The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 — The Unteachable White Eyed Wolf

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Cheng Jinyu completely did not understand what his brain was thinking When did he ever think of himself as handsome? When did he ever look at a mirror?

Cheng Jinyu put on the socks and shoes prepared by Gu Bokai; even these were extremely comfortable. Cheng Jinyu raised his head towards him and said, “Thank you very much. I still have things to do. Goodbye.”

Finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Gu Family’s villa was very big. In the expensive City A, to have this big of a villa was also not that common. The borders of City A had extremely good mountain and water conditions.

Only, it was impossible for the people that live here to not have a car and Cheng Jinyu had to face the fact that he had to walk a distance. The problem was, the day he was driven here, he was squeezed in a car and lost his orientation. He didn’t know how to get out of here.

Cheng Jinyu took out his phone, prepared to search for a route. “Preparing to walk out?” Gu Bokai this god of plague, the ghost lingers on— ah (1)!

“What else?”I am not like you, the eldest son of a rich family. When leaving the house even has a chauffeur, want to go anywhere and will always be driven anywhere.

“Don’t you have a car?”

“Car? Where am I going to get a car?” Cheng Jinyu bewilderedly responded.

“Didn’t my mom give you one yesterday? Forgot so fast?” Gu Bokai couldn’t help but want to get angry again. How exactly did this guy’s brain work?

Cheng Jinyu thought it was a funny joke. Yesterday, simply looking at the car key was enough to satisfy his desire. It wasn’t possible it was actually meant to be given to him!

Cheng Jinyu had just said this when Butler Li came over with a middle aged man. “Young master, Lawyer Liu is here.”

Gu Bokai said to Cheng Jinyu, “Obedient son, come here and sign. Using a fingerprint also works. “

Wary, Cheng Jinyu responded, “What for? To sell me? I’m not valuable.”

“Shut up! Hurry up and get over here.” Gu Bokai said.

Cheng Jinyu sighed. People living under another’s roof have no choice but to lower their heads.  Don’t even talk about how his clothes and shoes were given as charity from this family.

Cheng Jinyu walked over and Gu Bokai took the contract from Lawyer Liu and gave it to Cheng Jinyu. “Sign. It means to write your name. This you should know.”

“What exactly is this for?” Cheng Jinyu took it and glanced at it. One glance and it caused him to be surprised. It was actually a contract to transfer ownership of a villa as well as a sports car.

“This? What’s the meaning of this?”

“Of course, it’s the gift from my parents! You thought giving the key would just settle it? If they don’t transfer ownership then can it still be considered yours? Just need to sign and that will be fine Lawyer Liu will do the rest. That’s right, in a moment take out your ID card.”

“What for?” Cheng Jinyu was still in a stupor.

“ Do you think that what we’re doing right now doesn’t require an ID card? Are you actually an idiot?”

Cheng Jinyu sincerely nodded his head. “I really am an idiot. The sports car and the villa, they’re really being given to me?” He asked, too afraid to believe it.

“What do you think?”

Cheng Jinyu thought for a bit. “It’s simply an act. No need to doubt if it was real.”

Gu Bokai ruthlessly struck his forehead. “Who is acting with you? Who has time to act with you? Hurry up and sign. Don’t waste time.”

“Good or bad, I will see. Who knows if it’s a trap.” Cheng Jinyu responded.

Gu Bokai became even more angry. “I’m trapping you? What do you have? In front of this young master, you have nothing. What do you have for me to cheat you of?”

Cheng Jinyu thought this was very funny. Yes, that’s right! What did he have? In front of this young master he had nothing. Was he using it to trap himself?

Cheng Jinyu brought over a pen and directly signed his name.

Giving his ID card to Lawyer Liu, he was actually feeling very confident and at ease.

“This time I can leave, right!” Cheng Jinyu said.

Gu Bokai’s black expression remained unchanged. “You have a car, what are you doing not using it?” Gu Bokai’s words just finished when Xiao Ma drove over an extremely eye-catching Lamborghini over.

With the roof open, Cheng Jinyu with one glance could see it.

Xiao Ma happily spoke, “Young master Cheng, this sports car is very cool! Hurry and come look!”

“I’m in a hurry, you guys play.” Finished talking, Cheng Jinyu wanted to leave.

Gu Bokai yelled out, “Won’t even look at your own car?”

“Mine? It’s mine?” Cheng Jinyu was still confused.

Gu Bokai was dying to tear his ears off. “Of course, this was given to you by my mother. Hurry up, come and take a look!.”

Cheng Jinyu finally understood. In an instant he felt a bit excited. Although this car was doomed to not be his, but right now the keys were still in his hands. It counted as having some sort of relationship with him.

Xiao Ma walked over. “This is a backup key, it’s also this car’s only other key. Today, it is all to be handed over to you.”

Cheng Jinyu still had no thought to go over, so Gu Bokai tugged him. “Get up and take a look!”

Cheng Jinyu felt that his self restraint was too awful. He knew that this car had nothing to do with him. But seeing this beautiful sports car, he was still tempted.

Cheng Jinyu sat in the front and touched the car’s steering wheel with a bit of excitement.

Gu Bokai sat in the copilot seat, head leaning on the seat. “Start the car, go for a drive.”

“Me, I can drive it?” Cheng Jinyu a bit excitedly replied.

“Your car, if you don’t drive it, who will?”

“Then I can really drive it?”

“Drive ah!”

Cheng Jinyu happily inserted the key, sneakily glanced left and right, but still didn’t start the car.

“Start it! What are you doing?”

“I don’t know how to drive.”

