cheng Jinyu also consoled him. “I have an aunt with money, I’m fine, you just study well. It’ll be fine.” At that time Cheng Jie genuinely believed that legendary aunt was a person of good will.

But one day Cheng Jie secretly ran to the Chen Family’s villa to see Cheng Jinyu.

At Chen house, Cheng Jie with his own eyes saw him kneel on the floor to his so-called aunt to put on her shoes.

That scene was carved into Cheng Jie’s mind. In this lifetime he will never forget it. Older Brother was kneeling on the ground like a dog, lowering his head, submitting, with no dignity, kneeling in front of many others.

Older Brother’s so-called Aunt was sitting there. In her hand she was holding red wine, chatting and laughing with the surrounding people, and didn’t even lower her head to look at Cheng Jinyu.

Cheng Jie did not know how he got back. When he arrived home, he still continued to cry.

In his heart, Older Brother was outstanding. No matter what he did, it was always skilled. Since he was young until he grew up, he was always first in school. He was always the child that other families would praise. He was always like a tall mountain in front of him.

Cheng Jie had cried as he told Mama Cheng. Mama Cheng had also cried, embracing Cheng Jie and crying very broken heartedly.

But when they finished crying, then what? They knew that Older Brother’s days at Chen House were not good, but what could they do? They needed the money that he borrowed to save somebody’s life.

Mama Cheng had told Cheng Jie, “Don’t tell anyone else about Older Brother’s situation at Chen House. Also, don’t talk about it in front of Older Brother.”

Cheng Jie knew that this was the only thing that he could do. His brother wanted to protect his pitiful pride in front of them, so he must continue to maintain Older Brother’s image.

Afterwards, every time Older Brother came back, Cheng Yan would envy his job at Chen House.  Older Brother would merely smile and wouldn’t say anything. Cheng Jie’s heart was similar to the giant waves in the ocean, but he did not dare express it.


  1. 3 Energies of Chinese medicine: Jing, Qi, Shen

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The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 14

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