Legendary Dragon God Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 — [Purple Light]

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The reason for such a wish was because when he was with his friends from the neighbourhood, sometimes they would bring their siblings to play with them. Even though he would play with them for some time, he was quite jealous of his friends, he also wanted to have his own sibling.


He had asked his father thousands of times about how he can get his sibling but his father would always say “I will tell you about it later” or something like that and just brush him off. He was quite tired of that response and asked his mother and she would just say that he should ask his father.


At the end of the day, he is left confused and in a self-wondering state as he thinks ‘Just whom do I ask? Neither mother nor father is telling me? Do they not want me to have a sibling? Are they scared that I won’t take care of him?’


Ryusuke even overthought this response that perhaps Tajima and Kotoka Shio didn’t think he was responsible enough. They must have thought that he was too childish at the time and wouldn’t be able to take care of his sibling.


For this, he had even promised his father multiple times that he would definitely take care of his sibling. And now, now that he heard Tajima say that soon he will have a sibling. So, Ryusuke was very happy and giddy about that fact right now.


He asked his father in an innocent tone, “When is he going to come? Is he here? Did he just arrive? I will go and see him. He shouldn’t get lost in the house.” Tajima sighed as he listened to the over-excited Ryusuke speaking to him.


Tajima replied with a slightly tired expression, “Son, he isn’t going to come for atleast 5 months. It is going to take some time, so be patient.” At the end of his statement, Tajima had a firm expression that fit his identity as a Military Advisor.


Ryusuke ignored his expression completely, his eyes full of stars, right now and failing to control his excitement, he looked up to his father and said, “Daddy, I am going to go study now. When my sibling comes, I will teach him everything so that I can be a cool big brother.”


His father smiled mischievously as he said, “What happens if they get bullied by someone.” Ryusuke looked at his father with his eyes full of conviction, a faint purple light flashed through them as it sent a shiver down Tajima’s spine, “Who dares!?”


Tajima was shocked as he heard those words, those words that contained his conviction and a promise of pain. And he didn’t know why, why he felt as if he wasn’t hallucinating about that purple light that flashed in his eyes.


Tajima was speechless for quite some time before he softly said, “I believe in you my little son. I want you to remember, you must always love your sibling and take good care of each other.” Ryusuke nodded vigorously to his father’s words as he thought that his father was right.


Besides, why wouldn’t he love his own Brother or Sister. He felt as if there shouldn’t be anyone in the world who was capable of such a deed. Ryusuke greeted his father, “Good Night.” And went inside his room.


Tajima glanced at his son leaving him and entered his own room. Kotoka Shio heard his footsteps and slightly turned her face, she noticed Tajima’s worried expression as she asked him, “What happened husband? Why such a worried expression?”


Tajima let out a sigh as he heard her question, he answered her, “It’s Ryusuke, looks like we were right before, he is special, really special…”




Upon returning to his room, Ryusuke pulled out a book from a bookshelf in his room and started to read it. This book was the only one which he had not read until now, he spent most of the night reading the book that he didn’t even realize when he fell asleep.


Ryusuke woke up very early in the morning and went out to exercise with Tajima. Tajima was slightly shocked as he saw his son waking up early and actually coming out to exercise. Tajima didn’t think much of it and let him join in his own training routine, he knew that it would help him in the future.


After two laps…


Ryusuke was quite tired after running those two rounds, but he tried his best to make a poker face. Tajima was amused as he noticed Ryusuke trying to continue his poker face but he didn’t say anything. He was curious, curious as to what Ryusuke’s limits are.


Tajima observed his son exercising and was very proud of his son as no four-year-old would be able to run three rounds of a 500 m field. Ryusuke started doing some stretching exercise with his father and then returned home where his Kotoka Shio seems to be in a better situation than before and had prepared the breakfast for both the father-son duo.

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