The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 10

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Chapter 10— To Take Advantage Of

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Cheng Jinyu had not slept this well in a long time. It was like he was within his father’s embrace, free of mind.

However because of a habit from growing up for the past few years, Cheng Jinyu would wake up at 5:30. At Chen House, this was the time he was suppose to get up and work.

But when Cheng Jinyu opened his eyes, to his surprise he was embraced by Gu Bokai, and it was very close and tight. Cheng Jinyu got up and kicked out a leg, immediately throwing Gu Bokai onto the floor.

“What are you doing?” Gu Bokai was having a beautiful dream. He brought a beloved beauty to travel the world then was suddenly kicked by a foot and flew.

Gu Bokia supported his waist, stood up and angrily spoke, “Do you have any conscience? This young master accompanied you for a night, you decide to repay me like this?”

Cheng Jinyu, “Who let you come in? Who let you on the bed?”

“This is my room, my bed!”

Cheng Jinyu was a bit grumpy from getting up. At this time his brain was clear and he stood up. “But it isn’t real, don’t tell me you also want to act out a sex scene too?”

“Fake? Who told you it was fake?”

“If it’s not a play, then what is it? Unless you actually love me? Actually want to marry me? Stop scamming, who would believe?”

“Correct, I am putting on a performance. I’m actually acting, I really am seeing if you’ll die from me.”

“See, you finally admit the truth.” Cheng Jinyu excitedly raised his shoulders, “Since it’s this way, then there’s no need to get on the bed. I won’t make you disgusted and you also won’t make me sick.”

Hearing the word “disgust”, Gu Bokai instantly crawled up from the floor and pointed at Cheng Jinyu, “That’s correct, you disgust me the most. Looking at your face the entire night almost made me puke out my dinner. Next time we meet remember to wear a mask, don’t let me see your face!”

Gu Bokai finished speaking, angrily slammed the door and left.

Cheng Jinyu sighed a breath. The eldest young master’s character was finally revealed; the big tail of the wolf was finally exposed. So he by all means could not be confused by the idea. He can’t think that the gifts from the Gu Family were real, if young Master Gu was a bit gentle and soft at times he can’t indulge in a fantasy.

Cheng Jinyu told this to himself. He took all of the presents from Gu Family and put it in a cupboard. These things had nothing to do with him.

Cheng Jinyu had many things to do. Today he needed to go to Chen House for that 250,000, as well as the previous IOU. Of course he also had to leave the Chen family and start a new life. Thinking of leaving the Chen family, Cheng Jinyu instantly felt that his whole body was brimming with energy.

Cheng Jinyu was till wearing yesterday’s suit. He recalled that his clothes were already thrown out by Gu Bokai and this outfit was not suited to go to Chen House. But to go home right now to switch clothes then go to Chen House? Would he be considered slow again? Leaving the Chen family, he didn’t want to wait for a moment.

Cheng Jinyu opened a cabinet to see if he could find clothes that would fit him. But when he opened the wardrobe, he discovered that two wardrobes were packed full of the clothes Gu Bokai bought for him the day before yesterday.

Gu Bokai’s room was very big. There were two big vertical wardrobes. Originally it should have held Gu Bokai’s clothes, but right now it was completely full of clothes in Cheng Jingyu’s size.

Cheng Jinyu reached out a hand to touch the clothes, heart slightly trembled. Gu Bokai, what exactly is his intention.

“Can’t pick? Need me to pick for you?” Gu Bokai once again unexpectedly appeared in the doorway. Just now he was so angry but currently he was leaning against the doorway, can’t tell he was angry at all.

The changing of this face was faster than flipping a book, Cheng Jinyu secretly summed  up.

“Weren’t you donating to the poor? How did you donate it to the house instead?”

“Are you not poor? You don’t need assistance?”

Cheng Jinyu sucked in a breath of air, “I’m still fine, at least I still have clothes to wear.”

“Just the same, nowadays there are not that many people who wear anything over their ass.

