Legendary Dragon God Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 — [Family]

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The world was a peaceful place with Demons, Beasts and humans living in perfect harmony though only on the surface. It was just like the combination of some simultaneously sounding musical notes producing a pleasing yet a lethal effect in the long run. The humans were divided into 4 Empires each empire in control of a different area with different resources.

Hundreds of towns under each Empire and all pursued to be martial artists. Each of them looking for the ways to be useful, to be respectful in the world. Just which one them didn’t want some young talent to emerge within them and let the town shine in glory! Absolute none! The power to influence or direct people’s behaviour, the course of events this has always been a glamorous lure to all.

While inability, powerless, impotence, helplessness all were the taboo words in the world, the importance of strength was drilled into the heads of the Royal Family and of the descendants of nobles. The strength that determined your status, your value and your future. It was not just the quality or state of being physically, strong Chakra, but also the affinity, the Bloodline Affinity.

Each town was competing, trying to establishing superiority over others, striving to achieve the dreams they dreamed of, whether it was in terms of strength of the army, martial artists, number of nobles, and money. The vying never ends…

The martial artists were chosen from the people brought from the villages. Having been selected as the best and most appropriate, they would be trained according to their ages…

The juveniles were put in the Academy who were in charge of giving intellectual, moral, and social instructions as well as teaching them about fighting, mostly through ancient sculptures and tablets. They organized spars and practical fights but not to the level of death battles. One such village was Takko, a village surrounded by a dense forest with quiet surroundings.

Just like any other day there were usual roars of the beasts sounding out in the village but having been used to these scary Nightmarish sounds, the villagers continued their monotonous daily routine.


ED-178,009 Year, Takko Village~


A joyous laughter echoed through the village. Today was a happy occasion, the house of the military strategist stationed in the Village was filled with a bright, sunny and cheerful undertone. The Strategist has finally come back after the gruesome war with the other village, perfectly fine outside with only a few wounds on his body…

From his walking posture, and a smile graced on his face, nobody could deduce that he was actually internally injured and was holding his pain. He returned back to his house and his smile grew wider as he saw his young son standing near the door with a sad expression on his face.

He was Kudo Ryusuke, A boy of two was standing in front of him, looking at him with a pair of beautiful black orb, encased by dense lashes fluttering like a butterfly as he tried to hold back his his tears making his eyes glisten like a pearl so bright yet fragile, pushing his bottom lip forward, he puts up a strong front to show his stubbornness, with looks like that of a porcelain doll, it was hard to bear this sight…

Ryusuke was quite happy right now because his father, Kudo Tajima, had come back home with a huge grin on his face. Ryusuke neared his father to greet him as he tried to say with his undeveloped vocal cords, “W-welcome back, Father.”

He was quite young right now so he couldn’t speak in a fluent tone, but his father heard his words quite clearly, he had a faint smile as he was happy to hear his son talking. He picked up Ryusuke as he went inside a room, where Ryusuke’s mother was waiting for them.

Kudo Tajima, a High-Level Soldier and the Advisor in the village, his positioning in the village was only lower to his chief. So, he was quite respected in the village. He had toured to nearby cities many times and this city was just one of them. Now that he came back, he was in a very good mood.

His wife, Kataoka Shio, saw his grin and questioned him, “What happened hubby, why is there such a stupid grin on your face?”

Tajima being in a happy mood replied to her question by his grin, “After this time’s task, I requested Chief to help me put our little Ryu in an academy, in the nearby city. The good thing is that he has agreed.”

His words caused Shio to jump up in happiness, she couldn’t imagine that the chief would actually agree to let their son go in the nearby academy. He further continued, “Chief says that after Ryusuke gets of 5 years of age, he will put the petition for him to join the Eastern Martial Academy, in the Eastern city. Now, our son can become a martial artist and live a good life.”

Katoka Shio was still astonished and also dumbfounded as she heard his words, she confirmed them, “Is that really the truth husband!? You aren’t saying those words to make me happy, right?”

Tajima understood that it was natural for her to be shocked, he himself was as shocked as her if not more when the chief had agreed to his request. He nodded his head in agreement, Katoka Shio felt as if she was on top of the world.

As Tajima was a soldier in the Village, he and Katoka Shio knew about the life of Martial Artist. These people are strong and by relying on their own power, they can get even noble status in the Empire.

The status of the Strongest Martial Artist is respected by even an Emperor, what to say of these average people.

This was the goal of everyone in this world, or perhaps the motivation of everyone in the world, to become a Martial Artist. Ryusuke noticed that his mother and father were very happy when they mentioned this Martial Artist word.

He didn’t know what it meant but he stood up, clenched his fits and said with a determined expression on his face, “Don’t worry mother, father. One day, I will become the Best Martial Artist in the world.”

Tajima didn’t take his words seriously as he was content with his son becoming an Average Martial artist, even those Martial Artists could exhibit a strong power that they couldn’t even imagine in their dreams. Tajima started to play with Ryusuke, who started laughing as he started running inside the house and playing with his father.

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