Legendary Dragon God Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 — [White Clothed man]

ED-178,010, the first month of the year.


6 months passed by very quickly, a very eager Ryusuke was standing in front of his house, he was excited because today, today is the day when he would get his sibling. He was standing alone as before leaving Tajima said, “Son, take care of the house, we are going to bring your Sibling. Be a good boy!”


In these 6 months, he changed a lot, he was a bit more muscular as well as there was nearly no baby fat on his body. His body was lean but it could exhibit quite a bit of power, his speed was the thing that received the major boost. Due to these reasons, he was the fastest and the strongest among his age group, atleast in the village.

After waiting for 3 hours, Ryusuke finally saw his father supporting his mother and carrying a small baby in his arms. Ryusuke also supported his mother even though he was looking at the small baby in his father’s hands. As they entered the house and let his mother lay down on the bed, he finally saw that he had a little sister.


Ryusuke asked Tajima in a nervous tone while masking his excitement, “Father, can I hold her?”

His father carefully put his sister in his arms. He held her and said softly, “Waaaah… She is so small and light. I feel as if I can carry her for the entire eternity.” Kotoka Shio had a very soft expression as she asked him, “Son, what do you want to name your sister?”

Ryusuke didn’t even glance at his mother as he was lost in his own thoughts, he muttered, “What shall I name you?” While he was lost in his own thoughts, Tajima thought of naming his daughter but was interrupted when Ryusuke said, “I will call her Ayumi.”


Kotoka Shio thought of the name and smiled lightly, “Kudo Ayumi, it has a nice ring to it. Don’t you agree, husband?”


Tajima was confused as to whether to laugh or cry in this situation, he started to fake cry as he stated, “But I wanted to be the one to name our daughter.” Ryusuke nervously laughed as he heard his father’s words and continued to look at Ayumi.


Fortunately, his mother came to save him as she gave a light glare to Tajima, “Who gave you the right to name? I think I was quite clear when I asked that question to my son!” Tajima was a bit dumbfounded as he heard her words, he thought ‘The heck! You say as if he isn’t my son and she isn’t my daughter. I will just stay quiet at this point…’




3 days after Ayumi’s birthday…


A beast’s’ roar was sounded in the village. Takko (Ryusuke’s village) was surrounded by a forest which was a habitat of beasts. These Roars happened occasionally that the villagers were quite used to them and had learned to ignore them.


Ryusuke was inside his house and taking care of Ayumi that he suddenly heard that Beast’s roar. Ryusuke was quite startled as he heard that roar, he instinctively covered Ayumi…




Meanwhile, A teenage with White clothes, a handsome expression, grey hairs and green eyes, riding on a Black Spider entered the village. The teenage had a malicious expression on his face as he said out loud, “Akio-san this is the place where I will bury you. If you want to blame someone, blame father for treasuring you so much.”


Akio was another teenage of about a bit younger age than the one riding on Black Spider, he didn’t say anything as he seems to be conscious that speaking would just slow him down, he ran forwards with his full speed and pushing his body to it’s very limits.


The White-Clothed person knew that if he let this opportunity miss away, he would surely regret it later on, he ordered his spider, “Hold him.” Black Spider obeyed and released a very strong and steel-like spider web.


Akio jumped up but the Black Spider seems to have expected it and the Web followed him and tied him. As he was finally trapped, Akio turned his face to look into the eyes of the white clothed teenager, his eyes were filled with hatred as he mentioned, “Just wait, wait… My mother will definitely investigate my death and when they find that it was done by you.”


He paused for a few second as he took a breath and continued in a calmed down voice, “At that point, not even our father will be able save you.”


The White Clothed Teenager had a monotonous expression as he heard his words, he seems to have expected it and didn’t plan on giving up this opportunity, his calm yet mature voice was heard, “Let me give you an advice, a dead person should not speak.”


Akio suddenly felt the web tightening around his arms and squeezing him very tightly, he tried to struggle but it was useless. The abrupt pain also didn’t let him hold back his scream, “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH………..”


This scream was heard by almost every resident in the village, they felt a chill down their spines as soon as they heard it, they could imagine the feeling of pain through this voice. They didn’t even know the person, so why, why did they feel such pity and a sense of danger.


Akio was wide-eyed as he noticed a familiar Spear in the White Clothed Teenager’s hands, he couldn’t stop his mouth from saying with a very astonished expression, “No way, F-Father actually gave you that Spear…”


A faint smile was on that White Clothed Teenager’s face as he answered, “Gave, nopes… It would be better to say that he gifted this spear to me.” All hope was lost as soon as he heard his words and even stopped struggling, he bitterly smiled, “Then what did you even need to chase my and kill me…”

His question was unanswered as his head was suddenly pierced by a Black Coloured spear with Golden strips on it. Akio didn’t struggle for even a moment, his body suddenly lit up in Golden Flames.

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