Just the Two of Us in this Vast World Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 19

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Chapter 1 — The boundary line, the marriage between a girl and a wolf. Part 19

Three days had passed since the day I pondered over that, and it seemed that the mountain hunt had finally produced some results.

They had captured two large stray dogs with gray fur.

I had been buying newspapers periodically and skipping classes to read them in a park near the school. It was a small park, and in the middle there was a big cherry tree surrounded by a thicket.

In this dreary season, there were no leaves or flowers, and the wind was particularly strong, feeling cold on my skin. No other human soul could be seen around either.

Reading the newspaper while holding down my hair so that it wouldn’t be messed up by the strong wind was quite an ordeal.

Once I reached the last page, I threw it away into the trash can placed below the bench and loosened up my disheveled hair.

“I wonder what the wolves are planning to do now.”

“They are probably already planning to pull something off,” the silver wolf answered curtly. “Perhaps, they might even come to our place.”

“We have nothing to do with them.” It wasn’t us who had started the mountain hunt, that was just the straightforward system of the so-called human society.

“I’m a wolf who has abandoned the forest, and it could also be said that I’m a wolf who is connected to the human world now.”

“So you’re saying that they’ll come to request your aid?”

“If only it was such a peaceful matter.”

Shiro’s voice had reduced to a whisper by this point—it was lower than his usual tone and muffled even more by the blowing wind, giving it a rough feeling.

“It’s really just a selfish argument after all.”

At that moment, I recalled the Forest King’s words.

–––My child, I will have to banish you from the forest.–––
–––From now on we have no involvement with them as long as it keeps the forest safe.–––

I turned around to the forest.

The mute forest had to be in that direction, as large and silent as ever.

In my heart, the premonition of a battle churned as Shiro howled from beside me, and the wind blew harder.

I closed my eyes and covered my head instinctively to face that gust of wind.

My hair fluttered wildly behind me as my scarf clung onto my neck and the hem of my skirt flapped madly.

When it had finally calmed down, our opponent showed itself.

A gray wolf stood imposingly in front of us, while glaring at us with vivid eyes.

“Brother…” I heard Shiro murmur in surprise.

We never expected a wolf from the forest to appear before us this far into the city.

Silent Steps said nothing and kicked off the ground.

His target was me.

My reaction was delayed by the sudden turn of events, and his jaws reached me, biting into my leg and pinning me to the ground.


Shiro screamed bitterly, but Silent Steps ignored him, turning around and running away while still pulling me by my leg. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around his torso and lifted myself from the ground.

Four more wolves sprang forth from behind the thicket, surrounding Shiro, who was chasing closely after us, as if to restrain him.

In an instant, the distance between us grew.

Silent Steps jumped over the roof of a house, then leaped from one lamp post to another, soon entering the large forest where he just continued running into the darkness with me.

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