ISIWBYA Chapter 35 Part 1

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Chapter 35.1 — Right Now, in this Moment (今、この時間が)


Even though Yulan and Violette’s father had said the same words, what differentiated them was surely not just their voice and tone.

In Violette’s dark blocked view, his single boyish hand completely covered both of her eyes. Flickering in the darkness again and again, he kept waiting for her, until her tightened lips loosened.

He became such a kind, big boy. His physique had grown to where he could even wrap someone completely. 

Violette was happy about that, but she also felt a little lonely. The boy who followed Violette’s back while crying wouldn’t stay young forever.

(I never thought that I could feel my little brother’s growth up close.)

Had this been Maryjun, who was undoubtedly her sister in both both relation and family register, she wouldn’t have been lonely or happy. She would just feel a little relief, and that’s it.

That’s why she thought that she would never have any relations with anyone. If she could experience this, what a happy thing it would be.

But even now, Yulan gave her the words she sought.

Violette wanted to pay him back, but before she could give return the favor, she received two or three other things. It was disappointing that she could never catch up, but it seemed that their relationship would never change. The grown-up Yulan was no longer just cute, but he was still her important little brother.

“…Thank, you.”

“Do you feel better now?”

“Yes, I’m sorry for worrying you.”

“That’s good… But for the time being, let’s take a break somewhere.”

It was only a moment when the darkness gradually subsided and the light dazzled.

Surely, their natural relationship would continue even if Yulan didn’t say anything to her teary eyes. She managed to endure her gears from flowing out, but how her nose was getting runny and the depths of her eyes were hot was definitely not an illusion. The reason why he didn’t mention it was probably because he had sensed Violette’s wish.

“There’s a recommended shop just a little bit more ahead from here. I’m sure Vio-chan will like it!”

“Is there something Yulan can eat there?”

“They serve some snacks too, so it’s okay.”

“Then, let’s go there.”


With no sense of incongruity or unnaturalness, Yulan took Violette’s hand and started walking.

There were a lot of times when he had walked beside her before, but what Violette could see now were his peeking ears from his brown hair as he led the way. Although his walking pace should have been faster than hers, she didn’t feel like he was dragging her along at all. He would look back only occasionally, and when he did his expression would turn even sweeter.

It was like his footsteps were dancing happily and delightfully, hitting the ground within a tap.

Only now, Violette felt like she was blessed by the world.


× × × ×



“Fufu, is it delicious?”

“! …!”

After repeatedly nodding in desperation, Yulan bursted out laughing, as if to say he couldn’t endure it anymore.

Violette couldn’t allow herself to talk with something in her mouth, but she believed that telling him how delicious the food was with her shiny eyes inside this restaurant with casual atmosphere was okay.

In front of Violette was a round puffy pancake. She wanted to ask just how many layers this volume of plumpness was, but she guessed that it was only one layer. Although the pancake was wrapped in cream, it was indeed one lump when she cut the cake to have a bite. Due to the softness, the shape gradually distorted over time, but Violette’s mouth was full of happiness now, to the point that she didn’t even mind such a thing anymore.

“I’m glad if you liked it. I was a little worried since Vio-chan doesn’t really eat pancakes a lot.”

“It’s very delicious.”

“Yeah, I can see that. Bringing you here wasn’t a mistake.”

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