The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 — Provoking the God of Plague

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Cheng Jinyu laughed as he stood up. To Gu Bokai, he said “Remember, I am called Cheng Jinyu, I’m only called Cheng Jinyu.” He looked like he was fully liberated. He had thrown away all of his disguises, all of his restrictions, and completely transformed into a person who followed their heart’s desires.

“No, you are still called Big Darling.”  Gu Bokai yelled louder.

“Hahaha, Big Darling, Big Darling! Only you call me Big Darling.”  Cheng Jinyu shouted back. He directly took off his clothes, welcoming the wanton wind to wrap around him.

Gu Bokai also seemed like he was insane. He took off his own suit, also welcoming the wind in front of him to careen his body, and flung his clothes, almost like he was drunk.

Two crazy people along with the car entered onto a suburban street. The people on the road immediately increased.

“ Mom, rich people really know how to mess around.”

Cheng Jinyu immediately reacted. “Hurry up and sit back down, there’s people!”

Only then did Gu Bokai sit back down and once again grip onto the steering wheel. Cheng Jinyu also obediantly sat back down. The brain that was lacking oxygen started to recover at this time.

Thinking about the moment of craziness just now, Cheng Jinyu embarassedly looked out the window. He didn’t dare to look at Gu Bokai’s face.

“You don’t like other people yelling Biao Ge?” Gu Bokai broke through their silence first. He very serenely opened his mouth. It was almost like the crazy person from earlier wasn’t him.

Cheng Jinyu felt that just now was very humiliating. He also didn’t think it would be Gu Bokai who would accompany him in acting crazy. Regarding his sworn enemy, Cheng Jinyu felt he was somewhat unpredictable.

All in all, it was someone who experienced a moment of craziness together. Cheng Jinyu’s tone of speaking was a bit better, “You go to Chen House and ask, who is Cheng Jinyu. No one will know.”

Cheng Jinyu’s face exposed a bit of a bitter smile, “I have a name, my father gave me my name. I really like my name. But I didn’t even have the privilege to use this name. Biao Ge? Biao Ge? Everyone only knows how to call me Biao Ge.”

Gu Bokai never knew why this person cared about this name, or that this name from long ago was closely tied to his pride. 

“But the people in your house are very good. They all call me by my name.” Cheng Jinyu suddenly turned his body around to face Gu Bokai and talk.

“Of course, My household has good character. Everyone has their own name. Of course they would need to call by name!” Gu Bokai proudly roared.

He didn’t know how to explain, that’s why he said hello earlier in advance. Therefore Cheng Jinyu was called Cheng Jinyu. He absolutely did not have some other name.

“Jinyu? Huai Jin Wo Yu (1), a good name.” Said Gu Bokai

Cheng Jinyu did not think that this man would be able to immediately figure out the meaning of his name. It was beyond his expectations.

In the end, Cheng Jinyu went home first. His mother was still waiting for surgery fees. He should hurry and go over there.

The sports car stopped at a worn down community. The building had been here for at least 50-60 years. The entire outside of the building was unrecognizable.

The road in front of the community was also heavily worn out. It was bumpy and full of potholes. Not only was it just narrow, the edges were also full of weeds.

Repelled, Gu Bokai said “Can you even live here? What happens if you have an earthquake? You’d just be buried inside. “

Cheng Jinyu did not respond to him. Eldest young master’s way of thinking was never on the same frequency as him.

“Thank you for sending me back. You can go back!” Cheng Jinyu said.

This kind of community, only tenants like Cheng Jinyu and some foreign workers would live here. Almost all of them were at the bottom of the labor force.

Gu Bokai with his western suit and this eye-catching sports car already caused quite a stir. If someone upstairs looked out the window, then even more people would gather around.

“Jinyu who is this?” Cheng Jinyu lived here for a very long time and was very familiar with the people nearby.

Cheng Jinyu’s mind subconsciously tensed. He moved a bit of distance from Gu Bokai. This little movement of his, Gu Bokai was very not happy with it.

“This is your house?” Gu Bokai carried an “I don’t mind” tone.

“Jinyu ah! Is this your friend? What a beautiful sports car! Where did you become friends with this man?” The people surrounding them increased. All had surprised and curious gazes.

Cheng Jinyu also wanted to continue to live here. He did not want to be so eye-catching.

Cheng Jinyu anxiously spoke, “Still not hurrying up to leave!”

Gu Bokai angrily replied, “You, this person, really have no conscience. I sent you to the front of your home with kindness and good intentions. Yet you don’t even let me enter the house? You don’t even offer me some water to drink? “

“The water in my house, you dare to drink? It’s water from the tap, this eldest young master dare to drink it?”

Gu Bokai’s face was filled with black lines. Cheng Jinyu continued, “My house is a small household, can’t fit this great god.”

Gu Bokai suppress his anger and replied, “Fine, I’m going. I’ll leave the car here for you.”

“This car is yours. Hurry up, take it and go.” Cheng Jinyu immediately replied.

Gu Bokai really became angry. He pointed at Cheng Jinyu. “You heartless thing, Big Darling, small heart! Pei! Still dog shit!” Gu Bokai finished speaking, immediately got into the car, started it and left.

Cheng Jinyu sighed. He stepped on the dog’s tail again. But this person’s world and his were very far apart. Two people that are as far apart as clouds and mud should not be mixed together.

Cheng Jinyu could not get used to Gu Bokai’s life. Gu Bokai also could not understand Cheng Jinyu’s lifestyle. Originally they should not have met. It’s better to return to their original lives.

