Imperial Chef Xiaobai



Genres: Romance, Drama, Comedy, Historical, Slice of Life, Cooking, Shoujo Ai, Yuri, GL

Translator: ChickenBakuba

Editor: ChickenBakuba

Imperial Chef Xiaobai is a completed novel written by 妃呼狶. It consists of 30 chapters and is a cooking-orientated novel with heartwarming romance for one’s soul. This story has an amazing potential so far. Hope to see you at the comments section!

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How could the cold and proud second imperial princess possibly fall for the dim little cook? But Muzhen definitely liked her — liked to tease her, that is~

Song Xiran: “Princess, I don’t want to be the imperial chef anymore, I only want to be your personal cook! From today onwards, eat only my dishes! You are already mine, don’t think of running!”

(Good food x Beauty, welcoming all of you diners and angels to come sample!)


Chapter 1: The Broken Temple, Flower Chicken, and how I want to be the imperial chef!

Chapter 2: Capital city, here I come!

Chapter 3: This guy, he’s actually a she?

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