I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again Chapter 24

3 thoughts on “I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again Chapter 24

  1. i like yulan tbh. curious about where he was during the orig…does he love her so much he doesn’t care about her wrongdoings? or did she disregard him completely?

  2. When I was translating this story for myself (sort of MTL + the little japanese I know) I was translating his name as “Geir” (it’s pronounced like the word ‘Gear’.) It’s not a common name; it’s a lesser-known cousin to the names Gerhardt and Garth. Probably it’s the Norwegian in me that makes me think so, but it might be a more masculine choice than ‘Gia’.
    I’m happy to read your translation, so this wasn’t a complaint. Just thought I would pass that along.

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