The more Gu Bokai thought, the more angry he got. He began to feel more and more that Cheng Jinyu, this wolf cub, had no humanity.

Gu Bokai dialed Xiao Ma’s number. “Where are you?”

Xiao Ma laughed and replied, “Vacation. I want to play around in Thailand. On my way to the airport right now. “

“Vacation? Who gave you a holiday? Going to Thailand? Going to become a shemale?”

Xiao Ma feeling wronged replied, “Young Master Gu, you, aren’t you going on a honeymoon? Aren’t you going with Young Master Cheng…”

“What honeymoon? Where did this honeymoon come from? You hurry up and come back right now! I’m almost home. You start the car and send me to the company.”

Xiao Ma’s tears almost flowed out. “I already bought the ticket.”

“Fine! You like Thailand that much, just stay there and become a shemale then!”

“No no, I’ll come back immediately.” Xiao Ma could only turn around the car. The originally prepared 19 days of holiday was thoroughly affirmed to be finished. In the morning Young Master Gu had said himself, he wanted to go on a honeymoon for about 15 days. He only wanted Young Master Cheng to go on this honeymoon together.

In just a few short hours, he changed his mind!

Cheng Jinyu looked at all the surrounding people and explained, “I’m not feeling well today. That, that was a friend of a friend of a friend.”

Cheng Jinyu’s awkward explanation of trying to clarify his relationship with that person did not dispel their interest. Instead each and every one became exhilarated.

An old auntie smiled, “Jinyu ah, you dressed up so handsomely today. If you didn’t talk, we wouldn’t recognize you.”

“Yes, young boy you’re so handsome. The man just now was also very handsome. Who is he?” Someone asked from the road.

Cheng Jinyu continued to smile and quickly ran inside.

His family lived on the second floor. Only a 60 square meter house, two rooms one living room. The living room was extremely small and could only hold two people to eat if they squeezed.

The two rooms were very simple. Mother and Cheng Yan were in the master bedroom, Cheng Jinyu and Cheng Jie were in the second bedroom.

Cheng Jinyu took out his keys to open the door. When he went in, he heard the sounds of games coming from the master bedroom. He frowned, “Yan Zi? Yan Zi are you home?”

Yan Zi, wearing pajamas, came out from the master bedroom. With that sort of messy hair, one look and you can tell they were laying on their bed.

“Big Brother? Why are you back? Did you prepare the money? Mom can do her surgery now?”

“Yes,” Cheng Jinyu replied, “You’re at home? Who is at the hospital accompanying mom?”

Cheng Yan in an instant had a face full of tiredness, “Yesterday I was with mom until 1AM. I’m so tired.”

“I asked who is at the hospital.” Cheng Jinyu said.

“I’ll go immediately. I was just preparing clothes.”

Cheng Jinyu was silent for a bit before responding, “Mom’s side cannot be empty. It’s already 10. She probably did not eat!”

Cheng Yan laughed. “No problem! Mom’s body right now practically can’t digest anything.”

“If you’re tired, just go rest up. I’ll change clothes and accompany mother at the hospital.” Cheng Jinyu spoke this, turned around and walked towards the next room.

Cheng Yan chased after him and asked, “Big Brother, where did you buy your clothes? A-Huo! This must be a big name brand. It looks very nice on you.”

“Big Brother, you being in the Chen Family is very good. Making a lot of money, if you want to buy something you can just buy it. I haven’t bought clothes in a very long time. Right now I don’t even dare to go outside.” Cheng Yan said with a bit of grievance.

Chneg Jinyu did not respond to her and dug out his original clothes from the cabinet.

Cheng Yan approached closer to him and continued, “Big Brother, did you ask your aunt? How’s the situation about me entering the hospital? I can’t continue to not have a job, isn’t that right? Right now mom’s body isn’t well. Me making money will help you lighten your burden.”

Cheng Jinyu turned his head to respond, “Sorry, I don’t have a way to get you into the hospital.”

“Why? Isn’t your aunt from a very wealthy family? Just ask her. Ask nicely, she will most certainly help you.”

“Sorry.” Cheng Jinyu said once again.

Cheng Yan’s face in an instant became gloomy. She turned around and slammed the door closed to the room.

Cheng Jinyu found his own clothes: a pair of black jeans paired with a white t-shirt. He also wore a long sleeved unlined jacket on top. Cheng Jinyu found his card in his room. Tan Liyun should have already transferred the money over.

He pushed open the door to leave when Cheng Yan yelled out, “Wait a moment for me! I’ll also go to the hospital.”

Cheng Jinyu stood by the entrance waiting. After 20 minutes, he was a bit anxious, “I’ll go first, you come after. Mom still hasn’t eaten yet.”

“Don’t, Big Brother just wait a moment for me.” Cheng Yan yelled back in a childlike manner.

Cheng Jinyu once again waited for a couple of minutes when Cheng Yan finally appeared from the bedroom. Her hair was curled into small curls. Arranged on top of her breast, she appeared charming and cute. On her face was light makeup and she wore a long pink skirt.

Cheng Yan smiled and hugged Cheng Jinyu’s arm. “Alright, alright, Big Brother we shall leave now!”

Cheng Jinyu smiled and shook his head. This little sister forever a child who would not grow up.



  1. Huai Jin Wo Yu: Chinese expression to express a person’s good and moral character. Pure and elegant like a fine jade.

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The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 13
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