Lady From the Village Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 — The Great Aunt Eagerly Follows

Liu Duo motionlessly laid on the wooden bed. She stared at the ceiling of the room while absorbing the memory of the body she now possesses.

This body is called Liu Duo, just like her. The body is 15 years old and was sold by her vicious grandmother to the four Ye brothers to be shared as a wife. That night, when she tried to escape, she had tripped and fainted. That fall had killed the beauty.

Liu Duo had suffered from cancer for seven to eight years. When she turned 25 years old, she was finally freed from the suffering. However, she never expected that the Heavens would allow her to be reborn in this body.

Since she was reborn into a healthy body, Liu Duo is very happy. Now she won’t have to take western medicine every day. Thinking about that, Liu Duo happily smiled.

When she felt the urge to urinate, she turned over and got up from the bed. Liu Duo put on her shoes, opened the wooden door, and walked out.

Coincidentally, Ye Ling came out from the kitchen at the same time while holding a bowl of porridge. When he saw Liu Duo push open the door, he jerkily walked forward towards her, “Wife, you’re awake. Are you hungry? Here, you won’t be hungry after eating.”

Liu Duo looked at the 1.75-meter tall man in front of her. From the man’s delicate and pretty face, she realized that he is the fourth brother, Ye Ling. Although he has a picturesque face, he looks thin and weak. He is 19 years old this year.

Originally, Liu Duo didn’t feel hungry. But when she heard him mention food, her stomach began to growl. She embarrassingly replied, “Yeah, I’m a little hungry. But I want to go to the toilet first.”

Ye Ling puzzledly asked, “Going to the toilet? What does going to the toilet means?” His foolish expression looked especially cute.

“It means that I’m going to the toilet. Hehe. I want to relieve myself,” Liu Duo smiled as she explained. She had forgotten for a moment that she was reborn in ancient times.

Ye Ling looked at Liu Duo smiling at him. He suddenly began to blush while thinking wife is really pretty.

He hurriedly diverted his gaze away by turning around. Ye Ling put the bowl of porridge on the wooden table. He awkwardly replied, “Oh, you can go.”

“Okay.” Liu Duo walked to the side of the house where the toilet was located. Thanks to the memory of the former owner, Liu Duo was able to figure out where the toilet was located. Otherwise, she probably still wouldn’t know how a toilet looks in ancient times or where it was located.

Ye Ling sat down on the stool and stared in the direction of where the toilet is located. His expression became blank when he became lost in his thoughts. If he didn’t have to take medicine all year round due to his leg illness, then the family wouldn’t be this poor……

Liu Duo who is squatting on top of the latrine pit had just finished urinating when short bursts of pain attacked her lower abdomen. After 25 years of experience in her previous life, she naturally knew what was going on.

“How can I be so unlucky? I was just reborn and now my great aunt is eagerly coming.” Liu Duo felt extremely depressed. What should she do now? How can she go out right now?

After ten minutes, Liu Duo was still racking her brains for ideas. On the other side, Ye Ling had finished daydreaming. He knitted his brows and looked at the rapidly cooling bowl of porridge. How come wife hasn’t come out yet? She has been in the toilet for such a long time already.

Ye Ling got up and walked in the direction of the toilet. He knocked on the door, asking, “Wife, what happened? How come you’re in there for so long? Are you not feeling well?”

Liu Duo felt embarrassed. Her leg was starting to feel numb. She bitterly laughed as she listened to the fourth brother’s words of concern.

“That… that…” Liu Duo scratched her head, thinking about how she should say it.

“Wife, what’s wrong?” Ye Ling felt a little anxious. He was worried that something had happened to the wife that he and his brother had spent twenty taels of silver on. After all, she will be giving birth to their offspring and continuing the lineage for the four Ye brothers.

The majority of the money they had spent on buying a wife have been borrowed from their third uncle. After all, their family doesn’t have twenty taels of silver. Most of the money that his big brothers had earned was spent on buying him medicine. The remaining amount of silver was barely enough for them to live. It was their third uncle who saw that they weren’t young enough and other families weren’t willing to marry their daughters to them to suffer hardship. So, they could only buy a wife to share between the four brothers, helping carry on their ancestral line.

VI: This is a new novel and I hope you guys will enjoy it! ≧◡≦ ❤️

UPDATE: Oof ~ This is awkward. When I decided to translate this novel, it was at the beginning of this month (when it wasn’t being translated). But after I post this chapter and when I was making a novelupdates page for it, I saw that it was already being translated by another author. ???? So I will not be updating further chapters. Thank you for your understanding.❤️


  1. The Great Aunt – it’s another word for period/menstruation.
  2. 1.75-meter is about 5 foot 8.9 inches.
  3. There are four brothers: eldest brother Ye Yang, second brother Ye Liu, third brother Ye Mo, and fourth brother Ye Ling.
  4. Third uncle – the third uncle that Ye Ling had talked about is their father’s brother. He’s called ‘third’ uncle because he’s the third male born from their grandparents.

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