Cheng Jinyu ignored him, “My clothes then? Where did you throw my original clothes?”

“Its gone. There are two choices, you can wear the clothes I bought you, or you can be butt naked, choose yourself!”

Cheng Jinyu glared at him, “I may be a person without a backbone, but I would be an asshole if I didn’t make use of this advantage. This many clothes for me to choose from, then I won’t be modest.”

“No need to be modest, obedient son.”

“What did you call me?” Cheng Jinyu responded.

Gu Bokai’s smile had a hidden meaning behind it, “Last night, the entire night you kept calling me dad and tugged on my clothes. Wouldn’t allow me to leave, just kept calling for dad.Ey! Think carefully, you are my son, how could I let you be naked.”


“Don’t get angry,  you even pressured me to call you darling. In fact it was big darling, didn’t yell but made a tearful scene. That’s right, also kept being close, kept wanting to be touched on the back. Obedient son, big darling, don’t worry, dad loves you the most.”

“Last night was you?” Cheng Jinyu bit his lip, cheeks began to redden.

So it turns out last night wasn’t simply a dream. It wasn’t his dad in his dream calling him darling, kept kissing him, kept rubbing his back, it was actually Gu Bokai! Cheng Jinyu’s thickskin was a bit red and he stood there with a bit of embarrassment.

Gu Bokai was proud of himself, “No problem, I’ll just eat a loss. There are many people who want me to be the dad, but the only person who wants to be my son is you. Obedient Son, father dotes on you.”

“You, what’s the point? Taking advantage of someone.”

“If there’s advantages, to not take them would make you an asshole”

Cheng Jinyu with hatred took a deep breath, “Fine, you got me!!”

Gu Bokai had enough of taking advantage of him. He walked next to the wardrobe, “I’ll select your clothes? Your taste is so bad, even good clothes will be wasted by you.”

“Fine!” Cheng Jinyu replied, “there’s a free dad to use, don’t need to be vain in using.”

Gu Bokai’s entire body was full of joy. Contrary to what was expected he actually picked a good outfit for Cheng Jinyu, even pulled it out, “Need to try it?”

“Immediately die to let you see!” Cheng Jingyu already loathed trying on clothes.

Gu Bokai did not bother to press him, just merely gestured towards the clothes to Cheng Jinyu. That generous and magnanimous,even stood further to stroke his chin and study.

Cheng Jinyu could not stand it, “To go so far? Go so far just to pick this? What are you doing to be this picky? Do you just waste all your time trying on clothes?”  

Gu Bokai’s complexion fell. He picked out a black with white border casual outfit and  impatiently handed it over to Cheng Jinyu, “This one, hurry up and wear it! Can’t even pick your own clothes, so bothersome.”

Cheng Jinyu was so annoyed, how was this person so unreasonable.

Cheng Jinyu took the outfit and went to the changing room. Gu Bokai’s changing room was connected to his toilet and shower.

Gu Bokai yelled from outside. “Go shower! In the little cabinet in the changing room is underwear, it’s new.”

Cheng Jingyu was thinking about showering earlier, at that moment he was not polite with Gu Bokai.

When Cheng Jinyu was about to shower, he saw that everything in the bathroom was new. New towel, new shower gel, new bath towel, all the bottles and vases were all new. Was this because Gu Bokai would exchange them everyday or was it specially prepared for him?

Cheng Jinyu shook his head, how could he think like this. His brain really was broken.

Cheng Jinyu wearing the new outfit did not have that same elite temperament as the suit from yesterday. The casual outfit that he was wearing let him transform into a cheerful and lively person.

Cheng Jinyu’s appearance grew well. Just finished showering made his skin bright red, water glossy and sleek, looked like a 20 something year old university student.

Gu Bokai had some awkwardness walking over and threw over a pair of white sneakers and socks, “Hurry up, stop dawdling. Is it because you think yourself very handsome, just keep staring at the mirror?”

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The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 10
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