“What?” If Gu Bokai wasn’t in the car, he would definitely have jumped up. “If you don’t know how to drive then why are you sitting in the driver’s seat? So silly ah!”

Cheng Jinyu, “…”

“Hurry up and change seats!”

With no better option, Cheng Jinyu was forced to obediently switch. Gu Bokai immediately started the sports car. The noise was similar to a bolt of lightning striking the water.

A tremendous wind blew in and his hair was blown into a mess. In that moment Cheng Jinyu felt in an instant, 3000 worries were blown away. His entire head was clear, he was extremely relaxed and content.

“Where to go? Gu Bokai opened his mouth and asked.

“Just drop me off at the bus stop.”

“Where are you going?” Gu Bokai proceeded to ask.

“Chen House.”

“Coincidentally, it just so happens that I left a document at the villa near there. It just happens to be on the way.” Gu Bokai said this and the car once again was like a sharp sword and flew out.

This was Cheng Jinyu’s first time in a sports car. He felt that his heart was about to beat out of his chest. However, this kind of stimulation caused him to feel extremely excited. His heart felt like was flying with the car, and everything else didn’t matter anymore.

Before, Cheng Jinyu used to think that Chen Family’s villa was too far from downtown and the bus stop was even farther from the house. Everytime Cheng Jinyu got off the bus, he had to walk on foot for over 30 minutes.

But this time, from the bus stop to the villa was only a 9 minute affair.

Gu Bokai stopped in front of the entrance to Chen Family’s villa. He turned his head to look at Cheng Jinyu. Cheng Jinyu’s smiling expression had yet to disappear off his face and he did not guard it. A sincere smiling Cheng Jinyu was specially good looking, plus his disheveled wind blown hair resembled a naughty kitten.

Gu Bokai had an urge to pat his head, but he resisted with difficulty. “Need me to send you inside?”

“No need.” Cheng Jinyu had already rapidly got out of the car. “Thank you.” Then, without even turning his head, he walked off.

Gu Bokai sat in the car and watched that person’s back get farther and his inner anger couldn’t help but rise up. This was a white eyed wolf(2), a wolf cub that could not be raised to puberty.

Cheng Jinyu fixed his hair, pushed open the door and entered Chen House.

“You, you are? Biao Ge, it really is you! You changed so much, I couldn’t recognize you.”

Cheng Jinyu smiled, coming here, he didn’t even have his name anymore. Everyone in Chen house all called out Biao Ge— it was like a code name.

Cheng Jinyu wore a polite smile and went in the direction of the lounge. On the way, he bumped into many people who all used very surprised eyes to look at him.

But at the time it really was funny. A body with a good outfit on and a hairstyle could transform a person. But, from today on, he wanted to thoroughly change.

Cheng Jinyu thought this and straightened out his back. From now on he wouldn’t owe money to Chen family and he also was no longer the Chen family’s servant. He must straighten his waist and back. He must from today onwards begin to become an impressive and dignified person.

Squaring his shoulders, raising his head and straightening out his back were the most basic fundamentals.

Cheng Jinyu perhaps did not detect his change himself, however Chen family’s servants were still shocked to the extent that some people followed Cheng Jinyu to see. They had to confirm that it really was Cheng Jinyu.

When Cheng Jinyu appeared in front of Tan Liyun, Tan Liyun was somewhat taken aback. She took ten years to change him into a servant’s countenance, but in just a few short days, this person crawled out of a swamp and thoroughly remodeled himself.

Tan Liyun gritted her teeth. This kind of result, she did not want to see. It was like that time, that person would always cover his own limelight, but he would still attract everyone’s gaze.

Tan Liyun coldy snorted. “Appears that your life isn’t bad, huh! Young Master Gu didn’t do too bad? Also, you and Yuze have some resemblance, this is not for the monks sake but for the buddha (3).”

Cheng Jinyu replied, “This is my marriage certificate. Can you please send the money. Also, my IOU from before, I hope that you can give it to me.”

“Great! You’re starting to turn against your benefactor. My words, you don’t even respond to anymore?”

“No matter how Young Master Gu treats me, I simply never payed attention to it. I just want to save my mom.”

Tan Liyun coldly smiled. “And yet she’s not your biological mother.”

“She is my biological mother.” Cheng Jinyu peacefully said.

Tan Liyun stretched her neck and spoke, “You don’t want to know who your real biological mother is? Or rather, who your father got together with to give birth to you?

Cheng Jinyu stared at her. “You know, huh?”

“Of course. Your father is my biological brother.”

“Will you tell me?”

Tan Liyun’s smiling expression became sharper. “What do you think?”

“You won’t.”

Tan Liyun laughed.” It’s good that you understand. I’m trying to be good to you. For the purpose of being good to you, I never told you about your mother. If your mother was similar to your current foster mother and needed a tremendous amount of medical expenses, and also needed you to sell off your livelihood to save her, wouldn’t you be more miserable?”

Cheng Jinyu also smiled, “No, she definitely lived better than me.”

Tan Liyun angrily responded, “You, how would you know?”

“If their life didn’t pass over well, if it was very miserable, you would have definitely told me. Therefore since you never told me, then it’s proof that she lived well. It’s very good. Knowing that she lived well is enough for me.”


  1. The ghost lingers on: idiom for evil influence remains.
  2. White eyed wolf: idiom for someone who is ungrateful, thankless wretch
  3. Not for the monk’s sake but for the Buddha: To help someone who is in love with someone in a committed relationship with their feelings or forgiveness to the other person. Quote from “Journey to the West” by Wu Cheng’en.

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The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 11

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