I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again Chapter 37.1

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Chapter 37 – Ignorance is a Bliss

Anyone’s conduct would bounce around from one place to another, ended up cutting their own throat.

Violette thought that it was only natural. She was responsible for her deeds, and no one else could dictate her thoughts. She needed to consider the impact of her actions on others.

Even in this situation, the cause for this entire thing was Violette’s actions. She was conscious of that, which was why she didn’t have the right to complain even if she wanted to.
But whether she could spread her hands wide and welcome the consequences was a different matter altogether.

“I’m sorry, Miss Violette.”

“No, I’m fine with this.”

“Thank you.”

The person smiling warmly at her was Mirania, and next to him was Claudia, sitting right in front of her. The prince crossed his arms and averted his gaze, his expression complicated, unable to erase his dissatisfaction.

Violette realized that Mirania’s inner heart was also full of dissatisfaction, but didn’t criticize him for that. With his personality, he didn’t let his feelings show through his expression. He was nice to the girls even if he hated their company.

Originally, she believed that any of them wouldn’t want to have lunch at the same table as her.

Then you might be asking, why were they facing each other in such a close space? It was an unfortunate coincidence, and it could be attributed to the actions Violette had taken in the past.

First, the time when they came to the cafeteria was the peak of the lunch break, so there were a lot of people. The cafeteria was large enough that it wouldn’t feel cramped, but it didn’t mean that there were many special seats.

Only today was the gathering of students sparse, with many small groups scattered around with a distance in between. Because of that, the vacant seats became distinctive. Every vacant seat was crowded with many people around, unsuitable for the two people who wished for a quiet place.

And finally, the seats around Violette were unpopular. As if there was a hole in the gap, everyone could see that she was being avoided. She didn’t mind because she was aware of it, and she understood how there were many reasons for other people to do so.

Violette didn’t expect Mirania to call out to her. Even though he didn’t explicitly show his distaste for her as Claudia did, she thought that he would choose another place to sit.

He asked her whether they could use the seats, so she accepted without consideration since she had no reason to refuse… She never thought that they would take seats in front of her.

Violette sat at a large table that should be used by ten people, so she expected that even if they shared the same table, they would sit at the other end. No, maybe she should move to the edge or give up her seat since the opponent was a prince, but… If she did that now, they might perceive that she was avoiding them, so she couldn’t move at all.

“You aren’t with Yulan today?”

“We haven’t been together as much since I went to high school. He still fusses about me, though.”

Even though there were a lot of opposite gender childhood friendships, most would not stay together every day after middle school.

Violette was happy that Yulan cared for and followed her, but she was glad that he wasn’t here now. No, if Yulan was here, these two people might not have been here.

Violette and Mirania knew best that Yulan and Claudia didn’t have a good relationship. They didn’t behave childishly and clearly show their discord, but they were children who couldn’t hide everything and cheerfully laugh at each other.

“…Excuse me, but both of your meals will turn cold.”

“Ah, you’re right. Claudia, be more tactful.”

The dishes in front of them were not steaming, but each of them was freshly cooked, and the temperature while eating would affect the taste slightly.

Sharing a seat with someone else would make them consider the other person, especially if that person was an acquaintance, but that consideration was unnecessary for Violette.

Rather, she didn’t want to give them nor the outsiders who were conscious of them any misunderstandings, so she didn’t talk much now. Almost everyone here today had a common belief that Violette was interested in Claudia. Only Violette herself knew that her feelings had disappeared.

Even though Claudia felt something about her was different than before, there’s no way that he could think that someone who had annoyed him like a stalker had completely lost her feelings for him. It wasn’t overconfidence, it was only natural for him to watch out.

Finally, Claudia’s gaze moved to Violette… or more precisely, her dishes. Then she turned her eyes down, not meeting his eyes.

She did that just to eat her lunch, but for some reason, that small action squeezed around Claudia’s heart.

What came to his mind was… Violette’s smile that he saw that day. The gentle and soft look directed at Yulan.

There wasn’t that big of a change, but… Claudia remembered that even if her smile at that time was wider, her usual poker-faced expression was certainly broken.

Her lips were the deepest red color with beautiful, glossy hue, complementing the shape of her face.

“…Uhm, what is it…?”

“…Ah, no.”

It seemed like he had been staring at her unconsciously. Violette, who noticed his gaze, raised her face, and their eyes met. Even though he had no ulterior motive, he couldn’t continue his words and he moved his gaze here and there.

Next to Claudia, Mirania exhaled as if he was stunned, but he couldn’t explain what he had been thinking about just now. That was the same for Violette.

He managed to falsify his thoughts, looking at the small plate in front of Violette.

“I’m just… thinking that you’re eating too little.”


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