Legendary Dragon God Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 — Massacre

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As the White clothed teenager was sure of Akio’s death, he stepped down from his Spider and neared Akio’s body and picked up an Amulet that was left in those Golden Flames. It was a Black Amulet that could be mistaken for a coin. After picking up the Amulet, White clothed person had a pleasant smile on him.

Many people came out of their houses as soon as they heard someone screaming including Ryusuke’s family. Humans are curious creatures, they always question things that they fail to understand harbouring a belly full of desire to know and learn just like the villagers here. These are also the reasons for the development in their knowledge as well as their doom and destruction…


Ryusuke and his family were also curious as to what this scream was all about, Ryusuke glanced at Ayumi and didn’t want to leave his sister alone so he carried her while coming out of the house.


Tajima and Kotoka Shio faintly smiled as they gazed at their son carrying his sister and exiting the house, Tajima walked over to Ryusuke as he took Ayumi from his hands, he didn’t know why what he was having an eerie feeling right now.


He felt as if something was about to happen, something that would affect the whole world. As the villagers got out of their houses, they glanced at a young teenager of about 14 years old tied with the web.


Their eyes followed the source of the Web, they were surprised as well as startled to see a Large Black Spider, it was about the size of their houses, they also saw a young teenager sitting on it with those noble clothes and that prideful and arrogant expression.


They were even more astonished and scared as they saw the white clothed teenager throwing a Black Coloured Spear with Golden Stripes on it, the Spear pierced through the teenager who was completely trapped in the web.


The Golden Flames suddenly lit up and completely swallowed the body of the teenager, the villagers were scared as they saw this scene, they couldn’t understand how such a thing happened right in front of their eyes,


The White clothed person jumped down from his spider as he neared the Golden Flames, he held his spear, he bent his body and picked up what seemed like a Black Coin. Soon, more people gathered as they heard the commotion.


White clothed Teenager saw many people gathering around him. He glanced at the Amulet and started thinking ‘Akio wasn’t wrong in his words. It is indeed true that if his mother got to know that I killed her son then it’s impossible for me to live safely. The influence she held is too terrifying, I have to make sure that news of this never get out.


The village chief stepped forward as he wanted to question the identity of this young youth, his old and experienced voice sounded out, “I would like to know about the identity of the young lord. Would you be kind enough to explain the matter?”


The White clothed teenager grinned but it was so strange that the people who saw his grin were freaked out, they heard his voice, “Indeed, why not?” Tajima didn’t know why but his feeling got stronger…


A Cold light flashed through his eyes as he decided to do what he was thinking, the White clothed person looked towards his spider and just gave a subtle nod. The Black Spider nodded back and suddenly released huge amount of Silver Web Networks. This sudden movement caught everyone by surprise and were not able to react at all.

Both Tajima and Kotoka Shio, acted on their complete parental instinct and covered their children. Tajima turned around as he brought his daughter near his heart, he didn’t expect a silver web to pass through his own heart. The web continued and it also pierced through Ayumi’s head.


Kotoka Shio lowered her body as she covered Ryusuke, the Silver web passed through her head, while Ryusuke had his arm scratched by the web. He was saved because when his mother tried to cover him, he was pushed on the ground and his position was changed hence missing the Steely Web.


Ryusuke opened his eyes when he felt blood drip on his face and saw his mother staring at him with a wide-eyed expression, blood was coming out her head. His eyes were filled with tears as he shook his mother’s body, “Mother, are you okay?”


Kotoka Shio’s corpse fell down on him as his clothes were stained with her blood. He picked up her corpse and turned around to ask for help but only to see every person who was present there had been killed.


Suddenly, he felt as if his breath was taken away, he saw Tajima’s body being pierced by the Steely Web. His heart felt a further shock as he saw, unlike himself, his sister didn’t survive and her lifeless body was held by Tajima’s hands.


Tears leaked out of his eyes as he ran towards Tajima and Ayumi. He released his innermost feelings to Tajima and spoke in a crying voice, “This, this is all just a bad dream, right? You will come to wake me up soon, Right father?!”


As soon as Ryusuke touched Tajima, he felt Tajima’s body suddenly loosen and released Ayumi from his hands. Ryusuke caught her before she could fall on the ground, but he soon realized her heart had stopped beating.


He madly cried for her, the clouds roared as it heard Ryusuke crying loudly. Ryusuke raised his head as he gazed at the sky with his Black Eyes filled with tears, “Why did such a thing happened to you, sister? Why did you not survive? WHY!?

While all of this was happening, The White Clothed person chuckled as such a scene was amusing to him, it was not every day that you see a 4 years old boy cry so much in front of his father’s corpse and say stupid things.


His chuckle turned into a full laugher as he saw the boy catching his sister’s corpse before she fell to the ground. He laughed even more when he listened to his questions.

After some time, he controlled his laughter, and neared him. He spoke to Ryusuke in an amused tone, “Well they were killed because they were weak. They only have themselves to blame for their weakness.”

Ryusuke looked towards him when he was laughing, and White clothed person suddenly stopped laughing and saw Ryusuke’s expression. It was an expression of a person who was crazed enough to start a slaughter.

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